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message 1: by Maureen, mo-nemclature (new)

Maureen (modusa) | 683 comments Mod
thought you all might be interested in reading this. :)

message 2: by Dan, deadpan man (new)

Dan | 640 comments Mod
This is interesting, I have also wondered if any musicians have gotten better after they've sobered up. Usually their defining works are created while under the influence.

message 3: by Maureen, mo-nemclature (last edited Feb 21, 2012 06:14AM) (new)

Maureen (modusa) | 683 comments Mod
yeah, i was kind of surprised a case could even be made. i've always been in the drug/drunk, madness & art all at play in the same fields of the brain camp but it was nice to see it doesn't necessarily mean the end. sometimes it means the beginning. because after all sometimes the embracing it all makes your priorities get all out of whack, or you can't manage to keep all the balls in the air, and you lose something anyway.

as i mentioned when i posted this on facebook, i love this idea of fitzgerald on oprah's couch as well, and it was interesting that the article points out how much more open people are about their addictions than they used to be. i've bookmarked the link to the fitzgerald essay they linked to but haven't had time to read it yet...

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