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I would Like to say that before you begin the process of making your character, that you would please check the balance in species and Male:Female ratios. And I will start putting up notifications if the balance gets a small bit out of hand. Thank you.

Name:(( What is your Character Called? ))

Age:(( How old is your Character? ))

Species:(( What exactly is your Character? ))

Powers:(( Does your Character have any abilities? ))(( Telekinesis, Psychic, Magic(Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wood, Air, Light, Darkness), Shifting, Or any other strange power you can come up with. )) (( ABSOLUTELY NO GOD POWERS OR AUTOMATIC DEATH POWERS Thank you. ))

Weapons:(( Does your character have any sharp tools or dangerous toys that they like to use and or work with for protection? ))

Looks:(( A Picture or detailed description of Your Character )) (( Anime Pictures are Okay ))

Personality:((What is your Character Like?)) ((Is S/he Mean? Nice? STubborn? Hard Headed? Shy? Lonly? Kind? Gentle? Friendly? or different?) ))(( Please be descriptive ^^ ))

Back Ground Story:(( What Kind of History did your character have before the time you acctually started roleplaying Him/Her ))

Talents:(( Does your character have anything that differs them from the rest of the group? ))

Family:(( Who are they Related to? ))

Friends:(( Who can they trust the most? ))

Pet(s): (If any)(( Who are their Fuzzy companions? ))

Job/Occupation:(( Where do they work? and Why? (Optional) ))

Other Information:(( Anything else you want everyone to know about your character before you begin to roleplay them? ))

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Name: Adalia Whitson

Age: 58

Species: Vampire

Powers: Telekinesis

Weapons: Fangs, has a special fascination with swords

Looks: Looks to be in her late teens or early 20's; 4'8"; shoulder length dark brown hair; dark red eyes; fair skin; slight of build.

Personality: She tends to be sarcastic, and is quick to judge. She is very suspicious of those that she first meets. Once she gets to know someone, she can be kind and highly protective.

Back Ground Story: Adalia lived a quiet life as a child. She had tutors, and no friends. She lived in the deep woods, in an isolated mansion. One day her family was attacked. Her parents were killed, and she was changed.

Talents: None.

Family: Her family is dead.

Friends: As of yet, Adalia doesn't have any friends.

Pet(s): None.

Other Information: As of yet, I can't think of anything.

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Sup DOooooG?! Is Megan :3

And Looks good~

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Name: Syria Darkflower

Age: 299

Species: Vampire

Powers: She can control the element of Ice and water.

Weapons: She has a bow and arrow that she can use very skillfully. And when she concentrates on her hands, she can create swords of thick Ice that won't melt or break,((Unless they get hit correctly and/or by a super powerful attack.))


Personality: Syria is very suspicious of others by nature, but when you get to know her she is very sweet and kind. She is smart as hell and can deduct anything very quickly. She loves to solve problems and help others if she knows that they won't harm her too much.

Back Ground Story: She was born in an old rundown town and her parents were definitely not of any wealth what so ever, but they made due and she had a very happy childhood. Well at least up until her parents were killed by another of their kind, just out of pure malice, or so she thinks. She has been hiding from the monster who killed her parents ever since. When she was younger, probably about 8 or 9, the year and day her parents were killed, she was kidnapped and raped horribly by said character, Yoru.

Talents: She is talented in martial arts and is a good singer.

Family: Her parents were killed when she was young and she has no close relatives.


Pet(s): None

Job/Occupation: None

Other Information:

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Dusty (mrsbieber) | 60 comments Name: Akuma May Kasa **often uses May as her last name**

Age: 16
Species: Vampire

Powers: Abnormal high speed, even abnormal for vampires. Can control elements. Not very well ATM but she's working on it. Can talk to animals

Weapons: Uses anything she can get her hands on really.

Looks: [image error]

eye color:

Personality: Akuma is friendly, caring and loving. As long as your on her good side. She can be stubborn and sarcastic at times. if your on her bad side she's snarky, mean and a total bitch. oh and she's very proud. if she cant get out of a situation herself and needs help, she doesnt thank the person who helped. she goes into instant bitch mode.

