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The runner up and winner will get their stories posted here! :)

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Runner up:

Her Entry:

The sun sat low in the sky, casting long shadows throughout the forest. The rocky path beneath her feet was growing damp with the onset of nightfall. A sharp turn to the left, a quick duck to the right, Lynx was running, slipping between trees feeling the branches lash at her, tugging her hair, pulling her clothes. Her breath was short and laboured, as she pushed herself further, asking her body to give more.

A wolf howled, sending a chill up her spine. Lynx stopped running, leaning up against an old tree, putting a hand to her chest, she felt her heart thumping rapidly, but couldn’t stop for long. Her keen eyesight caught a flash of movement off to her left, another to her right. Straining her ears she waited for a sign; a snapped branch to the left.

Lynx took off to her right, dodging through a small gap between two giant trees. She scraped her shoulder, leaving a small piece of green cloth and blood behind. Honing her senses as she ran, she blocked out the sound of her breathing and heartbeat and concentrated on the soft padding of paws coming after her.

Glancing to her left and right, Lynx caught sight of grey fur. On both sides, wolves running with her, funnelling her into a clearing of trees. She knew if she turned she’d see more wolves. Running into the clearing Lynx stumbled on a stick and hit the ground hard. Within a few seconds, before she had a chance to react they were on her.

Pulling her sword from the scabbard on her back Lynx stood, looking at each pair of green and amber eyes that were staring back at her. The pack moved closer, forming a circle around her, she was circling around too, eyes darting from one beast to the next. Her hood had fallen away from her face; the whiteness of her skin was a startling contrast to the darkening sky as her eyes flicking from canine to canine.

Teeth bared and growling, the wolves walked calmly forward waiting for Lynx to react. She brought her sword up in a defensive position preparing for the first attack. Behind her she heard a deeper growl and turned in shock. A wolf was in flight towards her. A startled cry rose from her throat and she felt herself toppling backwards, squeezing her eyes shut tightly. Lynx was waiting for the wolf to attack, but instead, she heard another louder growl and opened her eyes.

A large black wolf was in between her and the other wolves. Seeing the black wolf lunge at the other wolf, Lynx was frightened. Backing away on her hands and knees, Lynx bumped into one of the others behind her and let out a startled yelp. Teeth sunk into Lynx’s leg, causing her to cry out again. She tried to shake the wolf off her, but it wouldn’t let go.

A canine yelp escaped into the darkening sky, the two wolves were still fighting, and most of the others were about to join in, but the one still attached to Lynx’s leg didn’t seem interested in fighting. Taking her sword again, Lynx swung at the wolf, missing it by millimetres. Swinging again, she managed to drive the tip into the soft under belly of the wolf. A high-pitched yelp escaped into the night and the wolf let go of her leg. Tears were streaming down Lynx’s cheeks; there was no way she would be able to walk now.

Turning her attention to the two wolves fighting, Lynx saw her chance to escape. Pulling herself to her knees, Lynx tried to crawl away but her legs wouldn’t work properly. She had managed to move just a few feet when a wolf jumped over her and disappeared into the darkening forest, the other wolves soon followed and thinking she was alone, she slumped to the ground and that’s when she heard a howling from behind her.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and she felt certain that the wolf would attack her, but it didn’t. Instead, she felt a wet tongue on her leg where she had been bitten. She opened her eyes and glanced down to her leg to see the huge black wolf lying close by her leg, tenderly licking at her wound.

Lynx scrambled to get away from the wolf, pulling herself as best she could with her arms. The wolf looked at her with deep green eyes and almost smiled. Lynx blinked, and rubbed her eyes, when she looked back to the wolf, it was gone.

Knowing the other wolves would soon come back, Lynx tried to stand but it was no good, her leg was completely useless. It would need to be set in a splint, and she would have to stay off it for weeks for it to heal well enough for her to ever be able to walk again. She sighed and pulled her sword out, if she was going to die tonight, she’d go down fighting.

He came out of the bushes a few moments later pulling on a shirt. He had cuts and teeth marks on him, but he was still walking. Lynx waved to him.
“Excuse me…” she started, but he cut her off.
“Shoosh,” he muttered and came to pick her off the floor, “you must be quiet,” he spoke quietly but urgently “they will be back shortly.”

They sped through the forest, dodging and ducking with exceptional speed and accuracy, with far more ease then Lynx thought humanly possible. Lynx clung tightly to his neck, her legs and body being supported by his strong arms as she turned her face into his chest.

