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Caroline (godwithus) (Should we run this again?)

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Caroline (godwithus) (Awesome.)

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 Faith Noelle Smith ( Actually, that is a really good idea. Get some people active again :) so go ahead!)

message 4: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (godwithus) Name: Dexna Rester
District: 4
Gender: F
Appearance: Dexna is averaged sized, has chocolate, curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. She isn't muscular or fat either ;)
Personality: Dexna is a bright child. She is jumpy, energetic and funny. But no one bows that. She appears normally and shy to others, until they make a good relationship with her.
History: Dexna was born in the West side of 4. She grew up there as well. She has lived with her family who owns a Salmon Restaurant. She had few friends, no love, and close relationships growing up. Her life had just been average.
Place in family: Oldest daughter (4 younger siblings. 3 brothers, one sister.)
Job: Server at the resteraunt

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 Faith Noelle Smith Yes, if you want to District RP make your character here and it will then be proved by myself or one of the other mods.

The district threads aren't showing up? Hold on, let me check on that.

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 Faith Noelle Smith No worries, I'll see what the problem is.

And yes, to answer your earlier question their should be twelve districts threads..

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