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Preparing My Heart for Easter
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2/20/12 Preparing for Easter > Welcome to the Walk from Ann

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Kellie (goodreadscomkelliemmcw) | 20 comments Mod
Fellow Readers ---

Would you join me this February through April on a journey with Jesus? Perhaps you’re looking for a Bible study but your days are filled with work, and your evenings are filled with responsibilities and family time. We can do this daily study together independently on our own time, and ask questions and share with one another online when we can.

The book: Years ago, after I wrote Preparing My Heart for Advent to help readers prepare for the Advent Season, I considered writing an Easter study but didn’t want to be redundant. However, I discovered there wasn’t a study about the women of the Easter story. And so I began reading the Gospels specifically looking for how Jesus radically transformed the lives of the women he met. Preparing My Heart for Easter: A Woman’s Journey to the Cross and Beyond is the result.

The women: I learned “the women” is repeated over and over in the Gospels: The women traveled with Him, supported Him, followed Him to the cross, remained at the cross, saw the tomb, prepared spices, returned to the tomb, first heard and told the Good News, first saw the resurrected Jesus, helped form the early church.

Jesus so loved the women and transformed their lives. Have you met any of them? Jairus’ daughter and wife, Mary Magdalene, Peter’s mother-in-law, the woman at the well, the widow at Nain, Salome to name a few we will meet. We may find our story parallels some of these and take comfort in these encounters. And yet, we are loved and uniquely created to have a personal relationship with Him, too!

And so, as the women of 2012, let’s meet Jesus anew and take a journey to the cross and then—with our newfound exploration of the Easter story—beyond.

Our study will begin Monday, February 20. In the meantime, you can purchase the book on or order it from your Christian bookstore. You may see two different covers, either book will work! And if you want to get a headstart, go for it!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a mother, musician, playwright, teacher, and live on a sheep farm and infuse the study with stories of lambing, parenting, music, drama, and countless Easter Passion Plays.

I look forward to hearing more about you and how Jesus works in your lives this Lenten season!

Ann Stewart

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Lydia Harris | 14 comments Mod
Thanks for leading this study online. I know it will be a wonderful blessing. And I like knowing others are studying along with me, even if I don't get to meet with them in person.

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