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Harry Potter OR Twilight
deleted member Feb 18, 2012 06:19AM
Personally I think Harry Potter is better but what does everyone else think?

I can't actually believe you are asking this question.

Voldemort > Cedric Diggory
Harry Potter > Voldemort, so Harry Potter > Cedric Diggory
Cedric Diggory = Edward Cullen
Harry Potter > Twilight

Simple logic if it's paired with the fact that TWILIGHT IS THE MOST BORING CRAP I'VE EVER READ.

Mckenzie your so right Madii
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Why is this even here?
Trying to compare Harry Potter to Twilight is like trying to compare a... Well, maybe a frog to a fly :P

What kind of question is that? I can't believe you would even put Twilight in the same category as Harry Potter!
Harry Potter is definitely soo much better!

Harry Potter hands down is sooo much better than Twilight!

Uhm...no question: Harry Potter!

HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! No doubt about it.

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Twilight is &(*&%%@#&** BORING!

Harry Potter, on the other hand, I can re-read as many times as I like and it never loses it's magic.

Harry Potter!!

Seriously? They don't even compare! Harry Potter is so much better than Twilight (and I read all four of them) its not even funny!

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Harry Potter all the way! There is an total differece!

This is a no brainer.
Harry Potter!

"Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity...Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend."
-Andrew Futral
that man is a genius

TWILIGHT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whereas Harry Potter is the best series ever, it has the best characters, the plot is way better, the writing itself is way better.
Harry Potter is fantasy that COULD be real (we just don't know it coz we're muggles) but Twilight is so obviously stupidly stupid that it couldn't be real.
Hang on, why did you bother asking this question? The answer's obvious!

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Have nothing against Twilight but it's Harry Potter all the way

Hasn't this question been asked before??

Harry Potter is definetly better than Twilight Twilight is written badly, in my opinion I think that it is too girly and pathetic, and the image that it has now set for vampires is no longer the fantasy creatures that are mean and deadly but nice and you can date them oh and they sparkle in the sun. Harry Potter though hasn't done any harm to the image of wizards.

I'm just going to say that they are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORIES and should stop being compared. What's with the competition between the two? I don't get it.

Nichole I did answer the question: since they're different stories, I didn't see the point in choosing one over the other. If you want more interesting commen ...more
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Twilight is not even worthy of competition (even though I love Twilight) Harry Potter is beyond comparison!!!

Harry Potter!
I mean, come on, it has Fred and George in it...

This is a joke, right? Is there anyone who has read both series who can make a serious comparison and conclude that twilight is better?

Are you kidding.

You're actually asking this question

Harry Potter

definitely Harry Potter! Twilight does not even compare to it....

I read Twilight in that series and it was so bad that I haven't even tried the other ones! But with Harry Potter it was just wow. I read all the books at least twice and I always finished them in 2 weeks or less (:

I grew tired of Harry Potter after reading the fifth book. I grew tired of Twilight after reading the first sentence.

Harry Potter is awesome.. i havent even read the entire 1st book... i read the first 200 pages and put it down.. for harry potter i cudnt put it down.. HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY

Twilight is terrible.
Harry Potter is outstanding.

Well I don't think you can compare the two, I love both of then very much and i would hate to choose between them, so I choose both :D

Harry Potter! Not even a question!

is that really a question?

I guess I should add my real opinion instead of commenting on everyone else's:

I absolutely love Harry Potter. Just ask my students. If they learn one thing from me this year it will have something to do with Harry Potter. :)

HARRY POTTER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it that even a question?? HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY

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Harry Potter.

Orginally, I read Twilight because the cover seemed like a very interesting cover. I still don't get why they have an apple on the cover.
Anyways, reading through it the first time, Twilight seemed okay... I only read the whole series because I kept thinking, "Oh, maybe the next book will be more enjoyable."
Turns out I was wrong. I recently went through it again, and I found it rather boring and a little too girly and Bella is a little too... weak and desperate for my liking.
However, I do understand that it is a matter of opinion, I liked Harry Potter more. Harry Potter is one of my favourites and it just never gets old.

First of all who would even think of comparing Twilight (shudder) to amazingly fantasical magical harry potter

Harry Potter foreverrrrrrr!!!!! :D you do not need to even bother comparing the two!!!!!

It's Definately Harry Potter! i cant believe you had to ask

HARRY POTTER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter. better work all around.

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Twilight only got Robert Patterson after Harry Potter killed him off (:
Harry Potter is SO much better!!!

Sorry but is like comparing my 3 year old's drawings with Leonardo Davinci 's "Mona lisa" . You can like Harry Potter's books or not, but they are well written, and the characters have depth. You can re-read Harry Potter.
I read Twilight very fast, and I liked the story, I was impatient to know what will happen next, but when I tried to re-read it... dear Lord it was a total mess.

Yes, Twilight got me hooked, yes I couldn't put it down, and yes I'm ashamed of it because is a very bad book.

Without any doubt Harry Potter is two billion times better

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