“They’re coming…” she breathed into his shirt when her sharp hearing picked up the soft pads of the pack chasing them down.
“I know,” he grunted as he jumped over a fallen log. That took Lynx by surprise, no human could have heard them coming. “We’re nearly there,” he said picking up his pace even more.

They turned sharply to the left and then they were falling, Lynx couldn’t help but let out a startled cry, but they landed safely with a thud, and he took off again. He ran straight towards the small hut that was in front of him barging his way through the door and kicked it shut behind him. He placed Lynx gently on the bed, then with a nod, turned and went straight back out the door.

Lynx cried out after him, for surely the wolves would kill him, but she couldn’t do anything. She waited and listened as the pack found the cabin and yipped and growled between each other. Soon the wolves lost interest in the hut and left with a long howl into the night.

Lynx shivered hearing the howls and wiping her eyes, she lay down to rest, closing her eyes, relaxing her muscles and trying to steady her breathing.

* * *

The bright morning sun shone in through a crack in the window shutter, the light breeze outside shook the trees and the stream of light slashed across Lynx’s closed right eye. She snorted in surprise, followed quickly by a groan of agony as her hazy mind caught up with how sore her body was.

Bumps and bruises screamed in protest as she slowly rose to a sitting position in the bed. Loudest of all was the searing pain radiating from her mauled left leg. Lynx gingerly poked the puffy area around the wound in her leg and let out a loud hiss. A small river of blood dribbled from the gash beneath her leggings, as her fingers tenderly explored the extent of the damage. A slight shift in weight on the dusty floorboards in the cabin caused her to tense.

She turned around to see him gazing intently at her, as he leant up against the bench in the small kitchen across the room. His shirt was torn and bloody in places and his long stringy brown hair hung partially over his face, hiding some of the damage done by the wolves.

“You! You’re…” Lynx began, before stopping.

Lynx noticed that his deep, soulful green eyes were also flecked with warm gold, she blushed slightly as she realised he was studying her with those same beautiful eyes; they were both innocent and sinister at the same time. His eyes called to her at the most primal level. She felt like a deer caught unawares by a hunter. She fought the urge to run to him, while her brain advised her to take caution. A scowl of confusion spread across Lynx’s elven face as a small smile blossomed upon his lips.

“What?” Lynx demanded with all the force she could muster while sitting prone on the bed and her hands on her hips. Her fingers tingled with the urge to draw her sword.

The soulful green eyes turned hard and the liquid feeling in Lynx’s stomach settled. Her hand flickered toward her sword again, but stopped as a low growl emitted from the owner of those eyes across the room. Lynx weighed up her options if she had to engage in a fight with this growling, green-eyed man, her eyes flicking around the room as she took in where potential weapons were.

A deeper, more menacing growl escaped his throat as he watched her size him up, preparing to fight.

“I won’t hurt you,” He sighed softly, knowing Lynx’s elf hearing would pick it up. Lynx cocked an eyebrow at him in response.

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Winner: Alice
Her entry:
As Alex walked home she couldn’t help but check her phone for the millionth time. It read 'No new messages'. She sighed and continued forward, stopping to look at the accident infront of her. Two cars had collided into each other on the sidewalk and looked like a giant set of hands had crushed them and entwined them together until it was impossible to distinguish one car from the other. Traffic controllers directed the traffic and pedestrians as they gazed at the accident. The traffic controller’s futile attempts to shoo away the increasing crowd made people more curious as they shuffled anxiously around the scene. Sirens wailed in the distance and some people sobbed as they looked on. As Alex further observed, she saw someone in the car. She gasped as their head lolled to the side and banged against the window. She noticed that dark stuff was splattered on the window. Blood. Her stomach heaved and she felt light headed. She turned and walked away. She couldn’t take the sight of the people trapped in the car, possibly almost dead and couldn’t help but think this accident was no accident. The way the cars were entwined together almost seemed as if someone had fused them together. She dismissed the thought. Sometimes her imagination got the best of her. The swarming crowds, cars and traffic controllers blocked the road. She was never going to get home with the closed road. She needed to find another way.

She saw an opening between two shops. The lane in width could only fit around three people side by side and was narrow. She paused, thinking about the potential crazies in the world and the danger looming there. Drug dealers? Potential Rapists?

