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1. Wear t-shirt that says, "I'm the coolest dude on this pathetic beach. No autographs please."
2. Go swimming in a full business suit. If people notice, act like they're the weirdos.
3. Put sea shell to your ear and announce to first person to pass by, "It's for you!" Repeat several times.
4. Throw jellyfish around.
5. Act like a sea gull.
6. Cover your towel with sand and dust it in somebody's face.

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Bron | 13 comments Oh thats good.

7. Got to Mcdonalds and sit at a table and scream waiter.

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8. Roll in the sand.
9. Fill up a bucket of water and tip it on someone (that'll annoy them)
10. Go under the water and try to sneak up on someone.
11. When your in the water, scream "SHARK!" and dash out of the water. Trip as your running and start sobbing.
12. Grab a whole fistful of sand mixed with water and through it on someone.
13. Brush your teeth in the water and spit in the water.
14. Crouch very obviously in the waist deep water, close your eyes and moan "aaaaah". LOL :D
15. If you find any jelly stuff lying around on the beach, pick it up using a shovel and bucket and tip it around someone sleeping on their towel. When they go to get up and put their feet on the sand next to their towel, they'll step in the goo.
16. Stuff seaweed into someone's bag when they're not looking.

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Christine Hatfield  (christinesbookshelves) | 69 comments Swimming in the ocean without your swim suit on

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Christine wrote: "Swimming in the ocean without your swim suit on"

LOL, haha :D

Big no-no ;D

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18. If your in the water, go under the water and pinch an unsuspecting persons leg. Do this several times.
19. Splash someone in the water next to you.

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