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((I'll find a pic in a bit *waves off*
I just needed somewhere for *zips mouth shut* not spilling... ))

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Hallie's Room:

Lynch's Room: [image error]

Drusus's Room: [image error]

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Hallie walked in as quietly as she could, aware that really it was quite late, and she didn't want to disturb her brothers.

Lynch had repeatedly been reassuring Drusus that Hallie would be fine and that she'd be home soon. Eventually Drusus had nodded and gone to bed.
Lynch had stayed downstairs, quietly watching TV and waiting for Hallie. He heard the click of the door and looked up. "Hey, Hal," he called just loud enough for her to hear.

Hallie turned to him. "Where's Drusus?"

"He went to bed a while ago," Lynch shrugged, flicking the TV off and going over to her. "Where've you been?"

"Out," Hallie shrugged. "Went to the beach."

"Hallie?" Drusus asked sleepily, appearing on the stairs above them.

"Hey, Dru," she smiled at him. "Look," she said, turning back to Lynch. "I've got someone coming round tomorrow and would appreciate it if you don't act like a total jerk. And that goes for you, too, Drusus. Best behaviour, both of you."

"Would this someone happen to be your boyfriend by any chance?" Drusus teased her.

"Maybe," Hallie blushed slightly. "Now come on, you, back to bed."

Drusus rolled his eyes but did as he was told.

Lynch looked at her smirking. "Word of advice, don't get pregnant."

"Don't knock anyone else up," Hallie shot at him. "Night, Lynch," she called after her as she headed to bed.

Lynch followed suit to his own room soon after.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((shall I come in now..???))

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((if you want :) ))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((okie!! is the post thing working now?))

Tegan knocked on the door, He had ironed his black shirt but still had his baggy skinny jeans and converse since that was all he owned.

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((i think so... O.o ))

"Hallie! Your boyfriend's here!" Lynch shouted to her, not bothering to get up from the sofa where he was playing video games with Drusus.

Hallie looked at them, gave an exasperated sigh and roll of her eyes before going to let Tegan in. "Hi," she smiled at him, suddenly feeling very shy and nervous about the meeting.

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((JAHLIA!! *hugs back* possibly, i get that too... and i have to go to bed in a minute, getting sleepy...))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((hey! I don't get a hug?? what?? no justice here))

"hey."he said stepping inside, he already felt like running but he had to face his fears one day.

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((*hugs Elena and never lets go* XP ))

Hallie shut the door behind him and led him through to where Lynch and Drusus were.

Lynch paused the game, to which Drusus scowled at him as he had been just about to defeat his brother, and looked up.

Drusus turned his head round quickly, coming out of the game and back to reality. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously at Tegan, before standing and walking past Tegan and Hallie saying, "Don't like him," and going to his room for the time being.

"Ignore him, I'm Lynch," he said, being surprisingly on form for Hallie and holding his hand out to Tegan to shake.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((*hugs back* thanks! lol))

Tegan watched Drusus go but just shrugged it off, he was use to it. He turned back to Lynch."nice to meet you, i'm Tegan."he said shaking his hand firmly."nice place"he said looking around.

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((you're welcome :) ))

"Thanks," Lynch nodded, getting up and going to stand with them. "So what are you?"

"Always so subtly," Hallie rolled her eyes at Lynch who ignored her.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((uh...... I forgot what he is...))

Tegan shrugged."its fine Hallie, I'm an incubus."he said without any hesitation."I'm guessing you are an immortal too?"

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Lynch made a note of his answer, deciding to wait until Hallie was out of the room before he did anything. "Yeah," he nodded. "Well, our mother was human when she had us, so really only half, but aside from things sometimes just taking longer to heal and what have you, yeah."

"Erm... Tegan, can I offer you a drink or anything?" Hallie smiled brightly at him.

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Elena | 25991 comments "that is very interesting."tegan said."being half immortal and all."he said smiling a little. He looked over at hallie for support.

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Hallie smiled at him encouragingly, giving him a small nod to say that he was doing fine.

"Thanks," Lynch nodded. "What about your family?"

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Elena | 25991 comments "I'm part of the hebuco mondo family."Tegan said."but I only have one real sister."he said.

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"And what's her name?" Lynch inquired.

"Be right back," Hallie excused herself quietly, going to get herself a drink.

