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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod

I've been
far too
many times
by you,
but I'll
still keep
trying for

I will die
slowly on
the inside
as the hate
keeps coming.
No one will
ever love
me for what
I truly am...
Not for who
I really am...

I have tried
in my power
to be heard
by the masses
and the loner
I've been

I will not be silenced!
I won't be cast outside!
I can't be chained or broken!
I won't just lay down and die!
I can't just let you take my life...

All my soul,
all my heart
has gone into this.
All my body,
all my flesh
has melded into this.
All my mind,
all my blood,
has been torn out...

I could not be silenced
until they muzzled me.
I could not be cast outside
until they kicked me down.
I could not be chained or broken...
not until they shattered my hope.
I could not just lay down and die...
not until they took away my life...

I have tried
to be heard,
to be seen,
to be loved
by anyone

message 2: by Nawnee (new)

Nawnee (nawnees) I really like this.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Remember, EJ, careful, or else I'll give you The Talk.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I clearly missed a lot.

message 5: by Marlene (new)

Marlene (marlene1001) I love this poem. ♥
That´s how I felt some time ago.

message 6: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
εїз кαтιє ღ нσℓℓιѕтєя εїз wrote: "I clearly missed a lot."

I got rejected by publishers not a single person, a single entity, lol. I'm over it now. :D

message 7: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
Based on the song "Hero" by "SuperCh!ck"

No one talks to him
he always sits alone
People always message, harrass
him, send threats to his phone.
Do you just go along,
his pain is the price
paid for you to belong?
The hurt he still feels
wraps around his throat,
chokes out his life as
he kicks out the chair...

One kindness from you could've saved his life...

Heroes are made, not born!
You could be a hero,
you can do what is right,
you can be a hero,
you could join the fight
for what's right.

No one listens to her
she just doesn't fit in.
She cries in the night
because she wants to be thin.
The pain she feels overflows
with the stroke of a knife,
over the stream, up the river
she goes. Everyday she is brave
as she survives throught he hurt,
she becomes a hero as she throws
her razor blade and pills away!

A hero is made when we finally make the choice.

Heroes are made, not born!
You could be a hero,
you can be your own might.
You could be a hero,
you can be your own light
in the night.

No one talks to her
about how she lives.
She thinks everything
she does only affects her.
Little does she know
she's the leader of all
of her friends, they will
keep on following her to
the end. Her sister wants
to be her and she's just ten.
She lives on the edge,
she starts to take drugs,
she drinks all the time,
she lies to her friends
and all of her choices
change a ten-year-olds's life!

Heroes can change everybody's life!

You could be a hero,
you could save a life.
You could be a hero,
you could change your own life,
someone's life.

You could be a hero,
you could save a life.
You could be a hero,
you can join the fight
for the light, for what's right.

You could be a hero...
you could save a life...

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)


And people will never stop... people will always try to push you down... but that's when you get back up. Like that one Bible verse that I really should know because it's my class verse for the year that says how God refines us like silver or something.

message 9: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
The Dreamer of Nightmares I

I walk through these
hallowed halls we knew.
I walk through these
haunteds dreams I once knew.

These dreams I slept on,
are starting to peel,
starting to fester,
starting to die.

Black ashen flakes float
down from the walls that
I used to love with all
of my heart and my soul.

Ashen veins begin to pulse
as they snake their way
across the floor, the ceiling,
the walls I walk past now.

I fall over for I tire
so easily now that it's done.
The veins creep and wrap
around my ankles and wrists.

I can't leave here anymore.
I'm stuck in this nightmare.
The flames start with the fury.
They lick up and down the walls.

These fiery dancers that twist
and twirl and skip in the air,
letting out a crackle, a laugh,
that tinkles throughout the hall.

The fire licks across the floor
towards my paralyzed corpse.
I don't feel the spritely fire
lick up my legs slowly, surely.

I don't feel my legs blacken
and crispen. I don't feel my
arms shrivel under the intense
heat and glow of my passion.

I am finding that dying is easy.
It isn't nearly as painful as I
thought it would be. I blink and
everything is gone once more.

The veins have vanished.
The flames have finally fled.
The ashes have apparated.
The burned body is still broken...

message 10: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
The Dreamer of Nightmares II

I walk down this path in the forest,
the wolves and monsters watch me go.
They watch me with yellow and red
eyes and dripping mouths of black.

