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Nova, and Delilah slid into the classroom to one of the tables. "Ooooo, it's sculpting today, I'm good at that." Nova said taking a piece of clay, and shaping it into an exact replica of Delilah.. "You like?"

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah smiled, then picked some clay up and modelled one of Nova, she thought to herself, talent includes art!!!

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"But can you do this?" nova smiled, picked up an ugly, dirty apron and withinh sedonds had a dress ready for the runway, seeing Delilah's quiet awe, she said "Sweety, I created you, I'm a lot older than you, no one has talent like me." Nova laughed.

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harriet (harriet64) ((soz, took longer than i thouyght xx))
Delilah smiled, technichaly, Nova was her mother but they were bffs Delilah smiled, "Well, anyways, wanna make some clay pottery to put in our 10000m piece set?"

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((it's fine)) "Don't consider me your mom, consider me your 'blesser', and of course!"

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harriet (harriet64) ((lol)) Delilah laughed, "Bu yu kinda arrrre!" ((btw im using a welsh accent so my typing will be weird))

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((k)) "Whatever, your technically older than me. I stopped aging at age 17." nova said "Ana I'm not your mom! hwne you were born, when all the other god/goddesses were born I blessed them with their gifts!" nova said laughing

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harriet (harriet64) ((:P))
delilah laffed, "Whateva, im no wreally boered, so i don mindddd" ((if it gets annoying i will stop :P))

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"Whatever, just sculpt something" nova said she started sculpting the Earth, with mountains, and rivers carved in, even a little Wall of China. "How cute" Nova said, and continued to work

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah smiled, she continued to work on hers, it was a sculpture of the latest boy she had blessed, she wondered to herself what he would be, would he use his voice properly!

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"hahah" nova said "he's not exactly gorgeous" she pointed out. ((gtg for real, and you've gtg to bed! I don't have school tommorow tho. haha))

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harriet (harriet64) ((ok, well i had a week off xx night babe lyl lysm xx)) Delilah laughed, then heard the bell, she raced and shoved her apron off, then got ready for more rhehersal

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