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Eric Blood | 196 comments Mod
I always try to read a Laymon book this time of year as a tribute to this great writer's work (for those of you who don't know, he died on February 14th, 2001). So this year, I chose BLOOD GAMES, one of the few Laymon books I still haven't read. I've read mixed reviews of this one, so we'll see how it is. I am very very very rarely disappointed in a Laymon book, so I'm sure I will still enjoy it somewhat. Anyone else read this one yet?

message 2: by William (new)

William (wmcc) | 37 comments I own it but i haven't read it yet.I picked up a load of his books cheap from the used book shop months ago.I still haven't got around to reading any of them yet.I really should be making more of an effort to read his books.I'm thinking maybe The Stake or In The Dark to read next,both look good or maybe Blood Games (no pressure lol) if you give it a good review Bloodman.

message 3: by Eric (last edited Feb 19, 2012 05:27PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Eric Blood | 196 comments Mod
I would definitely recommend In The Dark - that was one of my favorites of his. I haven't read The Stake yet - Leisure never released that one, and I've never seen it in a used bookstore. I'll have to order from Amazon.UK sometime. The UK editions have much cooler covers anyway!

Hope you don't mind William, but I was perusing your list of books that you've read, and I didn't see The Cellar by Laymon either. That is a great one (and I believe his first) as well - highly recommended by me!

message 4: by William (new)

William (wmcc) | 37 comments Thanks for the recommendations Bloodman.If i had The Stake on my Kindle i would have sent it to you.Laymon's books are pretty easy to get here in the UK.I remember reading he was popular here in the late 80's early 90's so that's maybe why there's so many used ones around.

I do have The Richard Laymon Collection Volume 1 The Beast House Trilogy The Cellar - The Beast House - The Midnight Tour (Richard Laymon Collection #1) by Richard Laymon and I'm looking forward to it.The trilogy will take some reading though,the books like 800 pages.

Eric Blood | 196 comments Mod
Sorry for not responding sooner, William. That's mighty nice of you to offer The Stake (if you did indeed have it on Kindle). But I like to own all of Richard Laymon's books anyway, since I like his stuff so much. In fact, I will probably be placing an order with Amazon.UK soon to get the few remaining books of his that I don't yet have. And the ones released in England have much cooler covers!

Regarding Blood Games, I'm almost done with it. It's pretty entertaining, but not one of my favorites of Laymon. But still enjoyable. I'll let you know my final thoughts once I'm finished - probably tonight.

message 6: by William (new)

William (wmcc) | 37 comments I just recently read The Stake,Bloodman.I liked it a lot it wasn't quite what i was expecting but definitely one of my favourite Laymon books so far,you should order it Bloodman,I think you'll dig it.

I just started I Am Legend tonight and so far so good,I've been wanting to read this for a while now.I have already noticed it is pretty different from the movie (which i also liked).Anyone else read it?

Eric Blood | 196 comments Mod
I definitely plan to to read I Am Legend sometime soon. It's one of those books that I know I should read as a horror fan, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Let me know what you think, William!

And yes, I will be ordering the rest of my Laymon books soon!

message 8: by Tim (new) - added it

Tim Bedair | 2 comments Can you guys tell me the Larrikin books with the most blood gore and sex I have read after midnight come out tonight Finland and endless night so far

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