I bow my head as I walk along the dirt.
I'm safe as long as I don't leave the
path that guides me along my way.
It never winds, it never strays.

The tree's leaves above me are green,
but as I continue down the path,
they slowly wilt and crust to grey,
which falls off the trees to black.

The trees begin to wither and fade
from the sides of the path they guard.
The leaves continue to fall to the
hard packed earth of the trail.

I can't see the path anymore.
It's lost to my eyes now.
My feet tremble beneath me.
I don't know where to go.

I stop in the middle of the path,
the eyes of the forest watch me,
I stay there and sit on the ground
as the monsters and wolves approach.

I am trapped.
There's no escape.
I'm a goner.
I'm dead.

As they begin to creep steadily
onward towards my still body,
the darkness follows them,
swallows them, feasts on them.

The darkness begins to drip towards
me. The darkness encircles my legs.
It drips up my legs and around my
center as it curls and wraps...

It goes into my mouth and down my throat,
it's slimy and sticky and doesn't go down.
I choke... I gag... I suffocate in the dark.
My eyes go black and my body begins to die.

My body is slowly going.
I can't feel it anymore.
I'm dying... I'm dying...
and no one can save me now.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
The Dreamer of Nightmares III

I stand on the ledge
overlooking the dark
ominous ocean beneath
me. I'm perched here.

The waves crash and break
into the wall of rock
that I'm balancing on so
precariously and dangerously.

The water can swell and waves
can build as much as they want
but still there is no froth...
only darkness and shadows.

The wind whips past my hair,
sending out tendrils of darkness
from my scalp that snakes out
lashes past my face like a whip.

As the base begins to erode,
I can feel my tower shaking,
breaking so slowly that I
know I'm going to fall down.

Pieces of rock crumble down
disintegrate into the acidic
black that is trying to tear
me from my safety and hope.

Until finally, the stone and
rock can take no more beating.
Their fortitude has been smashed
their hope has been demolished.

The cracks start to form and they
travel up higher and higher until
they finally reach the ground
that holds me up, under my feet.

I tip forward with the rock as it
falls like a mighty warrior into
the sea. My friend, my wall, my castle...
No more. I'm tossed from its surface.

And I fall down deep into the waves,
into the darkness where none can swim,
into the black where none can survive,
into the evil, the dead-tossed waves.

message 12: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
The Broken Ones

Stop banging on these walls
with your miserable hammer!
You just keep destroying
everything that you touch.

You keep breaking me to pieces!
Dropping your hammer just smashes
the parts that fall off of me.
You can't fix me this time.

I used to be a grand statue,
I used to be a white sculpture,
I used to be a bright painting,
I used to be something great.

Your claws have torn me to pieces,
your fangs have ripped out my heart,
your lips have shredded my soul,
Just let me live without this, without you.

Sometimes your hammer that breaks me,
puts me back together just to smash me
again so that you can feel powerful.
Just keep breaking me down... again.

Left alone with only shattered pieces,
sitting farther away from the others,
soon you will penetrate my hardened
heart that you smashed to pieces.

For just one second there, I felt strong.
For just one second there, I felt in control.
For just one second there, I was hardened.
For just one second there, I was whole.

But now you've shown me that it was a hole.
You've brought upon me this sorrow that breaks
me down. You've brought upon me this pain,
this smashing and breaking heart... again.

I should've remembered how you broke me down.
I should've remembered your name. I shouldn't
have to do this again to myself, but I thought
that you'd treat me well.... more lies... again.

I used to be Mona Lisa, now I'm just the Scream.
I used to be Venus de Milo, now I'm just Thinking.
I used to be Golden Gate, now I've grown Rickety.
I used to be the one you called your love... again.

All of the broken ones, here in this place.
ALl of the shredded paintings, the broken
sculptures, the statues thrown on the floor.
All of you who have ever felt smashed down.

Listen to me, and take heed of my words.
Build up a wall of stone so you're never hurt.
Hide away your heart, and keep it so close.
So your soul and love can't be hurt... again...

