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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Love, hate or don't mind the series?

message 2: by ❋ Sylvia ❋ (new)

❋ Sylvia ❋ | 51 comments well, it wasn't very memorable, I read it awhile back and I barely remember the characters. I know that when I was reading the series I loved it but, ya maybe its just my memory's bad lol

message 3: by Ann (new)

Ann Boots (octoberg1rl) | 8 comments LOVE Mercy Thompson series, the Blackdagger Brotherhood and the Vampire Huntress series. They are my faves!

message 4: by Arushi (new)

Arushi (arushilisa) I LOVE HUSH HUSH. AND PATCH. <3

message 5: by ❋ Sylvia ❋ (new)

❋ Sylvia ❋ | 51 comments Ann wrote: "LOVE Mercy Thompson series, the Blackdagger Brotherhood and the Vampire Huntress series. They are my faves!"

mine too! I can't wait for "Lover Reborn" Tohr is one of my fav characters from that series :D March can't come soon enough!!

message 6: by Ann (new)

Ann Boots (octoberg1rl) | 8 comments I know, I'm counting the days!!!!

message 7: by Beatrice (new)

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) I love everything about HUSH HUSH. very addictive. :) I couldn't even put down the book while reading.

message 8: by Jayme Bowman (new)

Jayme Bowman | 5 comments this is on of my favorite serirs. a little sad that its coming to an end:/

message 9: by Janysa (new)

Janysa (nysa123) | 42 comments No brainer... LUV<3

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I so need to read HUSH HUSH! I keep hearing such good reviews about it :)

message 11: by Valencia (new)

Valencia (empowered) Love it :)

message 12: by ❤Rose (◕‿◕✿) (last edited Aug 23, 2012 03:05AM) (new)

❤Rose (◕‿◕✿) (black_rose) | 74 comments *agreeing* (not too much)

message 13: by Terab (new)

Terab  (fiddylover) | 5 comments I did like the Hush Hush series but it wasn't my favorite.

❤Rose (◕‿◕✿) (black_rose) | 74 comments same here.....

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Love: Psy-Changeling, Pride, Mercy Thompson, Kate Daniels

Like: Night Huntress, BDB, Breed

Hate: House of Night, Anita Blake

message 16: by Imani Richardson (new)

Imani Richardson | 4 comments I actually really liked Hush, Hush and the books that followed it. I found it hard to put it down

❤Rose (◕‿◕✿) (black_rose) | 74 comments hah, before i said i didn't really like it, but that's cos Nora, was good and all,but she didn't seem that in control, has some power type of person... like...... um......Katniss. She isn't weak and doesn't stand there doing nothing while everyone around here's fighting or something. A strong protagonist. Nora doesn't completely fit the criteria for me, so while i liked the books and story line a bit, the characters just didn't do it.

message 18: by Alejandra (new)

Alejandra Armitage | 4 comments Loved hush hush, the reason why I stopped reading was because I found Crescendo absolutely boring through the middle of it. Does it get better? I could pick up where I left it.

message 19: by Lynzie (new)

Lynzie | 15 comments I LOVE HUSH HUSH its Amazing the books do get better crescendo is boring but silence is pretty good but you do have to finish it to understand silence

message 20: by Lori (new)

Lori Vandenburg (msloriv) | 3 comments I read it in paperback and loved the series.

message 21: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (kribby) | 5 comments Think I also will have read Hush Hush series, I did read the 1st one and just never really got back to it!

message 22: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (kribby) | 5 comments I loved Mercy Thompson and Alpha and omega.
But my favorite has to be Anita Blake Vampire hunter.
I know people either love it or hate. I'm currently re-reading it, just hate having to wait a year for each new book

message 23: by Alexia (new)

Alexia | 8 comments I liked it!! I read it couple years ago but I remembered it was on the good list but not SMOLDERING HOLY HELL list but it was good

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