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"I agree with Livia We were all there. It was 4." Nova shouted from across the room

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah looked up, she must have fallen asleep, "urm, yh, there were 4 i think? At that time I was probably teaching some guy how to dance!"

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah stared at Livia, "Wow, chill, what's going on?"

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah laughed, then started singing the one that got away a little too loudly. She smiled at Livia and said inbetween lines, "cool. in another life. how. i would be your girl. has your. and wed keep all our promises. day been?" she burst out.

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah wasn't listening and started scribbling things down in her notebook.

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"No 2 people are the same Livia, everyone is unique" Nova said smiling and she opened her fashion sketchbook and cont. sketching.

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harriet (harriet64) delilah smiled at her two friends and sighed, "How long til history finishes?"

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"gods Livia sorry we aren't as destructive as you." Nova said, she never did exactly 'enjoy' Livia's cold demenor "You could be nice, you know that?" Nova said then turned to Delilah "Oh about 10 minutes."

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