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message 1: by aStriD_maRie (last edited Feb 19, 2012 07:31AM) (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

Well, It's currently 11:03 pm here of the 19th of February 2012.

And everyone is asleep here except me and my sister's dog, named Pokoyo. Yes, his name sucks and is really lame. But he's not my dog.

So.. What to tell. well, I can't connect to my twitter account and can't find the connector of my phone, so I can't upload quotes to put on my tumblr.

And I've been prying gossip from my friend a while ago. haha. Just teasing Rain (my friend) about his postponed valentine's day date. But he didn't tell me enough details to even tell you guys, just kidding!! I was just teasing him. :P

Hmmm... I did some drawing and as soon as I find that connector, I might be posting it here too. I read two books today, Deception and Surrender by Lee Nichols. Its the first and third book of the Haunting Emma Trilogy. And yes, you read it right. i skipped the second book. Well... I was trying to be sneaky and want to know how it will end so i did that. I'm so weird right?

later. :D

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Haha:) What language is Pokoyo? Japanese? I've always wondered what it means, too.

message 3: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments yeah, its japanese, but my sister got the name from a cartoon character from Disney Junior. it's really Pocoyo which is spanish and means little me. lol


message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Ahh.. :)

message 6: by cαssιe ♥ (new)

cαssιe ♥ | 526 comments Lol... (:

message 8: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you :D

It's raining today and currently 9:38am. And it's just me and Pokoyo again. *sighing.,* well, my parents are at work and my sister went to school. and me? Here I am, telling you that I haven't eaten breakfast and went directly online. *nodding* i know, so evil. lol Its because I found the connector!!! yataaa!! So i'm also on tumblr. and checking my twitter... *click click click*

So? where was I? oh and its 10am now. and my sister got home. and i finished uploading at tumblr. i can't log-in at twitter *getting frustrated*

oh and yeah, its the 20th of February and tomorrow is the dreaded day.

Later. :D

message 9: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

This is the evening post. lol
11:12 pm. just made my 11:11 wish. ha. a girl can dream you know. :P
I did my tumblr, saw my twitter, threatened people at fb and currently waiting for 12am.

And because it's just 11:29, might as well give you the run down of my day. Had to do an errand this morning and forgot my key to the house. So I decided to just go to my brother's place. luckily it wasn't raining that time. So i went home at 7pm here and ate dinner and went to sleep. Yeah, just got up to do some rp-ing and write this entry. :D

what else?! well Pokoyo (my sister is insisting its Pocoyo now. :P) is awake too. he was sleeping awhile ago.

11:47pm now, Pokoyo is asleep, working on my wattpad account now.

11:52pm as you can see, i'm just telling you the time like a clock, haha.

12am Happy Birthday to me. :D

Later. :D

message 10: by Sarah (new)


message 11: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments lol Thanks!!! :D

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Haha :) so are you getting presents tomorrow? :D

message 14: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Ahh, right. :)

message 16: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

22th of February, 1:01am.

Pokoyo is asleep btw. he's really weird. when he hears a noise even a soft sound, he stands up and barks. too much coffee i guess. xD

So... where was I?
I thanked everyone who greeted me at fb. Rain's post was funny, he said, "I won't tell you Happy Birthday!!! even if its your birthday!! no happy birthdays for you!! :D "
lol xD he's such a weirdo sometimes.

I missed a text message from my friends this afternoon. *sigh* if i knew they wanted to meet up, i wouldn't have slept. *sigh*

i gave my pink pen to my sister without any reason, so she became suspicious. lol she thinks I'd be asking a favor. well, now that she mentioned it.. maybe i'd think of something to ask from her.

We went to the mall just a few hours ago. i checked my mail as i wait for my sister pay up the cashier and laughed out loud as i read a message from a friend here at GR. So as you can imagine, everyone was looking at me like i grown two heads and ate people for dinner. but i can't help it. it was really funny and it really made my day. :D

oh, i received a poem from my older sister. she posted it on her blog, which was really sweet of her. :D

so that's how my day went. :D
i maybe rp-ing tomorrow, pretty tired now. good night guys. :D

Later. :D

message 17: by aStriD_maRie (last edited Feb 22, 2012 11:00PM) (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

23rd of February and exactly 2:43:56 pm

I was really tired yesterday, so sorry if i wasn't able to rp or post here. :D
But here I am, ever present and still tired me.

