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message 1: by W.R.A. (new)

W.R.A. Lewis (wraylewis) | 3 comments I write as W. R. A. Lewis, but my friends call me Ray. I live in Oakton, VA, just across the rivier from DC. I use my initials when I write because I understand there is another, quite large, Ray Lewis in the Baltimore/Dc area who may not want me poaching his Google searches.

I've been a business, technical and financial writer for forty years. When I retired, I decided to learn about computer generated images, especially 3D imaging. Not being a trained artist, I started with programs that used existing 3D models and characters. I fell in love with a group of 3D manniequins created by a German fellow who goes by the craft name of Nursoda.

As I did scenes using the mannequins, they began to take on distinct personalities and tell me stories. I worte them down, and my series of short-to-mid-length fantasy stories "Nursodian Tales" was born. (With permission of their creator, they live in the Province of Nursoda, within a vast Elvish Empire.)

So far there are two available in the Kindle store:

Kelm's Revenge - 7,400 words, 16 illustrations

and Teo's Big Deal - 8,200 words, 12 illustrations

I staged the illustrations in software called Poser, and the folks at smithmicro, the company that sells Poser, liked them enough to feature me on their website.

That profile is here:

Then one day a new story line popped into my head and wouldn't let me alone 'til I wrote it down. This one is about a janitor who teams up with a randy, telepathic rat with an IQ of 180. They start their own detective agency, and the result is:

Rat's Chance - no illustrations, 10,400 words.

More are planned in both series.

In the process of all of the above, I discovered quite an interesting world of low cost and FREE creative software. So, I started a blog dedicated to telling the world about that! It's called:


I'm brand new to Goodreads, and look forward to learning more about the site and the community!

message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert J. (rray77) | 16 comments hey ray
are you a texan? I saw kerrville on your blog. my name is robert ray--makes me a ray too--listen, man, your graphics are super! amazing stuff, and you make it sound so easy. to a guy who can't draw a straight line with a ruler...i've got five detective novels coming out of mothballs with a new publisher and i was wondering about chunking one into graphic novel format--have you done any of that?
all best,
rj ray

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W.R.A. Lewis (wraylewis) | 3 comments Lived in Dallas from 1979 thru 1986, and am a bit of a singer/songwriter myself in my spare time. Been to Kerrville maybe 11 times over the past 30 years.

Haven't done the graphic novel thing. I have seen examples of artists using Poser or Daz to create images (especially backgrounds) that they then ink over using something like GIMP to create graphic novels.

That way the item/room/character is always the same, even from various angles.

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