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message 1: by Sasscer (new)

Sasscer Hill (hillerroo) | 21 comments Dear Francis Reading Group members, wanted you to know that my new mystery/thriller novel, “Racing From Death” just came out. If you’d like, read first few chapters for free. If you like them, order the book! http://tinyurl.com/8ayh6su
Thanks so much, Sasscer Hill, Agatha and Macavity nominated author of “Full Mortality.”

message 2: by Roland (new)

Roland Stallings (rolands59) | 10 comments It took awhile but I finally got a hold of this book. Didn't have any luck waiting for an Abebooks seller that accepted money orders, finally got a friend who uses Amazon to order your books for me. Only "Racing From Death" arrived, not sure what happened to "Full Mortality" and the fella who ordered the books for me is off to GA for Army Ranger training, so it maybe awhile before I get your other book. I'm up to the part where Nikki is going to the party with the big shots, really like the book so far, hope the rest is as enjoyable:-)!

message 3: by Sue (new)

Sue (suerreal) | 13 comments I've enjoyed both Full Mortality & Racing From Death, Sasscer. I'm looking forward to another installment!

message 4: by Sasscer (new)

Sasscer Hill (hillerroo) | 21 comments Thank you both for reading. So glad you liked the book(s). The third in the series, THE SEA HORSE TRADE, should be out in April, 2013. Sasscer

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