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Good Song for Ash and Meghan

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message 1: by Karlein (new)

Karlein Kwong (karleinkwong_fantasywriter) | 8 comments OMG OMG this is:
Getaway by Holiday Parade reminds me of Ash and Meghan.
Esp the ending section where he sings:

"We live our lives like falling stars
The way I see we've come so far and hey, i might stay.
Step back to where we were, feels like ten thousand years before
The moment that you shut the door I said, "how bout we get away?""

SuperFreakTeamAsh!!!! (tangledrocks) | 43 comments wow thats good

message 3: by Karlein (new)

Karlein Kwong (karleinkwong_fantasywriter) | 8 comments Super Freak Team Ash!!!! wrote: "wow thats good"

I know, I love this song ^^

SuperFreakTeamAsh!!!! (tangledrocks) | 43 comments who whote this?

message 5: by Liz (new)

Liz | 54 comments Mod

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