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message 1: by Nina (new)

Nina Phunsta | 13 comments I'll admit it - I'm a fan of the way the author has reinterpreted classic noir writers like Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, without being derivative, in a Dystopian setting. Shades of Blade Runner & Philip K. Dick as well. A little underrated - has anyway else here read it?

message 2: by Michael, Anti-Hero (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 279 comments Mod
I've not heard of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, but it sounds interesting

message 3: by Nina (new)

Nina Phunsta | 13 comments So you read it Andrez? :-p

message 4: by Nina (new)

Nina Phunsta | 13 comments I should hope so!!!!!

message 5: by Mohammed (last edited Feb 27, 2012 07:19AM) (new)

Mohammed  Burhan Abdi Osman (mohammedaosman) So it is hardboiled in SF seting ?

I read Goodread synopsis and it was so wacky sounding that i didnt get much from it.

message 6: by Nina (new)

Nina Phunsta | 13 comments Yes, with the focus on the hardboiled/noir. To me, the fact it was set in the near future was incidental, and hardly SF. Very Chandleresque.

message 7: by Mohammed (new)

Mohammed  Burhan Abdi Osman (mohammedaosman) Sounds very interesting for me whose two fav genres are hardboiled crime and SF. The few noirish books i have read in SF setting has been awesome.

message 8: by Toby (last edited Mar 11, 2012 08:05AM) (new)

Toby (tfitoby) | 510 comments ok you've got me intrigued. it's available as an actual book too? not just one of these word documents that are so popular these days? and from my local independant bookstore too?

message 9: by Nina (new)

Nina Phunsta | 13 comments Also Kindle, that is what I got.

message 10: by Josh (new)

Josh This has been on my 'wishlist' for a while now. Will have to check it out.

message 11: by Ctgt (new)

Ctgt | 110 comments I picked this up several months ago for Kindle but have not read it yet.

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