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(When's my shift?)

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((Any time))

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah walked in, "Hi!"

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Jae put on a hat and smiled brightly. "Hello, welcome, would will you have today?" She gestured at the display.

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah smiled, "Do you have any mr simms super sour gummy marble balls?" She said, in an irish accent

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Jae looked at her and felt recognition but ignored it. Her eyes light up and she looked away quickly. "Good choice. How many would you like?"

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah laughed, "100 grams please!" She said, suddenly changing to Welsh

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"you got a rolll of sweet tarts!" Nova said, taking a few packs of Trident Layer gum packs. "And THis is america, no metric units!" Nova said pinching Delilah

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah laughed, "I like to stick with were I was ORIGINALLY from, so yes!" ((do you not use metric!!!!))

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((no, customary. We learn metric tho. Cuz metric is a LOT better then custoumary)) "Well, I'm from Italy, but so I know both, I created both!" Nova said smiling.

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harriet (harriet64) ((lol)) Delilah laughed, "We know, you created EVERYTHING!" she picked up her sweets from Jae and started sucking one, scrunching her face up as she ate! Then, it got real sour, "Guys god this is sour!!" She starting scrubbing her lips. ((BEST SWEETS EVA))

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Jae eyes lit up but she smiled, waiting for more work.

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((never heard of them)) "Here's some water" Nova said snapping her fingers and water was there "I can only handle sweettarts" Nova said embarrsed that she could barley handle anything sour.

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Jae handed the other girl her sweet tarts."Here you go. Are you two paying together or separately?"

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harriet (harriet64) Delilah winced, "Seperate! ((brb))

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"I got this one, I've got to go to MY job soon." Nova said, "btw, we know who your really are," Nova added while slapping a few dollar bills, and a golden drachma on the counter. Nova waved bye to Jae and left the store.

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"Have a nice day." Jae waved until she realized what the girl said.

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harriet (harriet64) ((what do you mean by we know who you really aare???))

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(I think she meant goddess.)

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harriet (harriet64) ((ohhhhh))

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