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message 1: by Meghan (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
Use this topic thread to give a brief description for why you are moving a book to the "removal-candidate" shelf. Please use the "add book/author" link above to reference the book. This thread will also be used for any follow-up discussions.


message 2: by Oco (last edited Feb 18, 2012 05:37PM) (new)

Oco (ocotillo) | 107 comments Hi Meghan, I went ahead and listed all that are there at the moment (eleven) along with my thoughts. To me, the first three are definite tosses: two are spam, one doesn't go anywhere, and given the low number of reviews (1), I wonder if it was ever published or if it was a vanity addition?

Of the rest (and this is opinion), all but two (the last two) seem to me to be pretty clearly not SF.

Stranger in Possum Meadows and The Latter History and Subsequent Burning of Little Red Riding Hood. These are neither SF nor gay. As far as I can tell, they are publisher spam.

Not sure if this link will work, since I had to manually construct it, but C is unidentifiable. One rating (the same person who added it), no blurb, no reviews.

Khalid's Challenge appears to be either a shifter or a furries story (half cat half animal). May be up for discussion, but I see this as pure fantasy. In fact, most of Jade Buchanan's seem to be this basic story. If it were up to me, I'd delete the lot of them, since it's these kinds of non SF that are bogging down the shelves for hard SF lovers.

Koffe with Cream, one review mentions a paranormal twist at the end. I'd guess one of these hot studs is a shifter. Otherwise contemporary.

The Staircase Fantasy set on another world.Reconciled. SF.

The Vanguard Fantasy (princes and magic variety).

Angels of the Deep Reviews say it's fantasy (angels demons variety).

Lockdown, superhero yaoi. Some will put superheroes in as SF (to me it's fantasy). If we have superhero scif, can we make a shelf for it?

The Star Man Fantasy? Angels. A review does make reference to 'aliens', so I'd probably have to read to give an opinion.

Marry Me Or Die Not sure why this got on the TBR shelf. Seems to me to qualify.

message 3: by Meghan (last edited Feb 18, 2012 04:29PM) (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
Hi Oco, thank you for doing that!!

There is one I would like to move back onto the bookshelf:

The Staircase is about two societies connected by a moving staircase, I think mechanical, definitely not magical. One society lives on a mountain and the other one below on the flat lands. A war starts and the society on the mountain bombs the other with chemical weapons. Unless I'm mistaken in the details, doesn't that fall under sci-fi as a post-apocalptic story?

message 4: by Oco (new)

Oco (ocotillo) | 107 comments Yep to the scifi. :) That's why it's so difficult to tell from descriptions and reviews. I never saw that anywhere (though when I was making that list, I didn't look very hard!). :)

Doesn't sound apocalyptic so much (is it a "the world ended and this is what was left of the war/disease/famine"?) Do you think it more of a war story, or more of a social scifi story (about the people?)

Is it allegorical?

You know, you mentioned on another thread the possibility of creating an allegorical/diversity shelf. I think Charming was probably wise to shelve the diversity discussion, but allegorical 'SF'... that might be a shelf to consider if there are a few examples... I can think of one, but only one, off the top of my head.

message 5: by Oco (new)

Oco (ocotillo) | 107 comments So I just moved it off the delete shelf. I figure if we know for sure it is fine, move it. The others, maybe wait until some period of time? So I edited the list to show that. Does that look okay how I did that?

FYI, I changed it to the shelves of romance, and space opera, because from your description it didn't sound like either dystopia or post-apocalyptic. Space opera doesn't quite fit either. But you know what, I just tried to think of something based on what you said. You should change it to what makes sense since you're the one who's read it. :)

message 6: by Meghan (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
I don't really remember details. There was a certain amount of genocide, fatal illness and infertility, but the story takes place after the war. The people on the plains are dying out.

I'll have to re-read it (if I can find the file) to pin down details.

Anywho, thank you for recording that!

message 7: by Nightcolors (new)

Nightcolors | 2 comments Hi.
I went through to-be-determined shelf, and I moved one book to removal-candidate shelf---Vertigo Vertigo Chronicles Book I . It's been a while since I read Vertigo but from what I remember it was more of a dark fantasy/urban fantasy than science fiction. I left Shattered (the sequel) in to-be-determined shelf, since I wasn't too sure about Vertigo. :)

message 8: by Nightcolors (new)

Nightcolors | 2 comments I read Angels of the Deep. There were angels and nephilims, but don't remember any sci-fi elements. Great story with dark themes, though.

message 9: by Meghan (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
Thanks Nightcolors! Every little bit helps!

message 10: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Is everyone OK with removing the books that are still on the candidate-removal shelf? They can always be added back later.

message 11: by Meghan (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
It seems like the number of books on the shelf is higher than before, but the books look the same. ?
Anyway,I'm ok with removing them.

message 12: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Meghan (mm_reads) wrote: "It seems like the number of books on the shelf is higher than before, but the books look the same. ?
Anyway,I'm ok with removing them."