"Sometime in your life, you would eventually use a walkthrough. For Gamers that is."

and everyone at home called me a cheater. Well, its all semantics. I want to be called a strategist or better yet an expert. lol xD
hey, you don't get to use walkthroughs in real life, so why bother not using in a rpg game?
I was playing Lara Croft Anniversary at my psp and then i remembered my older brother's walkthrough. So when i went to get it, my sister and mom called me cheater!! i know, *nodding* harsh words, but still its true. lol

so where was I? sorry no Pokoyo updates, currently at my sister's place because my laptop's busted. :|
so pokoyo is left back at home alone........... Okay, you made me feel bad about it, gonna go home now. lol :P

So hot today, so freaking hot!!! i hate summer time. well, its always summer time here at the Philippine. *sighing*

Later. :D

message 18: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

24th of February, 12:21pm.

Pokoyo barked at me last night. I was going to get a glass of water before i go to bed and he barked at me!!! my mom was laughing the whole time, she said pokoyo was funny. He's weird, you know. Whenever we come down from our room, pokoyo seem to forget who we are. Like every time he forgets where he is. he's a bit dumb, maybe my sister needs to train him or something. *shrugs*

hmm, well nothing interesting happened. oh i remember, i can't stop laughing because of this pic:

*still laughing* god, hilarious. i made it a desktop background and i kept laughing every time i see it. *laughing now*

oh and listening to Plain White T's, Hey there Delilah. Its because i love Rio!!! lol xD He makes my charrie have to restart her heart. :D

Later. :D

message 19: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

First let me say this, lemonade and iced tea doesn't taste good together. *nodding and sighing* i know, why mixed it together anyway? well, it's the chemist in me, lol xD

25th of February, 2:44am

I asked my younger sister if she ever went on a date with her ex-boyfriend before. i know, i'm a nosy sister. but i was desperate, i need some ideas for a story i have. haha evil me. well, unfortunately she didn't went out with him. *sighing* there goes one good idea...

Oh and it's Mark Baynard day. He's from the book, Goodnight Tweetheart. i love him a lot!!!!!!

and i listened to Adele awhile ago. My sister said her songs sounds like she's bitter about love. oh well, i still love some of her songs. *shrugs*

Later. :D

message 20: by aStriD_maRie (last edited Feb 26, 2012 07:57PM) (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments konichiwa. :D

this is what happens when i read my Practical Japanese book. It started as a dare of my brother to learn Japanese but i grew to love it. Besides it's pretty handy when i have to read raw manga. lol xD

(if that just confused you, raw manga means the comics or manga in japanese isn't translated in english. it's a otaku thing. Otaku means a nerd for anything anime or manga. xD)

oh, its 27th of February and 11:55am here at Manila, Philippines.

well, to start, Pokoyo is sleeping... *whispers* or pretending to sleep that is. He follows me around thinking i'm going to give him food. lol

oh and yeah, i would be lying low for awhile here at GR. So my mom wouldn't be totally banning me. *sigh* so please miss me. lol xD

currently listening to the band Hale. love Champ,, so dreamy *sigh*

ja mata ne. :D

message 21: by aStriD_maRie (last edited Feb 28, 2012 06:37PM) (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

10:22am on the 29th day of February.

I used to tell my friends that my birthday is really on Feb. 29 and that i celebrate every four years, so i get older every four years also. lol xD

I read the book, The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone, rated it 5 stars. Well, I'm a romantic type, so Henderson is LOVE. lol. I love that he picked flower in winter for Thumb. (if that confused you again, read the book. xD)

so, what else to tell. Hmmm. My stupid brother bought his own ps3 and a flat LED tv. and yeah it's big and shiny. and i hated him for it. He have been teasing me that he would be playing and I'll be stuck here at home. *growl* and i was like, yeah? I'll be there when you're at work and i have it all by myself. no rpg games for ps3 will be left unplayed by me!! *EVIL LAUGHTER*

what else? what else? *biting lip and thinking*
And for a pokoyo update, my sister is teaching him to climb the stairs. (fyi: pokoyo doesn't know how and is scared of heights.)
And so, when pokoyo could climb a few steps (which is a miracle and he still doesn't know how to come down from the steps), she have another problem. He wouldn't come down unless my sister comes down too. (just imagine what it would be like at night when we go to sleep. lol xD)