The sun was no where to be seen and darkness settled in. Alex’s mom will have a seizure if she asked to pick her up since Alex’s mom worked afternoons at the local hospital. Her mom wouldn’t do it anyway since she was working and Alex didn’t want to stir up trouble for her mom. Her mom finished at nine. Alex looked up at the sky and judged that it was after eight. Alex made the less threatening decision and started going to the alley way.

The alley way was covered in blackness and eerie shadows played against the alley walls. The breeze blew through her sweater in cold pinpricks and she wrapped her arms around her, trying to stay warm. Her eyes stung and the first drops of rain started to fall down. She looked up to see not a single star in the sky. Alex could hardly see to put one foot infront of the other. She stumbled over something solid and sharp and moaned in pain. She could feel blood trickling out of her ankle. She laid sprawled on the wet pavement, the puddles soaking into her clothing like a spounge. Darn flip flops, she cussed and lifted her face from the wet ground. She stood up and started to limp. She cringed when she tried putting her weight on her injured ankle. It was definitely going to bruise by tomorrow, hopefully the ankle wasn’t broken. The wind blew and felt like the puddle water she had fell in, froze to her face and body. She half expected herself to turn into an icicle and freeze on the spot. She wiped her face with her jacket, trying to get the water of her face as the sprinkle of rain started to fall heavily on Alex. Her hair and clothes drenched, she turned on her phone and used it as a guide, trying to shelter it with as much of her clothing as possible so it wouldn’t crash on her. She shone the phone light down at her ankle. There was a lot of blood. Butterflies filled her stomach as she forced herself to look ahead. She made a promise that she’d beg her parents for a car no matter what it took. She never thought she’d end up walking at night, through an alley way with an injured ankle. The light on her phone flickered and turned off. Her battery had just died. Just great, she muttered. First she had a fight with her best friend Paige; now she was limping through a dark alley way, with now no light, freezing cold, praying that she’d get home before curfew so she wouldn’t get grounded. Best day ever. Not.
* * *

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As Alex trudged through the lane full of rushing water she couldn’t help but feel as if something or someone was watching her. She turned around and squinted into the blackness. Nothing. She turned back and continued walking until the lane opened up to a street. Shadows of trees provided shelter from most of the rain as she stood under one. Next to the tree was the light pole. As she focused her gaze, she found the street unfamiliar. As she observed she could manage to make out that the houses were all run down and in awful condition. She had never been to this side of town before. As the realization dawned that she was lost, her breathing started to accelerate as she anxiously looked around in hope of finding someone. All she could see was the outline of trees and the houses that would crumble if she just touched them.

While she was scanning the street, lightning flashed, lighting up the street and she could see every color from the pastel shades of the houses to the crumbling wood structures. What captured her attention the most was a man in a black coat. He hadn’t noticed her and was walking rather quickly and looking over his shoulder as if running away from a pursuer. That’s all she managed to see before the sky was dark once again and all that was there to guide here was his shadow which was moving at an alarmingly fast pace.
“Hey wait!” She called and sprinted after him, the sound of her flip flops on the puddles echoed through the street as she hurriedly tried to catch him. He turned around and looked surprised until his eyes focused on her. His appearance was one of a predator, tall, bulky and deadly. From his pale white skin, his red glowing tattoo stood out. A snake tattoo started from his cheekbone all the way to his collarbone where the snake’s tail curled. His dark eyes were so dark, Alex could have sworn they were pitch black. The shadow of his nose was crooked and his mouth turned up into an evil grin and Alex realised he had teeth that looked like they had been sharpened to a point. She shuddered and instantly regretted approaching this stranger.
“Yes?” He replied flashing her a demonic grin. As she looked up from his mouth, his eyes seemed to pierce right through her and she couldn’t help but look away. She took a deep breath.
“I was wondering if you knew the way to Cullington. I seem to be abit lost.”

He rubbed his unshaven chin as if he was deep in thought. “Well, you might wanna go just down this road. That’ll will lead ya to Cullington.” He pointed down the opposite side of the street when where she hadn’t come from and she turned to see if any familiarity registered in her head. Surely she wasn’t this far out of town.