Yeah, the number on the side doesn't always match the number on the shelf - I think particularly when books have been removed from the shelf, like this one and to-be-determined.

message 13: by Oco (new)

Oco (ocotillo) | 107 comments I noticed that, too. Don't know what kind of consensus you are looking for, but I'm cool with removal.

message 14: by Carole-Ann (new)

Carole-Ann (blueopal) | 26 comments Just had a quick glance at this bookshelf, and.....

IMO I don't consider any of the Sean Michael's Velvet Glove series to be SciFi at all. They just happen to be 'set' in a future world not much different to any contemporary book. There are no aliens, nor any high-tech weapons/gadgets (apart from the security surrounding the building everything takes place in), and nothing to really give it a definitive SciFi label. I'll admit to one or two minor episodes in one or two books which could/maybe constitute a sf element, but that's all.

I don't mean to offend anyone who has a different opinion, but I'd like to know the reasoning behind it :)

[OK, going away to read everything again :) just so I can convince myself properly o_o ]

message 15: by Oco (last edited Mar 03, 2012 03:30PM) (new)

Oco (ocotillo) | 107 comments Greatly appreciated, Carole-Ann. In large part, I think that's what we are looking to pull back out, is those 'incidental' additions so that SF lovers don't feel the shelves are misleading.

There is no perfect agreement among all of us, so there'll probably be some discussion, but so far, all discussion has been civil and intelligent, so that's nice (Yay!). My own stance is in line with yours... I think I'm one of the sticklers... :D

So, mod-god(esses)? Once the current 'toberemoved' shelf is cleared, should we move these over? How is that going to work?

message 16: by Oco (new)

Oco (ocotillo) | 107 comments Charming wrote: "Is everyone OK with removing the books that are still on the candidate-removal shelf? They can always be added back later."

Criminy. Just realized I'm out of touch and confusing two shelves. You're talking about the larger one, right? I'm still good with deletion, but if my previous comment sounds confused... it is. Ignore, plskthnx.

message 17: by Carole-Ann (new)

Carole-Ann (blueopal) | 26 comments Don't worry - it's possibly me who's on the wrong thread :)

message 18: by Oco (last edited Mar 03, 2012 03:42PM) (new)

Oco (ocotillo) | 107 comments deleted a comment to keep from having too much to sift through. I keep going back and forth and y'all shouldn't have to follow my confusion.

Okay, I squared away my head on which shelves are which. I was right the first time, e.g., M15 is good, M16 is the confused one. But I'll reiterate here.

The Sean Michaels books are on the 'to-be-determined'. I guess a discussion would be, should those go to the removal-candidate shelf?

And should we purge the removal-candidate shelf before new ones go on it?

Sorry, I'm going back and forth on you Meghan and Charming, but I think this is me with my head back on straight (ish). Whew!

message 19: by Meghan (last edited Mar 03, 2012 07:45PM) (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
Oco wrote: "...And should we purge the removal-candidate shelf before new ones go on it?..."

I think we should purge the shelf before we start again with another set. Also, there haven't been any "stop-requests" in a while, or since Charming's final call to purge. We did say we'd give books two weeks, or was it a month, for discussion? But after that it's gone.

message 20: by Oco (new)

Oco (ocotillo) | 107 comments all sounds cool to me. I mean-- not that you need my approval or anything-- just sayin' y'all rule. :)

message 21: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Yeah, let's clear off the removal shelf, and move the Velvet Glove books from to-be-determined to candidate-for-removal.

It's not a death sentence - if we are wrong, books can always be added back later.

message 22: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Any objections to removing the Velvet Hammer books? My understanding is that they take place in the future, but there isn't any substantial discussion or depiction of the future or technology.

message 23: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Also I suggest moving these to the removal candidate bookshelf, as they appear to be fantasy:

Mate Test (Dragonmen, #2) by Amber Kell
Mate Dance (Dragonmen, #3) by Amber Kell
Mate Night by Kate Hill
Sheer's Choice (Pridelands, #3) by Jade Buchanan

message 24: by Meghan (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
Agreed on moving the following to the removal shelf:

I don't know any detail about the 3rd one in the list,, but it seems like more of a fantasy story.

message 25: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
OK; these four are on the removal shelf. If anyone has read them and they really are scifi, please speak up.

The Velvet Hammer books have been removed.

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