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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 72 comments (((Fixin' your hair again, Hermione? Where ar-r-r-r-r-r-r-re yo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ou?))))

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((He He LOL right here))
Hermione met up with her friend Sariah. "Sooo Sariah who do you like spill it out."

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 72 comments "What is UP with all this boyfriend business? Notice how I say 'boyfriend' oh-so sarcastically!"

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"I know, Sorry I wont talk about it."

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 72 comments "Hi-yo!" Sariah said.
The other girls looked at her like she was insane.
"Er, sorry, that didn't come out right. I meant to say "Hello!" or "Hi!" or something…er…not hi-yo..." Sariah said, blushing.

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 72 comments (((((((“Arevan, hold the girl. I shall open the entrance to the tunnel.”)))))))))

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 72 comments "Aloha-yo?" Sariah said.

((((Hey, sorry about the above comment- I'm multi-tasking!!!))))

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((((( .......Ok)))))))

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 72 comments "Cute swimsuit!" Sariah said. She drew her wand, stared at the suit, and muttered a few words- a spell. In a second, she was outfitted in a swimsuit that was identical to Hermione's- with a few hundred tiny gold fish added. "Oops, didn't mean to do the fish! But you know what, whatever. Mind if I copy you Hermione? If not…you know…"

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"Its fine Hermione ran and started swimmin"

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"Thamks said Hermione and its fine. She raced for the water"

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 72 comments Sariah dove in after her.

(((The guy Arevan was talking to is called Hythem!! "The girl" is called Mira!!!! She is the main character! She is awesome! She used to be a Faerie!!!!!!!! Not that anyone wanted to know any of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 72 comments The girls laughed and had fun splashing and racing each other.

(((Hmmmm, glad you aren't mad at me in THIS RP place, Hermione! Who likes swimming with someone who temporarily hates them? Hehehehe...)))

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❀ Sariah ❀ (authoress96pulchritudinous) | 72 comments All of a sudden, Mira felt someone pull on her leg. "Hey!" she exclaimed.

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