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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Ta da! (:

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments No problem(: Hei, fine by me! (:

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments I'm fine with most things; I like doing super natural type of things but whatever works. (: You?

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments I'm fine with any of those! (:

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Well, now comes the hard part, which one... :P I think the friendship and celebrity one would be fun. (:

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments We could try it and if we don't seem to be liking to do both, we can choose one. (:

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments As long as I can be a girl on the other! (:

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Can I be the girl in the friendship one?

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Sweet! Do you mind making your characater first? I'm not quite sure what to include for them. Oh, so you wanna try both for right now?

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Cool(: Now my turn!

Name: Spencer
Age: 21
Personality: He is one to be the first one to help and a great one to keep a secret. He is really funny and out-going and is one for not enjoying the star treatement.
Appearance: http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltu...
History: TBRPED

Name: Sammy
Age: 20
Personality: She is one to be friends with everyone but only lets certain people become her really good friends. Silly, Fun, and loves to be mischievous towards her best friend.
Appearance: http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...
History: TBRPED

Sorry I took forever. :P

message 11: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Haha thanks! (: Yeah, I can start! (:

Spencer sat on a bench, a small notebook in his hand as he sketched the scene of people scanning the famous plaza for famous people, a small amusing smile played on his lips.

Sammy laid on her stomach as she played with a small flower between her fingers, her blonde hair was over one shoulder and moved some with the light breeze rolling around the park.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((Uh, idk. I was thinking that ALice could be but whateverf works. ))

Spencer caught a girl with a camera, and took special time to sketch her into the picture, He wished she was closer so he could get more details to draw.

Her ankles here crossed in the air as she continue to play with the flower, she was oblivious on what was going on around her. She picked up her camera and took a picture of the flower close up before turning her attention back to the flower without the camera.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments ((That's fine by me! ))

He watched her carefully, tugging down his baseball cap making sure his eyes stayed hidden in the shade. He tore out that page and carefully started to sketch the girl's outline from the sun.

She screamed in surprised and jumped up in. She turned around to him and slowly caught her breathe. She nudge him softly with a scowl.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments He held a small smirk on his face and he continue to sketch her; he turned a little more towards her to get better details.

She scowled deeper and fought a smile, "No you didn't.. I just... was surprised. Not scared." She nudge his shoulder.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments His eyes caught in the movement of sweeping her figure, he tugged his cap lower as he bent lower to his sketch book and lowered his eyes, a small smile was on his face even though he knew the risk getting recognized.

Sammy smiled towards him, "I love it.. works great." She snagged the camera back and took a picture of him quickly knowing he didn't like it. She laughed.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments His eyes widen as she took a picture of him, but then he breathed calmly. Why should he be worked up, he was drawing her... He looked back up at her, and continue to draw as if something around her, but her.

Sammy looked at the picture, it caught Ethan between a smile and a frown. She laughed, "No, that's a keeper." She moved the camera away from him making it harder for him to reach it.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer's eyes went wide and before he knew it, he was closing their distance between them. He watched the man run off as her camera fell, obviously not in perfect condition. He didn't know what to say now that he was over here especially since he was, well, Spencer Willams, famous for pictures, sketches, and one movie. He looked at Alice, "How's the camera?"

She laughed and rolled away from him taking the camera, "Nope." She bounded to her feet hiding it behind her back, "You'll have to catch me." Sammy laughed and began backing away from him.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer's heart went out to her, he could tell it meant a lot to her to have it and then break it. He sighed softly knowing that his manger probably wouldn't be the happiest about this, "Hei, I have a friend who is great with cameras, maybe he can see what he can do?" He smiled towards her, "What do you say?"

"Will I? You've never caught me before!" It was a lie but she threw it out there. Sammy walked quicker making sure she still had room to walk, she laughed.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled for two reasons, 1) she said yes and 2) she didn't recognize him at the first. He motioned down the road, "It's not that far and I'm sure he'll find some way to fix it."

Sammy nodded, "Posssibly." She looked behind her in time not to run into a tree, she laughed but than saw how close he was catching up. She picked up her speed, knowing it woudn't be the most graceful if she now fell.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments (( Alright, if I don't respond quickly.. I'm probably asleep. xD ))

Spencer walked towards the camera store, he kept in stride with her. He looked down at his unfinish sketch, maybe he'll be able to get clearer details sometime soon. "What brings you to the 'famous' plaza? Hoping to meet a famous person?" He asked.

"Suuuure you are." Sammy laughed, slowing her pace slightly to catch her breathe. She reach around a snapped another picture of him, probably a horrific shot but she did it anyway. "Keeper!" She cried with a laugh.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments (( That's sweet! (:I really like this roleplay too! ))

Spencer nodded,"Have you gotten one yet today?" glancing down at his sketchbook, "A little." He smiled.