Her back was to the stranger for only a few seconds when she felt a rush of chilly air stir the hair at the back of her neck and knew that it wasn’t from the cold. Adrenaline coursed through her veins sending her heart slamming in her chest and fear invaded her and spread through her body, making her squirm.
“You are so stupid, so gullible.” His voice was as cold as the wind on her neck. Before her brain could register his words, an icy wet hand closed over hers in a painful grip. His foul smelling breath was sticky against her neck. She didn’t have a chance to respond before he swung her around and a cry escaped her throat as it felt like her whole arm had been ripped clean of its socket. Pain shot up her arm. She was face to face with him now and when she had thought that his features had almost seemed demonic she was now sure that he was demonic. His eyes blazed red as he seemed to have grown taller and broader right infront of her eyes.
“If-if you want money, just take it.” She wanted to throw the purse at him and run. Run where? She thought. Anywhere but here.
The stranger smiled and then pushed her hard against the rough asphalt and knocked the air out of her. She fell on her wrist and pain seemed to explode in her arm as she held her wrist against her chest. With her good hand, she grabbed her purse and shoved it at him. “Please” she begged. “Just take it. I wont tell anyone. Just take it.”
Her attacker crouched in front of her, lips curved in a sneer as he took her purse. “I don’t want your money.” He tossed the purse aside and it fell onto the puddle filled road with a splash. She stared as she tried to remember how to breathe. She took in a lungful of air but it came in gasps. She couldn’t keep up with the idea that this was happening. If he wasn’t robbing me then what did he want? That thought played in her mind. No. No. No. This couldn’t be happening. She scooted away from him, banging into the curb. Fear overwhelmed her and she knew she needed to scream, she still hoped that she would be heard. She felt it welling up in her throat.
“Don’t you even try to scream.” He warned. “Look around, there’s no one here to help you.” His arms were outstretched as he turned to his side, looking around as if proving his point. His eyes zeroed on her. The muscles in her legs tensed up and she twisted, pulling her knees up and getting reading to run. She could make it. He wouldn’t expect it.

His arms shot out in a blur and pushed her back and she fell back onto the curb. All the air rushed out of her and her head spun and she felt like she had been run over by a bus. Glass from the sidewalk cut into her and she felt the blood that trickled down her arm.
“Please! Let me go.” She tried hoarsely, as she looked frantically around for anything or anyone that could help her.

“You really are stupid aren’t you?” He approached her and lowered his head sniffing her hair. A shudder of revulsion rolled through her. “You have their trace.” He gripped her shoulders at what seemed like a death drip and his hands were ice cold. “Tell, me Alex” he purred, “Where are they?”

“I…don’t understand.” She replied confused at what he was referring to.
He tsked and shook his head that same demonic smile, playing at his lips as he held it back. He let go of her shoulders and his teeth extended to become fangs. That’s when she screamed, the sound echoing through the street upon deaf ears. She knew she was utterly alone.
The light pole flickered and went out. Darkness fell upon Alex as she scrambled and tried to get up. Her ankle wouldn’t allow her to.

“Run Alex! Go!” A man’s voice demanded. He sounded as if he was standing right infront of her and Alex turned to see two shadows lunging at each other. She heard a growl and she didn’t need any more encouragement as she pushed off and ran as best as she could. She ignored her ankle, but every step she took caused pain that zapped through her whole leg. As realization set in, someone had come to save her. She couldn’t let him fend for himself.
She summed up whatever courage she had and sprinted back to the curb.
She heard someone falling against the asphalt near her with a loud thud and a huge splash. She shrieked and jumped as she felt someone land near her. The moon was fully hidden behind a building before and now the moon had passed and was partially showing ontop of a building. With little light it offered she turned to see someone that had indeed fallen next to her. Something was sticking out of its chest. Was that a stake? She thought as her eyes managed to see in the pitch blackness. As she reached out to grab it, a hand stopped her. She jumped but the warm touch on her hand told her it wasn’t the vampire but her rescuer.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” His voice was low, but gentle and it made her heart skip a beat. As she looked at the dead body, one moment it was there then the next it was gone and all that was left was ashes. As she focused on the voice, he sounded her age around seventeen, maybe one or two years older. She turned to find him gazing intently at her. His electric blues eyes made her feel like she could fall into them. They held dangerous secrets. He was at least half a head taller than her and in the dim light noticed he was well built and was not wearing a shirt.

