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onmerryday | 2 comments I have followed David from another group and think I'd like to join in.
I'm Thai but I have to confess that I rarely read Thai fiction. Well, I read some sort of romance from time to time but mostly I read non-fiction like prose or travel.

I think there 's a few Thai books translated but not sure what their names in English. I'll find out later if anyone interested.

As for my reading, I read some of Japanese books especially of Miyabe Miyuki's. She's my favorite.

I also like Amy Tan, not sure if it's Asian lit. She lives in US, right?

Anyway, nice to meet you and hope we can talk more about Asian lit :-)

message 2: by David (new)

David (sfdavide) | 4 comments Mod
Hi pilarcat. Please add any books you read onto the book shelf and let us know when you read an interesting book.

message 3: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany N (silapajarun) | 1 comments Hello pilarcat, I'm also Thai but my first language is English. So far all the characters I've written are Caucasian, Japanese and Chinese no Thai/Siamese yet. One day I'll pen a story set in 19th century Siam (^_^).

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onmerryday | 2 comments Hi Silapa. It's nice that you have your own work published :-)
It's interesting that you also focus on Historical fiction, must have done a lot of research!

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