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Elena | 25991 comments "Sbyil."Tegan said watching Hallie go before looking back at Lynch preparing for the worst.

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Lynch looked at him warningly, his tone remained mainly civil but the hint of a threat lay under its appearance. "You say that you're an incubus. If you dare hurt Hallie in any way, then I will make you wish that you were never born," he warned.

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Elena | 25991 comments "I will have you know I haven't used my powers in several years but if I do slip I give you my full permission to do your worst."Tegan said facing him sternly.

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((ELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
*Cries happily*))

"Then we have an agreement," Lynch nodded, holding his hand out.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((HARRIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*))

Tegan shook his hand."yes."he said.

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((*hugs back* i have missed you so :( but now you are here :') ))

Lynch nodded again, this time smiling slightly. "Want to play?" He asked, gesturing to the abandonded gaming controller that Drusus had left.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((missed you too! I won't be on as much anymore :*))

"Yes."Tegan said eagerly."what game?"he said walking ove to the controls.

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((okay... but please don't forget us O.O ))

"Assassin's Creed," Lynch answered, unpausing the game. "And don't worry, Drusus just takes awhile to like anyone, he doesn't trust easily, but when he does it's pretty solid."

Hallie returned to the room, drink in hand as she sat down opposite them.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((I won't!!!))

Tegan nodded."I'm patient."he said his fingers moving quickly over the controls.

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Lynch nodded slightly, already going into the land of gaming.

"You must be having put up with me," Hallie commented, smiling at Tegan as she watched them play.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((hehe, have you watched the most recent vamp d?))

Tegan smiled at Hallie before turning his head back to the screen and getting absorbed into the game."I'm going to whip your ass."

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((lol, check another thread and find out :P ))

"Bring it on," Lynch challenged.

Hallie shook her head, laughing silently to herself as she turned her attention to the screen.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((haha yeah just did))

He laughed, "just did."he said shooting several targets er whatever thing you kill on that game.

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((heehee ;) ))

Lynch retaliated in the game (i don't know it either, just heard of it :s ).

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Elena | 25991 comments ((lol I've always wanted to play some shooting game though))

Tegan got really into it and started yelling at the screen.

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((wait, you never have?! am i just a gaming girl, the one and only, or something?! O_o ))

Hallie had to try and stop herself from laughing, as both boys shouted at the game.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((well I mean I have but not like war games :P
haha probably)

He grit his teeth."I can't believe you got this game, I've wanted it since it came out.'

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((i've played war games before, my dad had one and i 'borrowed' it :P ))

"You can have it if you want," Lynch stated. "Me and Dru have already completed it twice."

"When they're into a game, they're into a game," Hallie explained.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((lol))

"seriously?"Tegan said surprised."thanks."he said kissing hallie's cheek quickly.

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((what can i say?? i was about 9 at the time ;) ))

Not wanting to distract him from the game unneccesarily, Hallie just smiled softly at him.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((oh harri))

He pushed Lynch half jokingly half trying to shoot his guy.

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((oh Elena, what?? :P ))

"Oi!" Lynch laughed, shooting him back.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((lol I think I'm going crazy again))

"ahh!"he said as his guy died."I can't believe it!"

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"You'll get there," Lynch assured him.

Hallie smiled at him, kissing his cheek, "You did better than I would."

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Elena | 25991 comments ((hmmm sugar..))

He sighed, falling back in the couch."thanks.."

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"Anytime," Hallie smiled at him.

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Nicandro appeared in the room, wanting to see Lynch. He noticed Tegan but didn't say anything about it. Yet. He nodded hello to him before collaring Lynch. He told him what it was he wanted, and Lynch agreed to it.

"See you guys later," Lynch told them all. "And remember that Dru is upstairs," he added irksomely before flitting out.

Hallie scowled at the empty space her brother had occupied, while Nicandro raised an eyebrow at the comment.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((ahh yes I made cookies yesterday :3))

((mah baby! nico... what is you doing?))

Tegan waved goodbye and shut of the game."okay I think that's a hint to go try talking to Dru right?"he said looking at Hallie."should I fear for my life?"

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"Normally I'd say yes, but it's relatively safe when dad's around," Hallie answered.

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Elena | 25991 comments He nodded and made his way upstairs.

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Drusus was in his room, listening to music and drawing.

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Elena | 25991 comments He knocked on the door.

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