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She asked the first question that popped into her mind. “Who are you?”
He looked to the side of her as if debating whether to tell her.
He couldn’t help but rake his eyes over her, his enhanced vision allowed him to see her dark hair that came down the middle of her back and her green eyes which gazed at him in curiosity. Her lips were perfect and he felt a strange urge to just kiss her right then and there. She raised her eyebrow and looked away, catching him staring at her for what looked like desire. He could see her face turning a cute shade of pink.
He sighed.
Alex knew that she wasn’t going to get a straight answer so she spoke up. “Look, I don’t know who you are or why the guy with the tattoo was after me.” she looked back to where she last saw him. She knew she needed answers and she needed them now. “But I know you know something about it, so spill.” She replied calmly for a person who had just been attacked and crossed her arms over her chest to show she was dead serious. She scanned his face as if searching to find if any answers were written there. As the rain continued to fall, she couldn’t help but seen the rain trickle down his well muscled chest. She averted her eyes from his chest and looked back at him, a blush creeping all the way to the roots of her hair.

He looked into her fierce green eyes and he knew she had to tell her even if she hadn't awakened yet, which was against the rules. He didn’t know how many more blood suckers were going to come after her. She was practically a walking target.
“The guy that attacked you was a vampire.” He started and stopped to look at her face to see how she would take it. Her eyes pleaded with him to continue.

“He killed the people in the car because of what they were. What we are. I didn't know them but hell if he had killed you I don't know what I would've done.” He ran his fingers through his hair and averted his eyes.
He looked back to her and grabbed her wrist gently.
“Tell me Alex,” she shivered when he said her name. She couldn’t help but feel attracted to him as if an invisible force pulled her to him. She couldn’t look away from his blue eyes. She felt his warm hands around her wrist and her heart accelerated from his touch. Why was this man whom she just met making her heart race?
He continued, “You’ve always had this mark since birth. This is the mark of the lamia interfectores." He paused. "Its Latin for vampire slayers.” He pushed up his sleeve, revealing the identical symbol of a star and the moon on top of each other. “The moon is known for darkness and the star balances out the darkness, shining its light and keeping evil at bay.”

“So, I’m-we’re vampire slayers?” The thought seemed almost impossible and if someone told her she was a vampire slayer she would’ve laughed and said they were crazy. She knew he was dead serious. She cringed, dead might not be the right word.
"Vampire slayers existed from the very beginning of time." He started. "When God created humans, angels discovered that there was life, life out of the heavens. Some angels fell in love with mere mortals." He continued, "God was furious and banished the angels to the depths of hell where their soul was partially corrupted by the demons that loomed there, hungry to feed on pure souls. They managed to escape from hell and settled on Earth, the realm in between Heaven and Hell, in between good and bad where the odds can shift in either sides. Their offspring then carried the genes of angel, human and demon blood alike." She could feel him looking at her. "We have angel, human and demon blood in our veins although the demon blood is not potent enough to turn us unless we drink demons blood."

She asked the next question that came into her head. "How did you find me?" This stranger had saved her life and for that she'd be thankful.
"I...heard your scream and I tried to track you down. Although I didn't do a very good job of it." He raked his eyes over her.

"I'm still here, aren't I?" She tried lamely and tried to smile but it came out more of a grimace. She heard his words echoing in her head.

"Are you hurt?" He grabbed her arm and examined it.
"No, I'm fine." She tried to shrug his hand away because his touch was making her feel light-headed and electricity raced up her arm at his touch.
She looked, trying to read his face, wondering if he could feel it to but found that he wasn’t looking at her. He was looking at her mark. To her utter confusion, it was glowing a bright gold.
“W-whats happening?” She stuttered as she felt her head spinning.
“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” He looked up at her and his voice was so sure, so patient and so kind that she almost believed him.
Her head throbbed and the pain from her injuries didn’t compare to the pain in her chest that seemed to be spreading throughout her whole body at a rapid pace and she convulsed and doubled over in pain.
“What did you do to me?!” She shrieked but came out as a whisper as her lungs constricted and her head pulsed. She tried to yank her hand out from his but he held on.
“Listen to me, Alex.” He ran his finger down her jaw and came to stop at her lips. She stopped struggling and eyed him, all the fight in her, gone by one touch. It sparked something within her, something she didn’t know exist. She shivered as his hand cupped her chin and forced her to look into his blue eyes. She was unable to look away and felt herself drawn to this mysterious stranger.
“You have awakened.” Was all he said before her legs were unable to hold her anymore and her vision went black. All she managed to hear before she lost consciousness was his voice saying to stay with him and feel warm arms cradling her against his bare chest as she finally lost consciousness.

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