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Perpetuating Untruths

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Craig I was very surprised to see a book called "The Wrecking Crew" by Kent Hartman. From what I have been told, the musicians were never called this during the 1960's. The term "The Wrecking Crew" was apparently coined by Hal Blaine, perhaps in the 1980's. Carol Kaye, whose photograph is on the cover of this book, would have never endorsed a book with this title. I doubt that she would have permitted the use of her photo on the cover of this book.

Bill Regardless of the dates, this loose collection of talented and largely unsung studio musicians are known in pop culture as The Wrecking Crew. Whether they were part of Spector's Wall of Sound (another term coined after the fact) or Brian Wilson's studio musicians, The Wrecking Crew is how they are remembered. Just like the Motown musicians are known as The Funk Brothers (whether they liked it or not).

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