Back Ground Story: She doesnt realy know. she remembers alot of blood and blurred faces butn the rest is black

Talents: Acts, sings, dances, sketches and writes.

Family: As far as she know's theyre all dead.

Friends: Open

Pet(s): Calico cat:

Husky: [image error]

Job/Occupation: Works as a waitress and gets into plays when she can

Other Information: Bisexual.

Open for any guy or girl.

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Approved ~

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 15 comments Name:Terra Riley


Species:Light Elf

Powers:Able to use wood and light magic

Weapons:Bow and Arrow


Personality:Terra is extremely shy and gentle, being raised in the forest with her mother for so long had taught her to be kind with nature. She loves the animals and her little pal Fruji, and she absolutely loves Axel as if he were her actual brother. Terra is very sweet and tender hearted, so most people take advantage of her using that. But now with Axel by her side, she doesn't get hurt as often as she used to.

Back Ground Story:Terra grew up alone with her mother in a small house in the forest. The only friends she had were the animals, the. When she turned 18, her mother had been killed and she had to run away. Terra later on met Fruji as a newborn chipmunk whom she raised on her own and became her companion. She named him Fruji since he always liked eating the dried fruit she had in her bag, and she always gave him dried grapes since they were his favorite. Now when Terra turned 20, she met Axel after finding him critically injured. They eventually became like siblings and now take care of each other.

Talents:Is great with animals and very talented in wood and light magic


Friends:Axel(Adoptive brother)


Job/Occupation:Works as a waitress at the same bar Axel works at

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Approved~Feel free to post anywhere, I'm going to set up the other cities soon, and Please do invite your friends and give me Place Ideas~

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Shiori (poets_artificial_intelligence) | 7 comments Name: Rinne "Rin" Felicity

Age: Looks about 17 or 18 doesn't want to tell age

Species: Elf

Fire manipulation- She can use fire on her arrows ans shoot them at her enemies. She can use fire without her bow and arrow but she must wear gloves because she can't control it with bare hands. She usually has gloves at all times because she is careful when using fire.
Projection- The reason her arrows keep reapearing is because she can imagine the structure of her arrows and make them reappear with reinforment.

Weapons: When trusting the bow, then you cannot miss a shot with it. Rin always keeps her bow at all times by her side. She has an extended amount of arrows that seems to reappear in her pouch every battle. Her arrows can become like sword when she is close combat with someone.

She has black close to purple like hair. Her eyes are pale purple close to grey almost. Her height is about 5' 4". She is always wears a determined look on her face.

Personality: Rin always isolates herself from others. She believes that if someone gets close to her, she can harm them. Ever since she read her letter, she felt it was best if she stayed away from others. Rin is also a determined child. She taught herself how to do many things but her best skill was how she taught herself how use a bow and arrow. Being independent, she can't hurt people. She needs to keep alone so that she can concentrate. Rin is also smart too but her way of showing it is keep her mouth shut.

Background Story: Rin was abandoned by her parents when she young. She learned how to use a bow and arrow and train herself how to use them. She would go out into the woods at night and place an apple in a trunk of a chopped tree. If she missed she would retry a lot more times. While practicing every night, she gotten better at using projection and controlling her anger. She found a note in her bag. The bag was with her since she was abandoned. Someone did take care of her but they stopped when she was five. Anyways, the letter stated that Rin's parents left her because she was a dangerous child that can control fire. Without proper care, she could harm many people. Rin threw the letter and kept herself away from people because she believes that she might hurt someone.

Talents: She barely misses her opponent when she uses her bow and arrow. Her talent is "determination can lead to success." That means when she works hard on a skill, she can accomplish it.

Family: Left her at child birth, never came back for since.

Friends: None

Pet(s): Has a pet owl named Nitris.

