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The upcoming movie is only the first book, right?

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Shivani The summary from imdb sounds like all the books smooshed together..

Colby Eh...I think it's just the first one.

Samantha The Escapist I think they could probably tell all three books in the span of two movies best. There are a lot of arbitrary actiony events that happen and frankly I find the books stagnate and repeat themselves quite a lot with unnecessary fodder.

Now, I DID like reading them, I just don't think most of the minor important-seeming events belong in the movies. I think the return of Clary's mother should be the end of one movie and the proper final showdown should be the end of the second.

Course this is Hollywood and if they have to make one less movie out of these books they'll have to come up with one MORE idea so they'll probably make three if it doesn't get popular enough to split the last book down the middle and turn it into 4.

By the way, I don't think it would be BAD to include most of the content; the more you include the more important each of the smaller events becomes, I just think the story could be told well enough with a lot less.

But the director on it is awful anyway so I'm just putting all my hopes on the Hunger Games :P

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