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jueun (jueunkang) Not my house... Owner can add what it looks like~

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"Ciao, bonjur" Nova said knocking on the door

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((I fixed it and uh oh i gtg..... to be cont.))

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((I'm back!!!)

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"Hey Cam" Nova said blushing "Nice house,
I've only got a penthouse"

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"Oh yeah" Nova said rolling her eyes "So, you want to start studying for our history test?" Nova said shyly

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"Kay." Nova said following him up "Can we just start on the civil war, that's easy" Nova said oopening her book

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((sorry I was finishing some hw)) "Thanks" Nova said blushing "I like your room" Nova said unsure and shyly "So, let me just get my notes out..." Nova said muttering the rest of her words

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"I'm fine" Nova returned to her old slef "It's just I don't know.." She said as she took a seat at one of his desk chairs she opened Web MD on his computer "i hope you don't mind." she said smiling, she started typing under symptoms "I'll type in- confused, tired, crushing on a cute boy... you know the usual symptoms" She said laughing

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"Fine, it's you!" Nova said addmitingly, "Boys are realy clueless ya know that?" Nova said smiling

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((bye, and I used to have thast I finished last year after comfirmation!))

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"I bet you $10 I know who it is!" Nova said "Boys are quite obvious too." Nova said smiling

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"Ooooo, so I'm your mystery crysh!" nova said laughing

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"It's funny, and thats so cute, my mom is too busy at her modeling agency to do embarassing stuff like that. I'm working there ya know, my mopm's agency. I'm too young to work at my dads designing agency though" Nova said smiling, and laughing. And she took a bold risk, she walked up and kissed Cam, "Does that make it less embarassing?" she said smiling

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"O.k." Nova said following him

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"Hi, and it's really nice to meet you too!' Nova said smiling

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"My dad;s name is Alberto, and my Mom's name is Merielle, names aren't ever strange to me!" Nova said laughing

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"Let's do something fun!" Nova said smiling

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