Job/Occupation: None

Other Information:

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Approved ^^

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Name: Winter Haze
Age: 16

Species: were, she is a were-tiger

Powers: super strong and super sences. boiling hot and very immune to any weather. She has power over water and earth, but her strong point is controlling ice and snow (idk)

Weapons: teeth, claws...

Looks: human form:

tiger form"

Personality: She is a tomboy, not afraid to speak her mind. stubborn and determined, she never takes no for an answer. She can get on your nerves and has a short temper. At times she can be a lot like her animal self

Back Ground Story: She lost her parents in a car crush when she was 5, she grew up in an orphanige in Maine

Talents: she is a great ice-skater, drawer...runner, PE...others

Family: parents dead

Friends: don't know yet

Pet(s): non

Job/Occupation: student

Other Information:lives in maine

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Name: Lacey prefers to be called Luka though

Age: 18 or 19(( She is actually about 30, but her kind, the Half breeds live much much longer than most))

Powers: She can control the element of wind and also the element of Ice.

Weapons: She uses a new prototype gun and a katana that she carries everywhere.


Personality: Strong Willed and smart, Luka is a Warrior to the Bone, She's also a Kind and compassionate person with a big heart, She is a Brave and Courageuos person and will go great lengths to protect those she cares about and will not hesitate to help a stranger.

History: Doesn't really have much of an interesting past besides living on her own for the majority of it

Talents: Skilled with swords and aim is very good as well

Family: Dead

Friend(s): Aiden?

Pets: None

Other info: She loves to sing.

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Fai D. Flourite (painles22) | 58 comments Name: Chrome Dokuro

Age: 16

Species: Human

Powers: Has the powers to create power illusions that feel so vivid and real that they can actually hurt you unless you know or are already aware that it is an illusion

Weapons: a trident (the one she holds in the pic)

Looks: [image error]

Personality: Quiet, and shy she keeps to herself and has very distant except to a few people has a small or no appetite

Back Ground Story: Chrome has a terrible past she had a severe accident due to trying to save a cat and ended up in a hospital in a coma for a long time she had lost her organ due to that accident she could have been save but her parents had want nothing to due with her and chose not to donate their organs to her and just left her to die little did they know she could still hear them while in a coma she had met a young man with a strange ability who helped her only if she gave him her body as a vessel she agreed and he saved her life by giving her fake organs with his power of illusions

Talents: she can see through illusions and deception due to being possessed now

Family: Her mother and Father but they abandoned her to die

Friends: only one and that is Rokudo Mukuro

Pet(s): a white owl i will find the pick later

Job/Occupation: High School Student

Other Information: she must use her power and concentrate to keep the fake organs or else the they will disappear until she can focus her powers again due to this she is very fragile and sick she must use her powers at all times or she will die is also possessed

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Name: Symia

Age: Unknown She looks to be about 18 or 19

Species: Claevek

Powers: Elemental and some psychic ones as well, she has some telekinetic powers and can move things with her mind and can unlock locked doors without keys.

Weapons: She carries daggers and 2 small guns on her. She has holsters for the guns and carries the knives in her knife holsters on her belt along with the guns. She is very useful in hand to hand and close combat.


Personality: Symia is charming and sweet when she wants to be, but a lot of the time she is calmer and more reserved. She likes to meet new people, but she can be a bit harsh at times if she doesn't like you much. Symia can also be very strong and stubborn. Once she has made up her mind, she has made up her mind, and most of the time it won't change unless the one who she is arguing with is more stubborn than her at the time.

Background Story: When she was little she lost her parents to a disease that went through the small town that she had been living in with them. She was sent away with all the other children to keep them safe and healthy, but only Symia and a few of the others lived to see the rest of their lives through. But Mikeal thought that he should be able to 'play' a bit with the child so he decided to 'adopt the girl' and then he played the nice guy for a few weeks, and then he violated her in ways that a child her age should never have been even looked at or seen. By the time he was done with Symia, She was covered in cuts and bruises, her face was crusted with old blood and she had been beaten within only inches of her life. He took a great amount of pleasure from that and then after that, he threw her out into the Darkness of the Sleeping hours. It was cold and in the Middle of Winter and all that Symia had on her person was a ratty old blanket.
Symia was taken in by the Dragons when she was little because she was alone, and living on the streets before she finally came to stay at her permanent home in the Hall of the Dragons.

