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I loved bes!!! Anyone else

Destinee Laine ha yeah

Savannah yeah. i like him, too.

TooManyFeelsToDeal Funny and kind. Loved him

Olivia He is one of my favorite characters. I absolutely love him!

Shatha J Ya!! I hope that he isn't lost forever! I was so sad when that happened to him!!

Olivia I know! That was so upsetting!

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Jo Bess. Yes, I guess.

Cookiemonster454136 I loved Bes I thought he was so funny. I cried when he couldn't remember anything

the fire burns inside me Loved Bes cause I loved how he yelled BOO! in a speedo and I felt bad for him in the end cause he lost his memory.

Elizabeth I think Bes is hysterical and I hope he is not lost forever.

Justece He's so hilarious, I love him and his speedo!!!! I really hope that he regains his memory and it was so sad what happened to him at the end of the book:(

Andrew Hildreth His sacrifice in the end was one of the most heart-breaking moments in the series so far. I gained the most respect for him at that moment. I will be sad (and angry) if he doesn't recover.

Destinee Laine me too

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yah i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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