The Warded Man (The Demon Cycle, #1) The Warded Man question

Movie planned
Mike Mike Feb 19, 2012 06:22AM
Nearly finished the novel The Warded Man and was curious to see if it was in development as it would make an AWESOME movie or TV series.

And it is!

Unfortunately it is now the property of Paul W S Anderson so Im sure he will turn it into a pile of shit.

My choice for a director for this would have been Frank Darabont or Francis Lawrence.

Casting ideas
Child - Leo Howard
Teen - Avan Jogia
Man - Jason Momoa

Child - ???
Teen - Kate Melton
Woman - Bryce Dallas Howard

Rojer -
Toddler - ???
Child - ???
Teen - Cameron Bright

Rogan - Jake Weber
Alysa (Rogans wife)- Elizabeth Banks
Cobb - Elias Koteas
Bruna - Maggie Smith
Jeff (Alens Father) - Andrew Linclon
Arlens Mother - Danielle Harris
Leeshas Mother - Molly Ringwold
Leeshas Father - Woody Harrelson
Steve - John Bernthal
Gared (15) - ???
Gared (man) - NBA Star Kevin Love
Arrick Sweetsong - Nic Cage

Anyone else have any ideas???

if they stick to the true story should be an awsome film series

Lucho Fernández movies are such little things compared to books that it is impossible to accomplish a form of narrqtice that holds up well with the original
Apr 28, 2013 08:37PM · flag

So far I've been let down by just about every movie adaptation to a novel I've seen, the exception being "Fight Club". I cringe at the thought of what Hollywood will pulp out. But on the plus side it will garner more attention for the novel itself which in turn could lead to more novels in the series.

Deeptanshu The Godfather movie was also superior to the book imo.
Jan 17, 2015 03:35AM

I'm gonna sue Hollywood if they cast Momoa as the main character. He's way too burly-ish for the nerdy/cool-guy indiana jones type Arlen is throughout most of the book. Plus, "Conan" totally shook my confidence in that man.
I was thinking something along the lines of Alex Pettyfer, maybe?
I also don't think they would cast three actors for the same character - at least if it was a movie. Maybe for a TV series, but it's dangerous to replace an actor whom the audience have come to like.

Can think of much more deserving novels to be made into a movie, but then again, novel to movie adaptations are normally horrendous. Proceed.

Would make an awesome film but as for casting lees has dad is scrawny s woody not a suitable fit, Hugh laurey maybe. And nic cage is a terrible actor lol, in my opinion of course.

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