Talents: She can master any kind of weapon in a matter of minutes and she is very skilled in hand to hand combat and great at long range shooting.

Family: The Dragons

Friends: The Dragons, ((Anyone??? :D))

Pets: None

Job/Occupation: She Works as a receptionist for the Hall of the Dragons request Counter and talks to the Dragons. She also takes the Quests herself.

Other Information: She is very Creative in finding ways to get out of sticky situations and they always work.

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Jay | 36 comments Name: Jinx

Age: Looks like 15-16, but is really 713

Species: A full angel, but cursed to wander earth for losing something that an angel in her position could not forget. Still has wings, but can't go home.

Powers: Jinx can turn any element, ( Some like fire, water, ice, light, shadows, wood for example), into a weapon of her choosing, though it partially keeps its original element's features

Weapons: her power creates her weapons

Looks: she has silver eyes with gold and copper flecks in it, 5'3" hair like snow, and porcelain white skin.
[image error]

Personality: Jinx is kinda quiet and methotical at first, but can slowly warm up to people and you'd know her as a sarcastic, very unlucky girl. She talks about past days a lot, but none of which really involve why she's here and not in heaven

Back Ground Story: Jinx has wandered Eurasia for 500 years, training heros to be great. Little is known, but Jinx remembers all of it to a point, she tends to forget certain facts, but they all come together at the end of a conversation.

Talents: She was trained to be an archangel back in her home, so she was trained to destroy whole armies of angels, humans are little to her, but she has become a pacifist, only defensive in her fighting

Family: No one by blood, but she has many old friends, including the pixies and dragons, and many, many others that are harder to believe

Friends: Her old friends owe her a favor or too, but she trusts those who desirve it and have earned it.

Pet(s): None

Job/Occupation: She makes her money many ways, taking odd jobs, finding part time work for a little whole at inn and such, but there are other ways like selling her skills to the highest bidder for disbanding entire armies without killing a single person.

Other Information: Feeling a human's basic feelings is kinda an angelic thing, and the stronger the human emotion, the louder she can hear. Likes to wear blue and black clothing.

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Name: Julian Hermes

Age: 29 (But has been alive for 36)

Species: Vampire

Powers: She can manipulate her bones and can make them grow immediately in any way she pleases. She doesn't like using the skill, since it is very painful, and will often only use it if the situation is life or death.

Weapons: She uses a black and red sword. It is an ancient blade named backbiter, and is said to stab those in the back who don't have a strong enough will to wield it.

Looks: She's a bit over average height with long blonde hair that she ties back into a ponytail. She has red-ish brown eyes and pale skin.

Personality:She's very stubborn and hot headed. She's cocky and will never back down from a challenge. She values her friends over everything else, but tends to hold grudges for insane periods of time. Contrary to how she acts, she actually holds those who defeat her in battle in high respects.

Back Ground Story: Born on a farm in the far south, she followed Dirge everywhere when they were kids. After Dirge turned 10, however, he disappeared. Thinking her friend had supposedly ditched her, she moved on with her life. Growing into a hotheaded bounty hunter, she searched for the rush of battle. One particular hunt had gone terribly wrong and she got turned into a vampire. Frustrated with her failure she headed back south to her home where she meet Jounge. The two became very close and began as partner bounty hunters.

Talents: She's an amazing swordsman and takes her training very seriously.

Friends: Jounge

Job/Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Other Information: She and Jounge have been chasing Dirge down for his bounty, they had run into him once before, as Dirge was making his escape toward the north. After losing him there, they couldn't find him again for another few years.

