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Adena Wright (adenaw) These are the townspeople that were immune to the sickness and didn't gain powers.

First Name:
Last Name:
Appearance: (2 pics maximum and no amine please)
Personality: (at least three sentences or five bullet points)
History: (at least four sentences)
Other: (optional)

*Please fill out everything
**Character needs to be approved before you RP

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay First Name: Justin
Last Name: Reginald
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Photobucket
Personality: Justin is a very kind guy. He’s a bit of a flirt but he does it all harmlessly, intending on never really hurting anyone. Trusting people fully is a hard thing for him to do and although he may seem to trust you he doesn’t. When his family shunned his sister he realized just how fragile relationships are and now has become a people pleaser. He does his best never to hurt anyone or anything.
History: Justin was there when his sister discovered her powers and when he saw how quickly she was forced out of the house he realized the true nature of humanity. He’s changed since then and has secluded himself off somewhat and delved deep into music, learning to play the guitar and piano to occupy his time.
Other: Mei is his older sister and his entire family shuns her.

message 3: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Justin is approved.

€ℒᓰzᗩßℯЋ ツ First Name: Aubree
Last Name: Juniper
Gender: Female
Age: 15

~ very sporty, and competative. Is on all the major sports teams at school.
~ Makes friends easily, open, talktive
~ Very innocent most of the time, but likes to play around and break a rule once in a while
~ Favorite outfit is dark jeans, converts, and a t-shirt
~ loves to have fun, but feelings can get hurt easily
History: Aubree was pretty shocked with what happened, when it happened at first. Her brother, sister, and dad all got powers, but she and her mother didn't. Sometimes, she can get jealous because they use those powers to tease her at times, but she finds her own ways of being herself, and is always receiving encouragement from her mom.
Other: She's very confident that she can do everything her siblings can, sometimes a little over confident.

€ℒᓰzᗩßℯЋ ツ First Name: Hannah
Last Name: Juniper
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Appearance: She has the same hair color as her daughter Janessa (tainted)

Personality: She is a pretty basic mother, having no powers, but having to raises a family with powers. She loves all her kids, but spends a lot of time on Aubree since she's the only other member of the family without a power. She has learned to cope with these powers, and is always teaching them as much as her husband does on how to control their powers and attitude towards them.
History: When finding out that her husband had powers, she was shocked and wouldn't believe him. Then he showed her that he really did, and it took her a long time to be able to truly accept it. When she found out that her two oldest had powers, she was a little upset, seeing them different than her, and she was against it at first, but now has grown to love them as a mother with normal children. She understands the power as much as her family members do, and is trying to continually learn to cope with it on a daily basis.
Other: She's blind, got attacked by a dog when she was only 2 years old. Not enough to give her anything more than a few white lines, receding scars, on her face, but being so little, permanently made her blind in both eyes. She has extra sensitive hearing though.

message 6: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Hannah and Aubree are approved.

message 7: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) First Name: Sage
Last Name: McLaney
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Personality: Sage is very expressive and outgoing. She is a people person, but not conceited. Sage is loyal and trustworthy and a great friend. At first, she was a little wary of people who were tainted, but after her brother, Wess, discovered his power, she realized that it was wrong to discriminate against them. Sage is best friends with her younger brother and they have a great relationship.
History: Sage lived a fairly normal life until her brother found his power. She then had to deal with constant arguments that resulted in her parents getting a divorce and her mother leaving. For a while she refused to talk to anyone except her brother. It was Wess who encouraged her to talk dance classes and shse has been dancing ever since.
Other: Wess's older sister.

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First Name: Darian
Last Name: Scott
Gender: Female
Age: 17

( )
-Slightly arrogant
-Very proud
-Acts like she's better than people because she's pure
-Afraid of what people will think of her if she doesn't reach their expectations
-Tries to be the perfect little good-girl everyone expects her to be
-Fairly popular
-Is very fake, but doesn't let it show
-Extremely insecure
-Keeps to herself, in a way
-Doesn't let anyone close to her
History: Darian grew up in a household like many of the other pure families. She was raised to be prejudiced against the tainted, and never saw anything wrong with this. That is, until she was nine and her brother, who was eleven, began showing signs that he was tainted. Through his anger, her father beat and abused her brother, who ended up dying after their father dragged him out into the forest to let his bloodied son die. Darian ran away that night to stay with her brother until he died. He told her, that if she was tainted, never to let anyone know. She turned out to be pure after all, and everyone thinks that her brother ran away, including her own mother, who was out of town, and only Darian and her father know the truth. She never told anyone because she feared for her own safety too much.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Darian is most definitely approved!

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I take it you like her, then?

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ No I think she hates her and she approved her from the intense hate *sarcasm*

Sorry, couldn't help it.

