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Adena Wright (adenaw) A cobbled area in the middle of town. It's right outside of the mayor's office. There are always people passing through and it's a great meeting place.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare walked into the courtyard and looked around for Darren. She was a little paler than before and she had a slight headache, but was otherwise okay.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Darren came up to her, "Hey. I got you a sandwich." He handed it over to her and noticed how pale she was. "Maybe we should sit down. How did it go?" he asked, dragging her to a bench.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare took the sandwich gratefully and let him lead her over to a bench, where she sat down immediately. "Thanks for the sandwich," she said, taking a small bite. "It was okay. The blood tests will turn out to be inconclusive, just like every other time. Apparently, I am a healthy, yet not completely normal, teenager," she said wearily. "I don't have to go back for another two months."

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) At first he didn't say anything, but then he realized something. "Two months? This is a regular thing?" Darren said, frowning. He wondered why. He thought they were a little inhuman, but why so many blood tests?

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare shrugged and ate a bit more of the sandwich. "No one knows why some people contracted the sickness and why some didn't. I've stopped asking questions over the years, but it seems like our blood changes slightly over long periods of time. The doctors don't want to miss anything that might give them more information."

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Darren's frown deepened a little bit. "And here I was thinking it was an immune system issue..." He was starting to get a head ache. Everything his parents taught him were contradicted by this girls. He felt like sulking.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) "Now you see why i hate doctor's apppintments." Clare looked over at him and gave him a small smile. "If you keep pouting like that, your face is going to stay that way," she said in a motherly tone.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) "Please. If my face is going to end up anyway it will be in a goofy smile. I do that more often than not," Darren said glancing at her. "And you are not my mother," he stuck out his tongue at her.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare laughed. "Says the boy sticking his tongue out at me," she said, pulling a funny face. She finished the sandwich and threw away the wrapper in a nearby trash can.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Darren smiled, "Hey, you know you'd do it too." He waggled his eyes. He started to wish he got a sandwich too- he was getting hungry. Then again, he was always hungry.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Clare's stomach growled audibly and she blushed a little. "Um, I knw I just ate, but I'm still kind of hungry. Do you want to get lunch or something?" she asked, hoping it didn't sound too much like she was asking him on a date.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) "That's a wonderful idea because I'm hungry too. I just trained my stomach not to growl. Too many timed writings gone wrong..." Darren said. He wished he did add the last part.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) ((they can go to the restaurant))

Clare stood up slowly, feeling a little better after the sandwich. "So where should we eat? I haven't been here for while, so I'll trust your judgement on good places to eat," she said, smiling.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) ((You want me to post first?))

"There are many family owned restaurants that are good to eat at," Darren said standing up. "What type of things do you like to eat?" he asked, pulling up a mental list of places to eat.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) ((yes please))

Clare shrugged. "Surprise me," she said. "In a good way," she added, knowing he was type of person who would think that taking her to a greasy diner was funny. "Anything but Chinese."

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