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What would you do?

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Bridgit In the world of the book The Declaration would you choose to take longevity pills, or would you "opt out"?

Mikaela tough one. i really cannot wait to have children even though i am fifteen i think i would opt out

Inês Defenatly i would opt out

Natalie i would love to have the option to live for an extra 50 years, all the extra things you could do! but not at the cost of future lives and the lives of children being taken away and i defiantly wouldn't want to live forever!

Anna Opt Out!!

Kate Kid Opt out! Be like Peter and Anna! Can someone tell me what colour Peter's hair is?

Chiara I completely agree with Natalie. I would definitly opt out!

Mikaela i think peters hair is black

Kate Kid Thank you!

message 10: by Anna (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anna Yes i would opt out definitely i would want to have children and who wants to live forever i think that it would get pretty boring

message 11: by Heather (new) - added it

Heather Opt out. I see no point in living forever.

Sharon Goddard Opt out, what a miserable world it would be to be in forever! I wouldn't exchange long life for my children ever although there have been moments.....

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Heather Sharon wrote: "Opt out, what a miserable world it would be to be in forever! I wouldn't exchange long life for my children ever although there have been moments....."

Hehe. I agree!

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Heather Is anyone going to read the book after this? Its about what they did now that they are free.

Bloody Brilliant Books I'd opt out as it would never last forever and you'd just be more scared when it was time to die. It would be nice for a few extra years but it wouldn't really mean anything in the long run. If I lived in a society where everyone took them I think it would be a harder decision

message 16: by Natalie (last edited May 02, 2012 12:27PM) (new) - added it

Natalie personally i dont care about not having kids; i would be more conserned about living forever

that would suck. opt out

plus they described the people that take longevity as not looking too good

i mean who does after a hundered years????

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Mery to be honest ... take longevity pills.

message 18: by Natalie (new) - added it

Natalie Msgrosarina wrote: "to be honest ... take longevity pills."

good for you!

you speak the truth!!

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Natalie Superbeaver wrote: "Well I would love to live forever, but not while falling apart and being saggy and decrepit. Who wants to pour themselves into a corset just to stand up?"

amen to that

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Adam G opt out. It would suck to live forever if you think about it.

Inês but what's the pointing of having Eternal Life? - 1st of all ITS TOO BORING you keep doing things many and many times repetedly, its awfull, its like rotine: there is no chalenge, no new ideas NOTHING.

2nd as the trees the old leafs fall and are replaced by new ones the same happens to us, the Old people die to give place to the Children and with the Children comes new ideas, new thoughts, and dinamic in life. Immortallity is too boring and is it worth it to sacrifice the renew of the world for somrething that would become borring and borring for years and years to come?

Besides, does no one should give a chance to one experiment life, and live it? Isn't Life the greatest gift of them all (i heard some people said this too and i kinda agree that we should give a chnce to somebody to live a life no?

this is just a opinion i have, and basicaly what i learn from this trilogy, and i LOVE so much this books ^^

Isabella I'm honestly not sure what I would do. I mean, since you have to opt. out when you're 16, it's hard to know then. I don't think that people should live forever, but if you're living in that society where that's the complete norm, then my opinion might be different. As well, if you ever go off the pills for some reason (like, you're forced to, or something) it just really doesn't seem pleasant because someone would be used to being relatively young, but then aging so quickly in less than a month. I really don't think I'd know unless I was in that situation.

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