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~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Become a fan of me on Booksie, or read my stories!

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Elena | 25991 comments Updated!!

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thanks ^_^
how are you?? :)

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Matthew (phoebus) | 2952 comments (view spoiler)

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Come join my roleplay group! My other one died so i made a new one!
Kirby Roleplay

Jada {Tired of the Drama} (jadamc1) | 336 comments Please join the house of night rp group thanks guys!

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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 95 comments

K-12 School for Creatures

It's dieing. Please Join.

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Camp Myth. <<<<< roleplay group. Sorry. Cant post link on kindle.

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Mark Burns (TheFailedPhilosopher) | 873 comments A little something different. Join if you are interested.

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¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ JOIN MY GROUP! Pretty please (:

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In the forest primeval, a school for Good and Evil. Two towers like twin heads. One for the good, one for the wicked. Try to escape, and you'l always fail. The only way through fairy tale.

Please join my newest roleplay group, the School for Good and Evil! It has an intriguing, interesting, and unique plotline. This is not another paranormal roleplay. In fact, it's the only Goodreads group to be based on Soman Chainani's novel of the same name, and it has amazing potential!
It's where one pair of kidnapped tweens from each village, one good, one evil, are taken to the School for Good and Evil to be sorted into Good(Evers) and Evil(Nevers). If you fail, you face a terrible doom. But graduating with honors means a chance at eternity in a fairy tale, whether you're Good or Evil.
But who's the Mastermind? The School Master. The School Master protects the legendary Storian, the mysterious pen that inks fairy-tales for potential future students. But even more mysterious is the School Master, seen only as a crooked shadow. Which side will you choose? What will be your destiny?

Join to find out

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My first roleplay group is so interesting and exciting, almost 200 fellow roleplayers have joined! Supernatural Academy offers an amazing Goodreads roleplaying group with the best roleplayers around! It is an active, friendly group with so much to do, you'll never get bored!

Supernatural Academy is the elite school for paranormals. Here, you'll learn to harness and develop your unique powers with experts. Here, you'll train for your destiny. Escape all the madness and teasing at this school, where everyone is strange. Will you be at the top of your class? Or flunk like you always do at other schools? Find out at...

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads)

(Role play group)

What if a land of faeries, pirates, boys and girls who can fly and animals both real and mystical could talk existed?

Along the Pacific Ocean, there is a hidden island. One were those things do exist. But it is filled with wars between kids and pirates. Faeries chose which side they want to be on. Some chose freely and others don't have a choice, and so do the animals. Food supply is high in this land, but so is secret treasure. Which side are you on?

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One night, after falling asleep in your own bed, you wake up at the School of Mysteries. You have no memory of getting there. All the students are just as clueless as you, and the teachers are very secretive. The school is on an island, and no boats or planes can be seen in the distance. No outside communication is allowed. Will you keep your head down and follow the rules? Or will you speak out, and try to uncover the secrets of The School of Mysteries?

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Royalty academy

Princesses and princes from all around the world come to a little island off the coast of California. There is a huge luxurious academy on the island. The dorms are huge. The ballroom is always in use. Manners are always important. Princess and princes learn everything they need to know here.

Please join and invite friends! :)

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Fashion World (Advanced RP)

Welcome to the fashion world. Models are cast for jobs all the time. Fashion Designers run around like crazy trying to finish their projects before their rivals do. Models and Fashion Designers beware. Back-stabbing hurts. One mess up ends you up jobless. Welcome, everyone, to the fashion world.

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