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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie so did anyone else notice that Kristen stewart was the worst actress in the whole movie all she did was exhale every five seconds and stand there awkwardly, it distraceted from the whole movie! Please say there is someone else out there who feels the same way!?

message 2: by Bailey (new)

Bailey (werewolflvr) | 73 comments I totally agree wit you!!! i can't stand her little dumb sudden intakes of breath that just take away the whole scene!!! it's like every 10 seconds she's just like gasp-ah! i can't take it and she delivered her lines way poorly besides on two parts! when he's on her car and popped out the dent and says "could you at least act normal, i've got neighbors" and when she says your mood swings are giving me whipash!

message 3: by Lynny (new)

Lynny (lynnyo4) i like her. i think she is really good.

message 4: by Lizie (new)

Lizie Heinreli (3liziedizie3) | 37 comments srry to the people above but i think she is a good actress.

message 5: by Madeline (new)

Madeline she has like no facial expression except for bored. i did not like her very much

message 6: by Court (last edited Dec 04, 2008 05:22PM) (new)

Court We shuldn't errr..bash Kristen STewart too badly..I mean..could YOU have done better?

message 7: by Madeline (new)

Madeline no but she could have if she wanted to. i think she makes a good bella. my only complaint is her face expressions as stated before

message 8: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments I think she was so horrible. She looked bored and soo out of it.

message 9: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie thank you so much i heart Carlisle Cullen she was aweful and i can think of so many people that would have done so much better than her

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

she sounds like a man.

message 11: by Lynny (new)

Lynny (lynnyo4) you guys, she put a lot of effort into it, and everyone seemed to think that she was the right one, give her a break.

message 12: by Alya (new)

Alya (borringbee) I think they couldn't have picked a worse actress to play bella!!! She seems soo awkward, its so annoying. i agree with Bailey, the only seen i liked with kristen is when she says "could you at least act normal, i've got neighbors"

message 13: by Vivian (new)

Vivian | 326 comments ok, i noticed this more the second time i watched the movie, but seriously, kristen stuart twitched A LOT in the movie. like seriously, she would keep blinking like 20 times whenever she was taking to robert. it annoyed me!

message 14: by Cira (new)

Cira (loveistheanswer106) | 22 comments I know! The twitching was so annoying! Idk, it was like she was trying to act all deep but it didn't come across very well. She just seemed emotionless.

message 15: by Zia (new)

Zia yeah it kind of annoyed me how she blinked so much. and when they first go into the forest and she starts breathing so hard its just weird....

message 16: by aubrianna :] (new)

aubrianna :] | 7 comments i agree with zia.
she does blink a lot and she breathes hard a lot it is annoying.

and yeah she does sound like a man.

message 17: by Maryann (new)

Maryann (uorgirl) | 35 comments I disagree with all of you for the simple fact that Bella is an awkward, quirky kind of character anyway. All her expressions and everything else matched the way she says she was feeling in the book. I mean, in most of the book she states how her eyes, etc. give her away.

message 18: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments Well they got the whole 'akward-teenage girl' part down. The real issues are her voice, and her excitement in certain scenes. (The Charlie fight was horrible.)

message 19: by Maryann (new)

Maryann (uorgirl) | 35 comments I've seen teh movie a few times and I totally disagree. Her voice is just fine to me. It's not like she is able to have the "sing-song" voice of the Cullen family. She is only "human."

message 20: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:19AM) (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments Well yeaaah.... have you read Breaking Dawn?

message 21: by Maryann (new)

Maryann (uorgirl) | 35 comments Yes. I am obsessed like everyone else. I've read through the series three times.

message 22: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments Me too! But how are they gonna get her sooo... crazy beautiful and vampire-like? And her bell-like voice? Well they can use makeup for the looks, but her voice, and everything else.

message 23: by Maryann (new)

Maryann (uorgirl) | 35 comments I don't think they will have a problem with it. Besides, they are barely gonna start NM. I am sure the Kristen has something figured out if the series goes that far. Plus, any type of change for Kristen will work for the movie...due to the fact that "Bella" is completely aware of her normality. So the surprise of seeing her new self I think will come across great and rather easily for Kristen in the movie. Plus, look what they did for the Cullen Family in the movie! I am sure they can repeat that when they need to for "Bella."

I am a huge Kristen fan, way before Twilight. While i was reading I always pictured her as Bella, even before I knew that she was going to play her. In the movie "Speak" I thought the plainess of her character and the way she looked was Bella all the way.

message 24: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments I loved her in... oh wow I forgot the name of the movie... Zathura!

message 25: by Zia (new)

Zia i used to kind like her...but i saw pictures of her smoking pot so that kinda changes my view of her...

message 26: by nina (new)

nina (ladeeda) I think she's an awful actress.

