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Victory at Yorktown > Ch 11 - I Now Take Leave of You

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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve Boothe (Smoothe_1) | 49 comments Mod
Please post discussion for Ch 11 here.

message 2: by Harold (new)

Harold Titus (haroldtitus) | 25 comments Excellent chapter, Richard Ketchum at his best both in his selection of historical information and the quality of his narration. I learned something important I had not know, and several things that I knew were effectively reinforced. The movement to threaten a military coup was news to me. Timothy Pickering being one of the leaders did not surprise me, my having written about him in 1775. (But for his stubbornness and arrogance, the British army sent to Concord would have been surrounded and captured during its retreat to Charlestown) Ketchum's criticism of the British high command and George III was spot-on. Washington's special qualities shine through especially in this chapter. His farewell to his officers in New York was especially well written.

I was critical of Ketchum early in my remarks, but my appreciation of him grew as I advanced through this book. I know more now about this period of the war. I'm glad I read his book.

message 3: by Steve (new)

Steve Boothe (Smoothe_1) | 49 comments Mod
I agree that Ketchum finished strong. He seemed to overload the reader at first and some sections were hard to follow. As the book progressed, though, he tied people and events together in his usual way.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and liked the addition of a section (after the last chapter) of the personalities involved with a brief description of an interesting fact or their life after the revolution.

message 4: by Harold (new)

Harold Titus (haroldtitus) | 25 comments Thank you, Steve, for making possible this discussion.

message 5: by Lee (new)

Lee | 1 comments I just found this group. I am sorry I missed the discussion. Richard Ketchum is one of my favorite authors. Has the group read any other of his books? I read Victory at Yorktown a few years ago. I thought it was good but not as good as Saratoga or Decisive Day.

message 6: by Debi (new)

Debi (celticsky) | 4 comments New in the group. Last year I began working on my family tree and discovered that a majority of my family lived in New York, and served in the Revolutionary War. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on, but there's so much out there.

Is the group going to be reading any more books?



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