That's it for now. :P

Later. :D

message 22: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

1st of March and 8:43am

I should be dressed and ready to go out for my errands for today and yet here i am. *whistles*
easy-going-me huh? lol xD

hmm, well after paying bills for today, gonna head to my brother's place and raid it for the ps3. i know, its EVIL. but i definitely do EVIL. *EVIL LAUGHTER*

Later. :D

message 23: by aStriD_maRie (last edited Mar 03, 2012 12:34AM) (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

Its 4:15pm and its so FREAKING HOT
oh and its 3rd of March.

i'm here at my brother's place. :D
playing ps3. EVIL LAUGHTER
so where was i? *thinks* i'm playing the Tomb Raider Legend. and in easy mode. lol xD i never use the normal mode. yeah yeah, you lot and my brother can tease all you want. i'm an easy going girl!!! :P

i wanna go to the beach. and maybe we (meaning me and my sister) will be spending our summer vacation at my mom's hometown.
here's a pic from last year's beach outing. :D


gonna rp later :)

Later. :D

message 24: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

1:54am of March 21, 2012

I'm back. and not for good. Sadly, I am banned and look at the time. I just sneak in to do this blog for a special friend. hahaha

to you-know-who-you-are-apparently. ^^
get well soon. i hope you are feeling alright when you read this. :D

Later. :D

message 25: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

5:10 pm here of 22th of March, 2012

Lately, I get to do 11:11pm wishes. yataa~! but... they're not coming true. I mean, well hypothetically speaking they're not true. But wishes are wishes. Beggars can't be choosers right? lol xD Its not so bad to wish. No harm in trying.

My brother-in-law, Kage-nii (yes, as in cage. the '-nii' part means i treat him as a brother, its japanese endearment :D) said that I should just get a boyfriend who would give me a puppy. First, before any violent reactions, let me explain. :D

well, my older sister has Darla, a toy poodle. Yes, given by her beloved Kage-nii.
Here she is,


And there is Cybill. My older brother's dog. Cybill is a Siberian Husky.
and yes, even if i practically manage this dog a lot, he's not mine (according to my mean old brother..)

so here's cybill when he was little...


and now that he is one year old...


and well you know, Pokoyo. Don't have a pic of him. He's true name is Galaxy. And please don't ask me why its Pokoyo now. Kage-nii tells me that Pokoyo was given to my sister by her secret boyfriend. so where was i? oh yeah. that's just about it.

see yah.

Later. :D

message 26: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments P.S.

still 22th of March, 2012, 15 minutes to 6pm.

*bites my lips and takes a deep breath*

okay, well.. you see, i'm here at my brother's place. and he kinda LOVES pissing me off. so whenever he gets a chance, he do piss me off.

for example, if any of you have watched Final Fantasy Advent Children (OVA).. there's this part where the ringtone of one of the antagonist was the Level Up tone from the said game. And my dear old brother freaking knows I want that ringtone. and so.. one day, his phone rang... and i was eating that time. well what happened next was I punched him hard on the arm and was shouting that he's so UNFAIR. He just laughed.

and the real reason why i post this, is he said Rupert Grint has this song, Lego House and that he's a singer now. and i was like NO WAY. and he said i should just look it up and then the moment of truth. I punched him again in the arm while he's playing Resident Evil 5. If i just confused you, well find the video. :D

sayonara. :D

message 27: by aStriD_maRie (new)

aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 84 comments Hey you. :D

3rd of April, 8:04am

Going out later for an errand. And then packing for Zambales. So no GR for a few days, or if I can't really help it, I'll make some ways. :D

Made a playlist last night. Filled with sad songs. Hmmm... named it b.i.p.o.l.a.r.y.o.u

My brother started playing Skyrim. I wanted to try it but after watching him for a couple of hours. *shakes my head* Nah, I wouldn't dream of it. Its too hard and complicated and I don't like killing people, too much gory for me.

So I plugged my ancient ps2 and played Dot.hack. And my stupid brother laughed. HE LAUGHED!! and said that it sucked, because it was pixelated. *shrugs* "I'm still going to playing it." i said to him. Stupid brother. *tsk* *tsk* *tsk*

that's from me for now. xD

Later. :D

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