And seems like a really miserable person too.. Have you seen her in interviews?? SO MISERABLE AND AWKWARD. Ok, I understand some people are shy, but she's an ACTRESS! It's not her first movie! She should be kind of used to it by now.

message 27: by Marina (new)

Marina  Cohen | 15 comments i love her as bella.kristen stewart fits her perfectly.i don't like you haters out there!

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Maryann wrote: "I've seen teh movie a few times and I totally disagree. Her voice is just fine to me. It's not like she is able to have the "sing-song" voice of the Cullen family. She is only "human." "

Well, no, of course she can't have a "sing-song" voice, but come on! There are DEFINITELY parts in that movie where she just MIGHT sound a LITTLE bit like a man. You've gotta agree with me there...I mean, it wasn't totally awful (it didn't ruin anything, I still loved the movie), but it was not very feminine.

message 29: by Zia (new)

Zia yep i agree. and shes not at all what i pictured bella.

message 30: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I saw Kristen stewart in The Messengers and i thought she was pretty good (and thats being generous) that kinda awkwardness was right for her but in this movie it just doesn't work!!!!! she looks the wrong kind of awkward and she does sound like a man!!!!!!!! ok i'm done ranting now

message 31: by Erica (new)

Erica (thppjfan) OMG you people are picky! I thought she did great as bella! And even though this isn't her first movie she doesn't have to be perfect. I agree that the charlie fight seen wasn't as powerful as it could be though but still! And one more thing, obviously non of the characters are going to be the perfect character because they are trying to match the discription in the books and make it perfect, which must be pretty dang hard considering how detalic the books are.

message 32: by Lizie (new)

Lizie Heinreli (3liziedizie3) | 37 comments ya what Erica said

message 33: by Maryann (new)

Maryann (uorgirl) | 35 comments THANK YOU ERICA!

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

i agree that kristen stewart was not good in the movie. she did not show enough emotion

message 35: by Allison (new)

Allison she sounds like a man. she just annoys me. im not happy about her playing bella.

message 36: by Erica (new)

Erica (thppjfan) OK people Kristen Stewert can't controle her voice! If you had a deeper voice than most girls would you want people giving u crap about it?

message 37: by Ashes (new)

Ashes (rock_princess_ashlee) | 10 comments I can't believe she died her hair red and now it's in New Moon!!! Omg shes so dumb!! She can't act or even talk right!!! :(

message 38: by Gaby (new)

Gaby (PandaBear102) | 6 comments i only hate how she acted wen she tells edward hes a vampire and at the hospital

message 39: by Olivia (new)

Olivia | 77 comments I could not make up my mind about whether I liked her in Twilight or not...I am still trying to sort out my feelings on the movie in general.

message 40: by Anita (new)

Anita | 30 comments Yeah...she's pretty bad (sigh) and the script is okay (thank god for the book) but at least there is something to distract you right? (wink wink LOL...what's his face Edward is such a cutie hahaha)

message 41: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie i actually gotta say as much as i think they should have stayed way closer to the book *or coppied it word for word lol jk* i like how they did the "Say it, "vampire" thing cuz it was fun and more imaginative then just them sitting in a car and talking,

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

She ttly Sux at acting!!!
I hated her!!!
She was even paler than Robert Pattison!!
And he had Makeup al over his face to make him look pale!
She is sucky
Blah. Yuck. Eww.

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

I think there could have been someone else better to play her. I will really check her more for New Moon, she's got to be a really good actress to play this one.

But I do think that she tried to convey the emotions, but it just didn't work well with her.

message 44: by Megan (new)

Megan (mcswain) The constant blinking got on my nerves. I think she played Bella too scared and nervous. I read her more as trying to cover it up, and aside from the scripted trips, she didn't come off as clumsy. I didn't think she did completely horrible, and maybe she'll improve for NM.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

Megan wrote: "The constant blinking got on my nerves. I think she played Bella too scared and nervous. I read her more as trying to cover it up, and aside from the scripted trips, she didn't come off as clumsy. ..."

Oh I hope she does there's so much emotion to convey in NM

message 46: by Veena (new)

Veena (Veena811) I think kristen stewart is a horrible actress,I mean she doesnt even have any facial expressions I have no clue how she got selected to play bells swan but other people have opinions.

message 47: by Codi (new)

Codi isn't bella suppose to remember self defense well the men attack not wait for edward to show up

message 48: by Codi (new)

Codi i mean when not well

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

I absolutey hated the hospital scene. That's really the only scene where Bella has real emotion, and she's stuttering the whole time!! Compared to the rest of the movie, that was a kind of out of place scene

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

I also agree with the talking and blinking thing. And the hostility. And it all looks so... rehearsed. I know they have a script and stuff, but it doesn't look real at all. If you're being harrassed by a bunch of drunk gangsters you'd think you'd be a little more scared, but that's just me

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