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Name: Cecily Autumns

Age: 29 (looks 18-19)

Gender: Female

Species: Half-Breed

Powers: Fire manipulation, She can creat fire, as long as there's Air, Anywhere she wants. She can also use her powers to propel herself high into the sky and use it to Glide through the skies. The powers of control over fire she has tromps any Fire user in the area that she is in most of the time.

Weapons: She uses her claws and powers as weapons but she has a Katana that she carries around for extra protection, The Katana is one with a Scarlet red Handle and a Gleaming silver blade. When she uses the blade, she imbeds her powers into the sword and sets it on fire, to power it up more.

Looks: [image error]

The One below is the one I have Drawn.

Personality: Ember has a firey personality but she is mature and calm. She has a hard head and is a brave and persisstant person. She loves to go on adventures and take on monsters to train. She loves to meet new people and is a great leader figure. Ember has a great memory and is very smart, and cunning.

History: Cecily was born to a where and a human, but shortly after her birth, her human mother died from the blood loss because the Elvin doctors could not safe her fast enough. When she turned 17, her father had gone out on a mission and never came back. He was reported missing and not deceased, no one knows why except for Cecily's father and the person who was with him at the time. A woman named Dalliah, and also she was her step-mother, though she was found in a coma not far from where her father had disappeared. She has been, since then, trying to find her father and help wake up Dalliah. But a few months before her 23rd birthday, the hospital where Dalliah was staying at was attacked and Dalliah, as well as all of the other patients there, was killed by the invading Shadow Crawlers.
By the Time that Cecily heard the news that the Hospital was under attack, it was too late. She was not able to do anything about the massive Army of Shadow Crawlers and other monsters that were swarming the Hospital. But she did notice, that they came in search of something, and obviously didn't find it. Not she wonders if the Crawlers were Being commanded by someone, and they were looking for something important.

((Which ends up being the Crystal that her Father gave her after he came back from his first Mission for the Fire Dragon, Blaze.))

Friends: Open

Relationship Status: Single

Job/Occupation: She works as a freelance adventurer and a Missionary, taking on What ever missions that she can get from the Dragons. She also goes on Quests and does a bit of Bounty Hunting in her free time. If she has a target who had a reasonable explanation for committing the Crime that they did before the Bounty was placed, she will secretively help that person get away.

Other Information: The Crystal that she wears around her neck also powers up her Fire powers, but it helps her heal more than power up, If she is touched by Fire the Crystal absorbs the flames and heals her wounds. The Crystal is made of a fire Crystal, a powerful Gem that can only be found in the Active Volcano called Blaze Mountain. The Crystal itself in the mountain only shows up every 200 years and is very hard to find even for a fire user.

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Name: Kendal Moran
Age: unknown (looks about 8 or 9)

Species: Half-Breed (Pixie and Vampire)

Powers: Kendal is, like all pixies, crazily fast(Although not as fast as a pure blooded pixie). Kendal is extremely skilled in acrobatics and jumping onto a two story building is nothing for her.

Weapons: She wields a great sword that is just as tall as she is. The sword has a very wide blade and is light blue in color, although the handle is black. The sword's name is Atropos.

Looks: She looks to be about 8 or 9 years old but a bit short for her age. She has light blue tainted skin and large silver eyes with flecks of light red in them. Her teeth are normal in size, but they are all pointed and sharp. Unlike normal pixies, Kendal has no wings (relies on her acrobatics instead of flying). She has very short, choppy, dark blue hair that is always a mess. The blue is so deep and dark it looks very close to black. Kendal usually wears loose T-shirts and cargo shorts. She also keeps her finger nails painted black. She normally carries an old, brown, over-the-shoulder book back with all her belongings in it.

Personality: Kendal is very tom boyish and dislikes almost anything considered 'girly.' At least that's what she lets you believe. She has a very foul mouth and doesn't see any reason to hold back. She's very impulsive and complains a lot. She's very kind and sweet, but can definitely be a brat.

