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Clary's Rune
Mychele Mychele Feb 18, 2012 03:45PM
I was wondering what rune was it that Clary received in her dream from her mother. I don't remember it being discussed. It's in chap 8 ....

"Then how do I wake you up?" Clary cried, but her mother was looking out to sea, her face troubled. The sky had turned a twilight iron gray and the black clouds looked like heavy stones.

"Come here," said Jocelyn, and when Clary came to her, she said, "Hold out your arm."

Clary did. Jocelyn moved the driftwood over her skin. The touch stung like the burning of a stele, and left the same thick black line behind. The rune Jocelyn drew was a shape Clary had never seen before, but she found it instinctively soothing to her eye. "What does this do?"

"It should protect you." Clary's mother released her.

"Against what?"

If anyone knows let me know

Didn't the rune make the demons scared of her? Like, when they saw her rune they would turn around and run? At least I think so.... hope it helps!

Mychele Yea thats it I guess I wanted it to be important lol
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I don't remember this bit. Got to check. Does anybdoy know what the Mark of Cain actually looks like?

yer i think it was a rune no one had seen before so it was a new that kept her safe ("It should protect you." Clary's mother released her) but also made her realise she could create new runes

Hannah Lol thanks I'm a bit obsessed with Cassandra clare ...more
Mar 01, 2012 01:40PM

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