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<3 Lucy's room! :D

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amyyy | 56 comments Thanks! Wanna rp with me? come over to the Smith's house?

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kk. wait here?

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amyyy | 56 comments ok. do you have a boy or girl character?

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girl: 14 yrs
boy: 10 yrs

message 7: by amyyy (new)

amyyy | 56 comments ok. I have a little girl that is 10 yrs too and a girl that is 14 or 15 i think.

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kk. lets rp them both. u wanna?

message 9: by amyyy (new)

amyyy | 56 comments Sure.

Lily and Lucy were sitting in there office playing online air hockey against eachother.

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Audrey and Joseph ring the bell, waiting for a response.
"I really don't want to do this." joseph wines.
"well, you should've told mom before." Audrey snaps.

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amyyy | 56 comments Lucy (the oldest) ran to answer the door. She opened it.

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"umm, Hi" Audrey introduces herself "I'm Audrey. This is my brother Jeseph. He's, umm selling cookies. Wouls you like to buy one?" She smiles.

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amyyy | 56 comments "Hello and yeah how much are they?" she asked.

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"umm, just a dollar a cookie"

message 15: by amyyy (new)

amyyy | 56 comments "Ok let me go grab my wallet." she said. "And c'mon in."

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"thanks" Audrey and Joseph say in unison.
Audrey and Joseph walked in. Amazed by how pretty the house was, Audrey sighs.

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amyyy | 56 comments Lucy brought Lily into the room with her. She bought 10 cookies. "Here is a 10 dollar bill" she said and handed it to her. She got a bag to put the cookies in.

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"thanks, so much" Audrey replied.
"thank you" Joseph said

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amyyy | 56 comments "You are more than welcome. How many cookies are left in that box?" she asked.

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"30 more. Mu moms selling them with some of her friends for the fashion show." Audrey said

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amyyy | 56 comments "Oh that's cool." she said.

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"Do u want to come?" Audrey asked gladly.

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amyyy | 56 comments "Sure," she smiled. "Can Lily come too?"

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"YES! of course! See my mom's a new Fashion Designer, and it's her first Fashion Show. She'd love it if you came! it's free." Audrey smiled

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Joseph stood awkwardly
"Hi" he said to Lily

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amyyy | 56 comments "Ok then we will be there. What time is it and where is it at?" she asked.

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"Mom hasn't decided yet. You want to come to our house, and we'll ask?" Audrey asked

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amyyy | 56 comments "Yeah sure," she smiled.

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"Thanks. My name is Audrey." Audrey reached out her hand

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amyyy | 56 comments "Oh nice to meet you. I am Lucy." she said as she shook Aubrey's hand.

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"nice to meet you too" Audrey smiled. "This is my little brother Joseph. nice to meet u too Lucy" Audrey smiled at both of them

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amyyy | 56 comments "Nice to meet you guys too, and this is Lily she is 10," said Lucy.

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"me too." Joseph smiled at Lily.

When they reached, their home, Audrey fetched her keys and opened the door. They immediately found their mom, cutting food.

"Hi guys." she smiled

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((going to my house))

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

((The Roe Household))

message 36: by amyyy (new)

amyyy | 56 comments Lily and Lucy got back home.

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amyyy | 56 comments Lily texted Audrey,'hey'.

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Audrey knowcked on Lucy's door, hoping she was home...
then felt her phone buzz, she texted back "hey. m rite outside ur house :)'

message 39: by amyyy (new)

amyyy | 56 comments she opened her door,"hey."

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"Hi!" Audrey said.
"ready to lern to skateborad?" lucy asks
"sort of" Audrey giggles. "i bought mine this morning," Audrey shows Lucy her pink skateboard

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amyyy | 56 comments "Oh ok," she smiled and ran upstairs to get her skateboard."This is mine."

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I love HELLO KITTY! i'm soo jealous!" Audrey giggled.

message 43: by amyyy (new)

amyyy | 56 comments "Haha, I love Hello Kitty too!" she smiled. "Well do you know how to move on a skateboard?" she asked.

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"YEP! ok, i don't wanna embarress myself, but i'm pretty clumsy, ndd will probably fall a lot, but i can do this"
"Do you wanna go to the park, for a more open space? "Audrey said.

message 45: by amyyy (new)

amyyy | 56 comments "I have a skate park at my house, let me show you." she smiled.

((Ok she has an underground skate park, I know it's weird but its ahhhmazing :) She has an elevator to go underground in their shed.))

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((wow. thats cool. kk, comingg there))
"Wow! really?! thats awesome! ok"

message 47: by amyyy (new)

amyyy | 56 comments "Yeah," she said and led her into their small shed.

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((do u have a pic?? ))
Audrey followed her down to the shed

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amyyy | 56 comments "No this isn't the park," she said and grabbed they key out of her pocket to the elevator and she unlocked it to turn it on and pressed the button.

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amyyy | 56 comments They got on the elevator and right when it stopped, they got out into the closet,"This is all my skating shoes, hats, and jackets. I also have some makeup and hair stuff down here,"she smiled.

Makeup and Hair:

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