€ℒᓰzᗩßℯЋ ツ Oh yea, the graphic ones :P

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Lawl, Liz. :P And oh my gosh, EJ, you're pasting like a pro.

message 15: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (last edited Feb 19, 2012 08:52PM) (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
I forgot to say this first, but I ♥ criticism that helps, opinions, and comments on my poetry. I cannot get better until my flaws are found!

If you really, really like any of this and have a comment towards a specific poem or short story or what not, you can find all of them on my profile at either
Poems - http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/2...
The Generic Place for Writing where it all pops up - http://www.goodreads.com/story/list/6...

message 16: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (last edited Feb 19, 2012 08:54PM) (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
Elizabeth wrote: "Oh yea, the graphic ones :P"

The poem SERIES!
Each one is different in its own way, but they all end up the same...

"Depression is like a big fur coat,
it's made of dead things, but it keeps me warm."
- Icon for Hire

message 17: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod

message 18: by rose (new)

rose (rose33) Damn you. I've yet to finish the Second!!!!

message 19: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
I'm going to state for FCCLA STAR events! WHOO!
Culinary Food Arts was my category...
I'm supposed to make vegetables look pretty...
There's a specific list of vegetables they're supposed to give me...
A potato is not on this list...
They gave me a potato...

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

It's because you are brilliant and they knew you could handle it. :)

message 21: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
No, it's because they didn't have any vegetables and they raided a culinary arts room...
they told me so.
They took the vegetables from here <(^^<) and put them over here (>^^)>

message 22: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (new)

Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ LMAO!

message 23: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
Let Them Be Heard

Play the song that drips
like honey from the spoon.
Play the song that runs
like a brook going uphill.

Play the song that screeches
like a badly tuned violin.
Play the song that screams
out its lyrics with growls.

Play the song that whispers
lyrics to a neglected baby.
Play the song that mutters
words next to the cut wrist.

Play the song that hides
the truth behind the beat.
Play the song that has
a hidden meaning for only a few.

Play the song that only
the gothic will listen to.
Play the song that only
the liars say they love.

Play the song that speaks
at a pace like a hummingbird heart.
Play the song that talks
so slowly, it isn't words.

Play the song that is next
to my heart forever and ever.
Play the song from when I broke
my heart forever and ever ago...

message 24: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
Fairytale Lies

Hidden in the castle,
she sleeps on the bed
waiting for a rescuer,
a hero, a soldier, a prince.
Her long hair hangs out
window as she waits for
someone who will never come.


In the spookiest forest,
she lies on the ground
an apple lies near her.
A single bite was all
that it took to get her.
A single apple was all
it took to poison her.
She waits for her prince
to come and kiss her to life.


Up in a parapet so high,
lies her sleeping corpse.
She was forgotten for too
long after she pricked her
finger on the tip of a spindle.
Spiderwebs connect her
to the sheets of her bed.
Her cheeks and eyes have sunken.
Her lips and skin has pallored.
Her skin is now paper and cold...


She walks amongst us,
never speaking a word.
She thought she would
have found her love,
but he has just scorned her.
Abandoned without a voice
on the ground up above,
she doesn't have too much
longer until she can no longer breath.


She's still on the ground,
scrubbing all the floors,
washing all the dishes,
dusting all the knick-knacks,
sweeping all the stairs,
hanging all the laundry,
beating all the carpets,
living all her life a slave...


There's no such thing as fairytales
or storybooks that have good endings.
All are lies spun out by optimists
for all the fools who believe them true.
There is no soldier, there is no prince,
there is no mounted man on a white horse.

There is only the poor man with barely a penny,
who would spend it all on you if he could.
There is only the man with only one arm,
who would give up the other one to save you.
There is only the maker of the red candles,
who will shine a light where the darkness lies...
There is only me...And I am no knight...

message 25: by rose (new)

rose (rose33) :(

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

That's... depressing. Is something wrong? Would you like to talk about it?

message 27: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (new)

Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ EJ, are you ok? We can talk at the lair if you don't want to share here.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Definitely. There's always the Lair or TAS.

message 29: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Well...I like it...