Back Ground Story: She wasn't born. She was an experiment and simply a genetic plaything for a group of scientists. They took the DNA from both vampire and pixie and threw them together to see what would happen. Figuring they had made some useless monster they had decided to kill her, but failed. Kendal, after teaching herself to read, finally figured out how to get out of her cage. She escaped during the night through the air vents, which due to her size was easy enough. She's been living on her own ever since. After a few years she found that life would be a lot simpler if she were male, so she started to dress in more masculine clothing and passed herself off as a boy.

Talents: She's an amazing athlete, being super fast and great at acrobatics. She's also pretty decent with her sword, after learning from a traveling merchant who was staying in the woods for a few nights on his route every year.

Family: None, genetic experiment

Friends: open

Pet(s): Bear- Bear is a large jet black dog. He's obviously a mutt having traits from numerous breeds but has long fur and pointed ears. He's about the size of a full grown great dane and serves as a companion and mount for small Kendal.

Other Information: Kendal loves, loves, loves pens. Sharpies the most, and will often give valuable information, tips, or goods in exchange for them.

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod
Name:Julia woods

Age: 12


Powers:can see auras, whenever she touches someone she knows exatly what their power is (even though she knows that by lloking at their aura) and she can 'borrow' their power (like Rogue) and sometimes she can use it long after she touched that person, ok, her powers are almost exactly like rogue's. she also has the power of empathy and creation (she can creat stuff out of thin air) she also has the power of life/light. she also has power over earth, she can feel the earth's vibrations and she can sence things around her and she has super-sences (since she is blind)

Weapons: ... no, she is very Naiive...she uses her power....*shrug* oh fine, she has a sword thats 3 metres

Looks: Photobucket

Personality: She is strange, very optimistim, hyper most of the time. She is all over the place, she loves music, she loves blocking the entire world with the music. She ussally day-dreams about other worlds. very Naiive.

Back Ground Story: Her mum was very undeciceive about her lovers, she has married 10 times with over 20 kids, julia being the only one she ever kept with her since julia's dad died... well.. he actually turned into a vampire. She travels a lot with her mum whos health is slowly leaving her. At the moment she has a step dad called Joe and he is very abusive and he hates kids.

Talents: she is very musical, she can play guitar, base, piano, sing....lots of others too.

Family:(her mum, Susan Woods and lots of step broters and sisters

Friends: never stays in a place long enough to have real frieds

Pet(s): her past step-dads had pets, but joe hates pets.

Job/Occupation: n/a

Other Information:she is blind

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ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod
Scarecrow wrote: "((Cool.))"


Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
It is on the post that I put under her's

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Yeah sure, but all of my characters are currently taken. I culd add a temp character if you want to go on a quest... nbut other than that, im taken by all the others,.

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod
i need someone to go on a quest with alex

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Katarin is approved.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
I could make a temp character or something.

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Julia accepted?

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Coolkidrox123 {The coolest of them all!} wrote: "Julia accepted?"

Yeah :)

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod
yay thnaks

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Alright, She's approved :)

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Nati^^the insane, laughing  panda^^ | 7 comments Name: Annaee (an-na-ee)

Age:14( in real life, see powers for explanation)

Powers: Can change anything about her at will(age,appearance, height, personality, location, friends, clothes...) (thats not a god power, is it? :0 )

Species: Human

Appearance: In real life( how she was born) is black long hair, small lips, pale face, red eyes ( her parents were converted in to vampires as a rare occation when she was little and her eyes turned red like their's although she is not a vampire), small, thin eyebrows, short-ish body, thin body, attractive in a creepy sort of way.

Personality: She is only known as nice and fun to her cat and her friend that she knew in the circus called autumn because her cat, Rosalie( Rose-a-lee)and autumn are the only beings she trusts. Nobody knows about her power ( except her grandma but she died after a heart attack),and so she is very secretive, she never stays in one place for more than three months (seeing as she might blow her cover and she likes changing who she is every once in a while). She is known to any normal person or any other creature as a shy, boring, and friendless girl.