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Sadiya is right :P

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ First Name: Ryan Kenton ((movie reference!))
Last Name: Daniels
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Personality: He can be a bit arrogant and self centered at times. But inside Ryan cares a lot for those that are in need of help. He does whatever he can for those who need it, Pure or not. This could be due to the fact that his sisters, Dylan and Serena, are Tainted but his intense love for them makes him not care. Ryan is hardworking and responsible. He is a merchant, or trader/shop owner, for a fruits and candles, which makes him very good with money.
History: Ryan is the first born of Michael and Katlyn who are original people who were part of the founding of Ashwick. He had a fairly fun childhood, playing in the backyard, teasing his siblings, learning, etc etc. As he grew older he showed no signs of being Tainted. His father started to take him to the shop to teach Ryan the ways of business. Ryan was very upset that his two sisters, Serena and Dylan, had to leave the home for being Tainted. He visits them everyday and gives them part of his salary to help them keep a stable living. Their parents don't know of this.
Other: Tainted twin sisters-> Dylan and Serena Daniels

message 14: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Ryan Kenton is approved.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) First Name: Darren
Last Name: Henderson
Gender: male
Age: 17
Personality: He thinks the tainted are pathetic and hates them. Other than that he's really fun to be around. He likes soccer and swimming. He likes to joke around and flirt, but he is not a player.
History: His family raised him that it is unnatural to have powers, which it kinda is, but it means that there's something bad about them and they are not truly human. He is an only child and is pampered a lot, but knows how to be independent. He is an AP student and plans on being a journalist like his mother. His father is a businessman. His family has some money and he plays the piano, though nobody knows that.
Other: He has a guinea pig names Mr. Fluffers. He is actually a she and she has a dinosaur costume and a ball.

€ℒᓰzᗩßℯЋ ツ *whistles* that man is a-tract-ive!!!!!

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) ^^

message 18: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Darren is approved!

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Adena Wright (adenaw) now go post at the rec :)

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ First Name: Kyle
Last Name: Daniels
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Personality: He is a sarcastic, sassy little kid. Though kind and loyal when the time comes. He is hardworking when his heart is into it. But other times Justin is lazy and will make excuses. He's also a very good liar. And very mischievous.
History: He has had a fun/normalish childhood for those of Ashwick. Now that he is almost 12 his father is trying to get him to learn more about trading and running a shop, but Kyle rather help his brother. He would rather work with his brothers to help his sisters than his parents, who outcasted them.
Other: Close to Serena.

€ℒᓰzᗩßℯЋ ツ He's so adorable!

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ I know, in the movie he was so cute! And sassy. =P

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Kyle is approved.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ yay!

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ there's another Justin so I changed the name

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Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) First Name:Summer
Last Name:Grace
Appearance: (2 pics maximum and no amine please)
Personality: (at least three sentences or five bullet points)
-calm and collected
- sweet and kind
-she sees the good in people, not the bad
-she's very determined when she wants to be
- she's very protective of her brother
History: (at least four sentences)she has her parents and her brother, Isaac. She's an extremely gifted drawer but doesn't usually show anyone. She's pretty much taken care of Isaac herself since her parents are terrified he might become tainted. She tries to make sure he doesn't get into trouble, but with Isaac it's never easy.
Other: (optional)

€ℒᓰzᗩßℯЋ ツ The picture says "hotlink" on it >.<

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Adena Wright (adenaw) Summer is approved

but I can't see the pic :(

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) dang flabbit! un momento...

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First Name: Peter
Last Name: Scott
Gender: Male
Age: 19

-A pretty easygoing guy
-Friendly and outgoing
-Very protective over Darian
-Not the most responsible, but not careless
-Isn't quite as strict or careful as most people would like to believe
History: Peter grew up like any normal kid. As soon as he was a legal adult at 18, able to live on his own, his younger cousin Darian moved in with him. They'd always been close as cousins, and she wanted to live away from her dad because her brother had "run away" and her mother had recently died. Her dad agreed, just to get her out of the house, and they've been living together ever since, and he's been kind of like an older brother to her.
Other: Darian's older cousin.

message 31: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Peter is approved.

Christina *Cantarella* | 4 comments First Name: Max

Last Name: Cotral

Gender: Male

Age: 15


Personality: When you need to get information on the land, come to him. He loves going out on hikes and camping trips to different parts of the vally, despite the fact that his mother is against it. His sister secretly doesn't like it either, but she keeps quiet about it because she's gone out with him on a few walks from time to time. He will only let you have your way if you're his friend. Otherwise, he's going to put up a fight for what he belives should happen.

History: He has no clue what happened to his dad. And the fact that his mother always averts the discussion away from the topic annoys him. This might be partially why his relationship with his mother isn't the best. He's travelled through most of the land, but insists that there's still more to see. If he leaves the house one Monday and returns on Saturday, then that's normal. His family -Which consists of his mother and sister- are used to this happening.

Other: Him and Mia Cotral are twins. He's just a few minuets older than her. He is unaware of the fact that his sister thinks she mght have survived the disease.

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Aaaaand Approved as well ^^

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