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah, I really love it, it's just... depressing.

message 31: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (new)

Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ And then there's the inside thing of EJ being a "hero"

message 32: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) He might not necessarily be the narrator. I mean he could be, but poets are not always the one speaking in their poems.

message 33: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (new)

Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Eh it's true. I guess we'll ask EJ when he comes.

message 34: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
Which one are you talking about?

message 35: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) The last one ^^

message 36: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
I actually never thought of it as sad, lol.
I thought of it as this:
"Ladies, you will not have Prince Charming...
but you can still find someone who loves you..."

Although with me, all poetry sounds a bit sad so...
It might also include how I feel sometimes. :D

message 37: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) That's what I thought to, but if you only pay attention to the first stanzas, then it does sound a little depressing.

message 38: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
It is... but what can you do? *shrugs*
Life isn't butterflies, kittens, and wizardry.

message 39: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) But those are my three favorite things!!

jk, I do like the poem though :)

message 40: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
It's a depressing, happy, poem that people like...
I think I just found the meaning of life... :P

message 41: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) I agree. Depressing and happy are the two words that completely sum up life.

message 42: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
Yep... I'm off. Night!

message 43: by Adena (last edited Feb 22, 2012 09:28PM) (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) Night EJ!

message 44: by Marlene (new)

Marlene (marlene1001) That poem is AWESOME! I absolutely love it! :D

message 45: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (new)

Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ EJ, Zombie, Stronghammer wrote: "It's a depressing, happy, poem that people like...
I think I just found the meaning of life... :P"

Thank You so much! I've been looking for that since about FOREVER! lmao! =P

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

It was a gorgeous poem. I think it might be my favourite that you've written.

message 47: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (new)

Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ ((Go to my portfolio at TAS))

message 48: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
Fairytale Lies II
All is not as it appears to be...

I have lived in the forest
for over sixty years now,
inside of my candy house
that I worked on so hard.
Two kids appearred out of air
and began to eat my dwelling.
Of course, when i saw this
I took pity on them and
decided to not call the cops.
Instead, I brought them in,
fed them, and gave them a
small time out for eating
my delectable, beautiful house.
What did they give me in return?
A shove into the oven, followed
by the slamming of the oven door.
All I did was help them and now
all I will ever be is a cookie.


Mirror, mirror, what has happened?
You used to call me the most
beautiful woman in the land,
but now you sit there silently,
now you call the others pretty.
What am I to you now, mirror?
What must I do to earn your love?
Have I grown too old for you, mirror?
Tell me how I can be the most
beautiful in all of the land!
If the only way for me to be loved
is to be the most beautiful, then
I shall have to get rid of anyone
more beautiful than I used to be.
I must get rid of Snow White so
that I can be beautiful once more...


How could I fall in love with a snake?
How could her tongue seranade me out
of my pious, forgotten, broken heart?
How could she wriggle her way into me
and start the inside of me on fire?
How could I fall in love with a gypsy
and why won't she ever be in love with me?


No one will ever take me upon their side.
I am a dastardly devil, a vicious villain,
a carnivorous consort, a demented demon,
a maniacally malicious, malevolent man.
No one shall ever love one who they
have already predetermined to be evil.
How can a sheep ever fall in love with
one who is believed to be a wolf?
How can a child ever love
someone they think is a monster?
How can you love a beast
who has never known the
meaning of the word "love"?
How can I ever be loved
if I am but a lie?
How can I be loved
if they don't know
the real me?
How can I be loved
if I am only
a monster?

message 49: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) I like this one too ^^

message 50: by E.J., Well, you hit me with a brick... (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 247 comments Mod
Seams, Dreams, and Stars

Shooting stars, falling stars,
ripped seams, broken dreams.
Beauty from the destruction
of everything that once was.

When the waters part will you
see where I have sunken down?
Will you see where you have
left me down on the ocean floor?

I'm shooting from the skies,
I'm falling from the dreams,
I'm ripping from the seams,
I'm dripping from the clouds.
I'm swimming up from the deep.
I'm trying to help myself see...

Listen to when the rain drips
down upon the roof of your house.
Listen to when the sun warms
your face with the rays of light.
Listen to when the wind rustles
through all of the tree's leaves.
Listen to when you can finally
feel your heart skip a beat.
Listen to when the last star
in the sky decides to fall.

For as you listen,
you'll finally hear
me in the middle of
all the desperation.

I'm just a falling star,
I'm just a broken dream,
I'm just a ripped seam,
I'm just haunting you,
as you hear me scream.

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