Divergent (Divergent, #1) Divergent question

Tobias/Four fangirls unite!
Sam Sam Feb 18, 2012 04:37PM
Anyone else agree that Tobias is worth swooning for? ;)

So in love, he is the best boy ever. (and the best number :)

I practically wince every time I do my homework or read something and the number four comes up. It's like, I just can't help remembering Tobias <3

Ioana Danila Awwwww <3 I do that too sometimes !!! Especially on biology and English books :))
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Daniella Dziamba haha me and a friend have an inside joke (mostly because we're the only people that have read the book in the class) and every time a teacher says fou ...more
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of course he's swoon worthy!

YES. I love Four xD

omg i love four, like theres a lot of awsome characters like jace and will and jem from cassandra clares series but there all got something special that makes them that way, what i love about four is that he is a normal person besides being divergent but hes totally awesome, i cant get enough of him

I TOTALLY agree! I LOVE Four and his character, he has enough bad boy edge, but still caring and romantic! <3

Of Course I love the NUMBER FOUR its my fav...LMFAO

4 has 5 fears now. the 5th fear is losing Tris! <3

Yep, he's my fav fiction guy so far. I wouldn't mind Peter trying to kill me if it meant Four will carry me to his room. Lol After Insurgent, I may just read Divergent again, but skip to all of his parts.

why are all guys in books taken???


Favorite 4 Quote- "Peter would probably throw a party if i stopped breathing." "Well, i'd only come if there was cake." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

I LOVE Four!! *fan girl mode* He's just so incredible and awesome and I've run out of words to describe him because words are not enough!!

I LOVE Four!

Four is perfect in every way. I wish that he were real. If he were, he would be mine and would belong to no one else!!!!!

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