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Midnight Walker | 5 comments What do you think and what should I name it?

Faith is 15 and has schizophrenia. Everyone rejects her except for her parents and siblings, Rose and Xavier. She also has one friend Gracie. Faith has severely injured people but never killed them until she kills a teenage girl who is trying to help her when she has a mental breakdown. After this her parents have no choice but to put her in a mental institute where she can be with people like her. Here she makes new friends and develops feelings for a boy named Ryan who for years has had clinical depression, and who's sister was murdered. At first things are ok and due to help Faiths psycho episodes calm down. She develops a relationship with Ryan and they help each other with their problems however it is soon discovered that the girl Faith killed was Ryan's sister which makes Ryan angry and ruins their relationship. Due to her new stress her schizophrenia comes back hard and this time it's up to Faith to fix all her problems.

message 2: by Anastacia *gaining love*, You know from TV (new)

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 15015 comments Mod
ummmmm I'm not good with titles but......when I hear the word faith I think of white and flowers...or the color red....soooo possibly
"The White Flower"
"Feelings Hidden Under The Fake"
I Don't know...sorry? Just ideas....VV They suck I know....

message 3: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (thebridge) @Midnight Girl (sorry, don't know what else to call you :P) that's an awesome idea for a story, you should definitely write it! :)
I can't think of any good titles, but one-worders (haha) can make powerful titles. Stuff like, idk, Desperate...or...Inside... just examples. :P Good luck!

message 4: by Shreya (last edited Apr 07, 2012 09:22AM) (new)

Shreya C. (darthallow) That story's BEAUTIFUL KJ Stormy!!
It's original, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and best of all, interesting.
Titles (for now. I've learned to not be too serious about titles as they can sometimes limit your writing):
The Silence in Violence
Cure a heart
Finding Balance
Finding Faith
Somewhere over stress

message 5: by Alec (new)

Alec (downearth) I love the idea of your story!!!!! I have no idea of what you should call it, though. I've found it easier to name a story after you write it.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) I think it's a good idea, but I have no idea for a title.

message 7: by Anastacia *gaining love*, You know from TV (new)

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 15015 comments Mod
lol kayla XD

message 8: by Amna (new)

Amna | 15 comments Mod
I like the idea a lot.. Especially the names you used!! I would call it white noise

message 9: by Shreya (new)

Shreya C. (darthallow) White noise?

message 10: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (godwithus) Mine is about a jockey. Blah blah. i really want to and just think it might work.

message 11: by Denise (last edited May 06, 2012 03:51PM) (new)

Denise Baer I like the idea, but I think you should do some research on schizophrenia for the story to be credible.

As for title, you could maybe go with "Finding Faith". It kinda has two connotations. Faith as in religion and Faith in finding herself, controlling her sickness.

It's the best I can think of now. Good Luck with it!

message 12: by Alice (new)

Alice (cimmerian) Sounds like a good idea for a book, but as said before, will need a lot of research. People with psychological disorders react different than you might guess at first, so good luck on that! I have plans on writing a novel with people who have the same disorders as your characters (among other illnesses) so I wonder how your aproach will be :) I'd love to read it when you have a few chapters (or the whole novel when its finished). I think that it will turn out just fine when you can place yourself in your characters (even if how they feel can seem strange to yourself)

message 13: by Willowland (new)

Willowland Clifton | 3 comments Crisis of Faith
Faith and Consequences
Cycle of Self Destruction
The Past Remembers
Inescapable Past

I think you should look up cases where people have murdered someone, and have successfully pleaded innocent by reason of insanity. Real life cases should help you base your book in reality, and will allow you better understand people like your protagonist and others with mental illness. I think a major part of your book should deal with people's hatred toward her. Many people disagree with 'innocent by reason of insanity,' and you'll definitely have to write a lot of painful scenes to deal with this. You will probably have a real struggle making this character relatable after her first major act is to murder someone. I think that the book has the potential to teach people a lot about mental illness if done correctly.

message 14: by Tammy (new)

Tammy Davis (portia2012) | 1 comments You might want to also speak to people who deal with these mental illnesses. I am bipolar myself, and think that also will give you good ideas.

message 15: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Doherty (edohertyauthor) | 3 comments Sounds interesting! I wish I could help titling, but I am so bad at it!

message 16: by Matt (new)

Matt Byron (mattabyron) | 1 comments This sounds like a very interesting story idea. It could be very powerful and centers on a subject that isn't written about often. As far as the title:

Faith's Conflict
In the mind of Faith

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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