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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. Book pre 2005: people growing wings because of 'disease'

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message 1: by Fiona (new)

Fiona | 4 comments I am looking for a book I read in high schoolor primary school which was about a disease causing people to grow wings.This book is not Growing Wings. I read it sometime before 2005, possible as early at 1995.

My memories of this book are as follows:
1) There was some type of hospital or sanatorium for people with this disease to learn to deal with their condition.
2) The protagonist visited a workshop or met with a person who discussed with him/her the difficulties of finding clothes to go over the wings.
3) Some people committed suicide because of growing the wings.

I do apologise for the lack of detail; this is all I can remember!

message 2: by HeavyReader (last edited Feb 19, 2012 06:07AM) (new)

HeavyReader | 450 comments Could the people with the wings fly? Were the wings functional or just for decoration?

Did scientist ever discover what made people grow the wings? Did the wing causing disease kill people?

message 3: by Fiona (new)

Fiona | 4 comments I THINK that the wings were functional for for some people. The disease did not kill people. I believe that a virus caused the disease.

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 1382 comments I just moved this to the UNSOLVED folder. It was in the requests for books in general and it looks as though you're looking for a specific book, which is the main function of this group, to help people find specific books when they can't remember which books/title and/or author.

message 5: by Kenna (new)

Kenna (kennas) | 11 comments Was it "the lake house" or "when the wind blows"? I know there were several people looking for books like these....

message 6: by Sue (new)

Sue Elleker | 780 comments Found this on whatsthatbook.com. Is it the one you were thinking of?
Answer by admin on Sun 19, Feb 2012 03:57pm:
The book is probably "Rapture" (1996) by David Sosnowski.

"Rapture" is available from Amazon.com:
(Making purchases at Amazon after clicking on this link helps support
Whatsthatbook.com Please use this link whenever you visit Amazon.com)

Various descriptions of the book:

"A new virus stalks America - Angelism. It doesn't kill you instead you
grow wings. "

"Premise: a wonderful new virus is sweeping the country, Angelism. It
starts like the flu, turned your skin green, then you sprout wings."

"The overarching story of this book deals with the effects on society when
normal people begin sprouting angelic wings. The story follows two main
characters; Alexander 'Zander' Wiles is a petty crook suffering from acute
agoraphobia, and Cassandra 'Cassie' O'Conner, a psychiatrist specializing
in 'angels' and author of a pop-psychology book titled Angel Blues. Both
live and work around Detroit, Michigan, and much of the story takes place
either in Detroit or its suburbs. "

"Part romance, part allegory, part satire of modern culture, David
Sosnowski's first novel is a wry takeoff on the current New Age angel
phenomenon. Zander Wiles, a small Detroit dope dealer, feels a powerful
itch on his back and soon discovers he's growing wings. The epidemic of
"Angelism" spreads, and in no time Congress has gotten involved, angel
support groups crop up, militant factions create the Feathered Nation, and
America has a new and otherworldly minority on its hands. Zander, the first
celebrity angel, eventually crosses paths with Cassie O'Connor, also a
fledgling semi-divinity, and their romance carries the plot to its manic
close. Sosnowski has a dry, wicked sense of humor, and his descriptions of
angelic movie theaters, bars, and bumper stickers are priceless."

"Spinning an inventive, new riff on contemporary angel mania, Sosnowski's
first novel is a fanciful zeitgeist satire, positing a world in which
ordinary people begin to sprout wings, then become ostracized and victims
of hate crimes because of widespread prejudice against their newfound
ability to fly. A drug-dealer in a ravaged, post-industrial Detroit,
Zander Wiles is the first angel to go public with his new physiology.
Ditched by his partner in petty crime, Wiles becomes a novelty on the
talk-show circuit, until the number of angels across the nation rises,
medical understanding of the phenomenon increases and, due in part to his
obnoxious antics, his fans turn against him. Following a suicide attempt
he approaches fellow angel Cassie O'Connor, a therapist specializing in
the needs of dysfunctional angels. Romance begins to blossom, as O'Connor
and Wiles try to come to grips with the emotional weight of angelism and
physical problems like molting and Penguinism, a disorienting condition
that makes it impossible to fly. Sosnowski's portrait of a separate "race"
of non-divine angels as a social phenomenon, and his strange mix of the
cutesy and the apocalyptic, is original and sometimes clever. But his
prose is often shop-worn and his storyline soon grows so freighted with
ideas (while endeavoring at once to be a love story, a fable about racial
difference and a study in the ravages of addiction) that the novel suffers
a Penguinism all its own. "

message 7: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 38146 comments Mod
Fiona, are you still looking for this book? Was it anything mentioned?

message 8: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 38146 comments Mod
No response, moving to Abandoned.

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