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Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth
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Karen L. Loved this part on p.19 under the section, "The Purpose of Meditation."
In meditation we are growing into what Thomas`a Kempis calls"a familiar friendship with Jesus." We are sinking down into the light and life of Christ and becoming comfortable in that posture. The perpetual presence of the Lord (omnipresence, as we say) moves from a theological dogma into a radiant reality. "He walks with me and He talks with me" ceases to be pious jargon and instead becomes straightforward description of daily life."

Our Lord longs to eat with us, to commune with us! I love days when I am able to walk in His presence, as I do the little things that I do, such as cleaning, walking to a store driving on an errand, or cooking for the family. As I read through Foster's book, I am trying to do this more.

Later in this chapter there is another section where Foster talks about the various ways to meditate (p30 & 31). I like his mention of taking a verse and thinking about it either at one sitting, or carrying it on a card throughout our day and pulling it out when the day gives us quiet moments. I did this one day and really liked it.

What do others do? Do you have any special thing you do in your day to meditate and focus on the Lord?

Elaine (drasticali) | 23 comments hi Karen , had a bad case of the flu this week so unable to do anything. I'll post my thoughts tomorrow when I'vehad a chance to think more deeply:)

Karen L. Hi Elaine. Oh I'm so sorry you had the flu :( I hope you are feeling a little better. No rush. Relax and get fully better.

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Wanda | 7 comments Praying without ceasing has helped me explore many new avenues of prayer. It has helped keep the presence of God close in my thoughts and actions. I have many ways I now pray at different times; dart prayers for when I pass an accident or hear a siren, focusing on the cross in the silence of the sanctuary, daily verses that pop up when checking mail, even while doing the dishes God's creatures play in the landscape through the window (always a favorite time) and even in times of confusion or worry I imagine Jesus sitting in the car seat or chair nearby (slow down, pay attention has new meaning now).

After exploring so many ways in the past years, the deepening one or two styles is a reason for doing this study. The word "mediation", like he discussed in this chapter, has always raised flags and made me leery of being pulled into the New Age mambo jumbo. Knowing the differences of East and West is one of the highlights of this chapter.

Elaine (drasticali) | 23 comments Wow Wanda you seem to have acheieved what I hunger for , that practicing of the presence of God ". Thankyou for these tips.
In answer to Karens questian I have used the palms up and palms down idea. It really helps me and I can almost physically feel the release of concerns and recieving of Gods love. I also use slow reading of the bible: lectio Divine[I think!?] The psalms and passages from the epistles lend themselves to this, reading very slowly , lingering on every word and allowing them to sink into your mind and heart, then rereading the parts that grabbed you or touched you and allowing God to speak personally through them.

I have tried in the past many times to use my imagination when meditating on the gospels;placing myself in the scene etc. I find this hard and God rarely uses it to speak to me but when He does break though the difficulty its immensly powerful and enlightening, maybe even life changing. In fact maybe I should perservere with that more often :)

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Wanda | 7 comments I have reached only tiny steps with the imagination type of prayer, and like dreams I still find it dangerous. It is too easy to think for myself and direct what I want to happen; plus also influences from the negative source...evil. That is why I need to develop my discipline in prayers so I can be sure I am protected and guided from God, not used or of my own thoughts. Dart prayers, like hearing an ambulance are safe and quick. Imagining Jesus sitting across from me for just moments is enough to focus my prayers back to Him; but I do not dwell there long, for my soul's safety. I'm looking forward to reading more on the outward journey of prayer that he talked about, verses the mediation inward to the self or center like in eastern meditation.

Karen L. Wanda, I imagine myself as the person that Jesus is healing in the Gospel stories. That is one way that I find that I don't imagine my own made up thoughts. You are so right that we have to be careful.

I also love to imagine that I am sitting on God's lap. That helps me when I need comfort.

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Wanda | 7 comments One of my favorite statues is a child in the palm of God's hand, I would keep it in a very visible place of the house.

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