She fell onto the grass with a thud craddling her camera in her hands, she looked up with narrowed eyes and her breathe caught for a moment, she shook off the feeling. No, it couldn't happen, she tried to reassure herself. She shook her head, "Only because I let you."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer nodded understanding, "Well I'm sure my friend will be able to see if you got any even if you can't tell on your camera." He smiled and flipped through some pages as they walked, he showed her the rough outline of a woman's figure against the sun. It was her but he didn't lead on to that.

Sammy laughed, "Only because we want to help that poor little ego of yours." She sat quietly waiting for her heart to slow, she carefully angled the camera some and took another silent picture of him.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer saw her reaction of his drawing and his smile grew, "Thanks," He noticed they were at the shop, he opened the door for her as they walked in the manger exclaimed, "Spencer! What a surprise, what can I do for you?" Spencer nodded, "Hei Rick, umm my friend seem to drop her camera and I told her you were the best camera person around soooo." Rick grinned and motioned them to follow him, "Alright, I'll see what my magic can do."

Sammy let him take the picture, she looked over at him with a smile, "Let me see.."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer stepped away from her for a moment to talk to Rick, "Hei Rick, she hasn't recognized me sooo." "Keep it on the down low, got it Spenc." Spencer returned to Alice, "He wants to show you some of your pictures.. Oh by the way, I'm Spencer." He smiled at her.

Sammy narrowed her eyes, "Hei! Give that back!" She jumped to get it, she wasnm't short but he was taller than her. She folded her arms across her chest, glarring at him teasingly.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments "Nice to meet you Alice." Spencer smiled as Rick showed her pictures, "These are the pictures you've taken last, if you want we can transfer them to a different sim card while I work on your camera which isn't broken too bad just a few dents."

She glared, "I am not short!" She jumped as high as she could and couldn't reach it. She poked his stomach hoping it would alter his height some.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer noted the picture that looked a lot like him, Alice had some skill with a camera he had admitt. He looked up at her with a smile, "I like that shot."

Sammy smiled with success as he bent over some, she chinned and jumped higher barely out of reach, she narrowed her eyes determine, "You butt, give me my camera!"

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer nodded as he went to wander to the store as Rick worked on the camera, "Rick is this picture of the ocean new?" "Yeah, my brother sent me it to show." Spencer shook his head with a grin, "Oh and you were so kind to show it off." Rick laughed and looked up at Alice, "You're really good."

Sammy glared at him, she wanted her camera and she was willing to do anything to get it back. A thought crossed her mind, her eyes widen at the thought. She shook her head she tried a different idea, "I'll buy you ice cream!"

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Rick looked up in surprise, "Oh no, my brother is a big picture guy. These are his." Spencer gave Rick a dirty look but hid his reaction as Rick talked about.

Sammy grinned wider as she nodded, "Yes, if you give me my camera. I'll buy you ice cream." She fluttered her eye lashes.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled brightly as he exaimed one picture more closely, admiring the great shot. Rick laughed softly, "Sure thing." Spencer looked over at Alice, "Which one is your favorite?" He asked with a smile.

Sammy rolled her eyes and held out her pinky, "Pinky promise." She grinned wider, batting her eye lashes, hoping he'd take the bait.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer grinned in delight, he walked towards the picture and looked over at Rick, he nodded. Spencer look at Alice with a smile, "Do you know the photographer Spencer Willams?"

Sammy grinned and took her camera and started to walk away from him whistling as she walked. She kept a grin on her face as she walked away. Her heart racing and her mind realing.

(( No! Don't leave!!! :P ))

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments (( Totally fine! Just was like, Noooo I want to continue! :P ))

Spencer's grin grew, he went and took the picture she like the most and handed it too her, "Then have this." He had taken off his cap when Rick warned, "Photo freaks heading in Spenc put on the cap." He quickly placed it back on his head.

Sammy looked up at him with a grin and she nodded, "I know..." She stopped mid thought, if she says "but i didn't say when" she'd never get her camera back. Sighing, "I know, I was just heading there."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer nodded with a smile, she was beautiful, "You're more than welcome." He grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards a smaller room as the photo freaks came running in. He looked at Alice, "Sorry... they just can be really crazy."

Sammy leaned her weight on his hands so he was pushing her, she laughed softly. Her skin tingled on her shoulders, she hoped she had enough cash with her to feed his crazy appetite.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer nodded again, he hoped it was a good idea to tell her. She was beautiful and so nice to come with him. He laughed softly, "And you are Alice. Now that we got names out of the way."

They walked into the shop, Sammy waved to one of the girls working as she sat down in a booth waiting for Ethan to make his insanely interesting ice cream choice. She fiddle through her camera, she stopped at the picture of them. A blush and smile formed on her face, He was her best friend and handsome.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled and placed his hands on hers pressing the picture a little closer, "Yes I am."

