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Sins of the Demon SPOILERS

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Kathy (Kindle-aholic) (kindleaholic) | 96 comments OK - I finished the latest Kara Gillian book. Michelle, I know you want to talk about this. Anyone else, be warned, spoilers will be uttered.

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Michelle Cummings (michellecu) | 65 comments Ok. I love this world, and I don't know what it is, but the spoilers don't bother me so much. But am a little po'd that we don't get much of Ryan's backstory here, since Book 3 was such a revelations about his past. And now Kara's?

Kathy (Kindle-aholic) (kindleaholic) | 96 comments So what I want to know (since it looks like Kara had spent time in the Demon world before), is something in their past the reason why Ryan can't remember, did he break some oath regarding her?

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Michelle Cummings (michellecu) | 65 comments We need to do a better job of timing our book reading, because I've already forgot half of the book (LOL!) We know Ryan is an oath breaker, and since Kara has been in the demon world (another life? I'm a little confused on that score) they probably did have some relationship. And what's up with Rhyzkahl? What was/is their relationship. He's obviously up to something on the computer. Not enough info....

Kathy (Kindle-aholic) (kindleaholic) | 96 comments And there's also what was really happening when Kara's grandma was trying to summon the demon that would be Ryan. I feel like we got a whole bunch of new info that was also chock full of questions. Still happy with the book, tho. :)

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