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message 1: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) yh

message 2: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) Amelia walked to her locker and put her code in, then got out her books and shoved them in her bag.

message 3: by maura (new)

maura Ginni walked into school on the first day. She looked around excitedly, until she found the locker number she was looking for.
She put in the code then opened it and squeezed all of her extra stuff in there. She rubbed her hands on her skinny jeans then walked off to her first class.
She was worried because she was the only one in the hallway.

message 4: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) Amelia noticed Ginni and smiled, she was wondering what it was like on her first day

message 5: by maura (new)

maura Ginni waved and smiled back.
"Hi! I'm Ginni." She said walking towards her.

message 6: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) Amelia smiled then whispered into her ear, "Are you a wizard too?" Then she winked and wondered back to her locker, if she was, then this was gonna be fun :P

message 7: by maura (new)

maura She whispered back "Yup!"

message 8: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) Amelia smiled, made an evil laugh, then walked off

message 9: by maura (new)

maura Ginni looked at her confused.

message 10: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) Amelia shouted back, "We need to go to English, see ya there!"

message 11: by maura (new)

maura "Umm... Okay! See ya!"

message 12: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) Amelia laughed then walked off

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Chelsey spotted her locker and was anxious because this was her first day. Suddenly, she noticed a group of boys checking her out.

message 14: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) Amelia walked over to her locker and noticed a girl with a wad of boys, she ran up to her, "Hey!"

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

"Hi!! Lets walk over there," she whispered to Amelia hoping to escape the boys.

message 16: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) Amelia laughed, "They aren't wizards, we can just make a weird accident happen!"

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

((we r supposed to be in english.lol))

message 18: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) ((yuppp you can be in 2 places do xx))

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

((oh yea! just remembered im a wizard!lol))

message 20: by harriet (new)

harriet (harriet64) ((tehe))

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