Sammy grinned, "The sundae because then you can share with the person paying for your treat." She stuck her tongue out at him when he turned back around she got another girl in the shop checking him out. Jealousy flashed through so she turned back to the pictures hoping it would pass.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled brighter and sadly removed his hands from hers, he opened the door slightly to see if the photo freaks were gone, then Rick leaned against the door, obviously there weren't. Spencer looked back at Alice with almost a shy smile, "Guess we're stuck in here a little while longer."

Sammy looked up at him and gave him a smile before she turned back to the camera, as he stood there she kept glancing at him. She was going insane, she obviously like him but what if he didn't.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer looked around, "The dark room, for really expensive yet killer camera's." He smiled wishing he had his notebook at this moment.

Sammy looked up at the sundae, "Never underestimate the phrase, "all day sundae"." She laughed softly and took the spoon and big spoon fool. She waited until Ethan had a spoonful to his mouth before snapping his picture. She laughed softly and pushed her camera not be tempted more.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer grinned and watched her silently, he made sure his gaze moved around though, "It is.. Rick does most his photos this way."

In Sammy's picture she's glaring at him but she smiled afterwords. She dipped her finger in her spoon and placed some on his nose with a laugh, she licked her finger from left over ice cream.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled at her and sat down on a window bench next to a window that had been covered to keep the darkness in, "Real life. The beauty of real people, of real nature."

Sammy covered her face while she laughed, she gave him a dirty playful look. "You butt."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled, blushing some, "Well thank you. You are quite good yourself." He was beaming inside that she came to sit by him.

Sammy rolled her eyes and threw a napkin at him before getting up to head out, "I'm glad you enjoy it." She smiled at him, grabbing her camera before they headed out. An idea popped in her head, "Hei! Wanna come over and watch a movie?" She asked, biting her lip some.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments (( You should get on, yes? Yes! :D ))

Spencer grinned, "It is.." He watched her hold to picture so tightly, he grinned. He'd never seen anyone hold one of his pictures so tightly before.

Sammy grinned, hooking their arms together, "Great, let's go." She laughed softly and led them towards her house. Her heart was beating fast as plan formed in her head.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments (( Okay (: ))

Spencer smiled at her, "Hei Alice, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" He watched her reaction very carefully.

Sammy looked up at him with a grin, they got to her house. He knew his way around her house well enough, she smiled, "You get the popcorn and I'll get the movie."

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer nodded with a brighter smile, "Great, what's your favorite kind of food?"

Sammy watched him making the popcorn, she quickly scanned through her movies. She quickly picked one that is both of them enjoyed. She hoped that her plan work out, and wouldn't ruin their friendship if it did work.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiles, his eyes twinkling, "Okay."

Sammy smiled and sat closer to him than usual and showed him the case of the first pirates of the carri. "Is this okay?"

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled and looked her, "Youre quite beautiful Alice." He blushed slightly.

Sammy grinned and grabbed some poporn, popping it in her mouth as the movie started. She had a home threatre in her house and it was naturally dark in this room.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled bright, "Thank you." He didn't know if it was right but he couldn't stop himself, he leaned into her and kiss her on the cheek softly.

Sammy looked at him, "Wow, i swear I just saw your head grew. Oh wait, that was your ego." She teased him, slightly leaning into him, curious what he would do.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled sweetly at her blushing, "Sorry... couldnt resist."

Sammy gave him an innocent look, "What me a tease? Never." She alughed softly leaning into him more when he placed his arm around her.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer looked at her surprise with a smile, almost like a teasing smile. "What about this?" He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers softly.

Sammy shook her head, rolling her eyes softly. She went and grabbed some popcorn and tossed it in the air befire landing in her mouth. She grinned towards herself. Half absent mindedly she was leaning moe into Ethan getting comfy.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer felt her relax and kiss him back, he smiled small. He leaned away from her blushing some, he looked everywhere then at her. "Sorry.. sometimes my lips dont listen." He teased.

"More like dumb luck, kidding kdding!" She laughed knowing that he'd probably tickle her for that comment. She looked up at him with an innocent smile, her eyes sparkled and her heart seem to stop when she looked at him.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments "Well that makes my lips feel better." Spencer smiled sweetly towards her.

Sammy laughes and starting to curl up in a ball to protect herself, she was trying to grab his hands to stop him but was failing miseribly.

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Lauren (treeclimber419) | 4219 comments Spencer smiled and looked around the room, "Yeah it is.. it was our escape when times were tough at home." He spoke softly, the smile wouldn't leave his face.

Sammy's laugh had gone quieter from laughing so hard, she finally grabbed his hands tightly in hers. She playfully glares up at him, "Nooothing."

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