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message 1: by Caroline (last edited Feb 25, 2012 04:17AM) (new)

Caroline (carolinedavies) Has everyone finished with Resistance now? Did we want to chose another book for a group read? I have several Cinnamon Press books awaiting their turn in the 'to be read' pile but does someone want to suggest a book?

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Feb 18, 2012 09:10AM) (new)

Deep down in my to-read pile is Christopher Meredith's Griffri. Also there is Gwyneth Lewis' Two in a Boat: A Marital Rite of Passage

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Alternatively, we could work our way through the Seren series New Stories from the Mabinogion starting, say, with Gwyneth Lewis' The Meat Tree

message 4: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (carolinedavies) I also have Two in a Boat: The True Story of a Marital Rite of Passage which is not quite in the 'to read' pile since I made a start on it a while back.

The only Christopher Meredith I have is The Meaning of Flight. Interesting that there are no poetry books in the 'unread' pile. I can recommend Meaning of Flight but perhaps not for a group read.

My Cinnamon Press to reads are
Yeah, Dai Dando
Coming Home
Ring of Stones by Marianne Jones.

I'd like to read some of the Seren Stories from the Mabinogion but that would mean buying some more books... I'm not sure that is allowed.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I do have poetry in my to-read pile, Christopher Meredith's Snaring Heaven, for example, and Dannie Abse's New Selected Poems: 1949-2009.

I agree we should try to avoid buying more books. Do you have anything by Nicholas Murray? He's published by Seren.

message 6: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (carolinedavies) The only book I have by Nicholas Murray is his tome on WW1 poets - Red Sweet Wine Of Youth which I will read before visiting the battlefields this October. Perhaps we could do that one later in the year?

In the meantime it's starting to look like Two in a Boat: The True Story of a Marital Rite of Passage is the one we both have to read so we could go for that one?

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Ok, I'm up for that, let's allocate that for the month of March and if anyone else wants to join us, they'd be most welcome.

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