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Kayley Hey guys i noticed that lots of people like peeta (including me!) so this is where you can post all the reasons we love him. if u don't like peeta, please don't post. i have no interest in haters

Annabel ♥ he's sweet nice and loyal. also a good friend (NOT a good husband)

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Ria i like him and even though people tell me I'm wrong, I'm always gonna believe that he got completely back to normal after begin brainwashed in mockingjay.

Annabel ♥ I think that he was back to normal, too-- espiecally in the epilogue. lol Had he not been back to normal, Katniss would have had a crazy husband.

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Julia <3

^thats all I have to say...

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Kayley Brin wrote: "PEETA!"

yes that would be who we are talking about

Beth I like peeta genuinely because of what he represents as a character. Peeta is the embodiment of the good in humanity and how it can always endure. That's something that i strongly believe in so thats my reason for loving peeta

aside*from*writing If you like Peeta, you might like our latest blog post for Hunger Games event running up to the film's reaping day from his point of view

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