Backround Story: When she was 5, first discovering her power, her parents died in a car crash and since then she had to take care of herself . She turned 23 and went to get a job in a circus, hoping to be one of those girls who change clothes super fastly, and got the job, meeting a new friend called autumn and liking her rihgt away. She never got an education, and after a while started studying with her grandma, hoping to get a better job. After 4 months ger grandma died in a heart attack and that was when Rosalie showed up. She seemed to stick to annaee and so annaee, desperatly looking for another friend to share her greif to, took rosalie in. Annaee so far has not gotten out of the circus and is planning an escape, trying to find more people like her, with magic and all.

Pet/s: Rosalie, a female cat, chestnut brown, big green eyes, small pink toungue, she is friendly and always meows when she smells danger. she can talk, because she has a human soul wich was trapped in a cat form, although annaee does not know this.

Job: circus

Other: N/A (for now)

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Annaee is approved :)

message 34: by Ana (new)

Ana Nati wrote: "Name: Annaee (an-na-ee)

Age:14( in real life, see powers for explanation)

Powers: Can change anything about her at will(age,appearance, height, personality, location, friends, clothes...) (thats ..."

I think that she should look like this:

message 35: by Ana (last edited Jun 22, 2012 06:33AM) (new)

Ana Name: Autumn



Powers:Transformation (I can change int whatever I want and also change my looks. I can change everything except other paranormals.)

Appearance:Dark straight hair all the way down to hair waisr,pale white skin,tall and with dark blue eyes.

Personality:Shy with strangers,funny,smart and crazy with people I trust.

Background story:I was in a car crash when I was 5 with my parents and I was the only survivor. when the crash happened, I disappeared from everybodies memories. the person who found me, shvering across the road, put me in an orphanage but i escaped when i was 12. i joined a circus and made one good friend called annaee.
Pets:No pet

Job:trapese girl(no idea how to spell it)

Other:Annaee is my long lost twin , even though i cant remember anything about her, only the fact that i had a sister and annaee doesnt remember me.

Nati^^the insane, laughing  panda^^ | 7 comments autumn is her name( anna is here with me right now...)

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Approved :)

message 38: by Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (last edited Aug 18, 2012 03:55AM) (new)

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (appsl) | 8 comments Name: Ashley 'Ash' Renwell

Age: 15

Species: Necromancer [in training]

Powers: Psionic Blast: overloading one's mind with pain/feelings. Illusion: she can make you see/hear/feel/smell things that are not there. The usual necromancy powers.


Personality: Reckless. She keeps switching subjects and using no-sense metaphors while talking. Gets bored very easily and always goes out sniffing for trouble. On the outside she's a pretty friendly if a little loopy girl, but on the inside she's dark and depressing (depressing not depressed!). Always walls off her emotions and very fickle in her loyalty. Not someone you would want as an enemy. Has a sharp tongue.

Background story: Her dad was a necromancer so she's been in business as long as she can remember. She loved her dad very much and they were very close. But then her dad was murdered and her mum took drinking and drugs. Her mum's new boyfriends abused her and she couldn't take it anymore, so she ran away from home. She was twelve at that time. She knew other necromancers who she knew were trustworthy and friends of her dad, so she contracted them and has been living with one of them ever since under the pretense that he is her uncle. He also oversees her training.

Pets: A black Hellcat named Sekhmet (though often called furball by Ash). She has mysterious magical properties and can talk telepathically. Has a major attitude problem.

Job: a part time job in a Cafe as a maid. She also takes occasional contracts for the shadowy parts of her life (talking to the spirits and getting vital info and such)

Other: N/A

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod

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Approved :)

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod

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Faith | 1 comments Name: Cliona

Age: 22

Species: Shifter (Leafy Sea Dragon aka seahorse)

Powers: Can manipulate water (to an extent.) Usually little tricks to entertain kids, or herself when she gets bored enough. Breathes underwater with ease. ((to be updated))

Weapons: ((lol not decided yet either))

Looks: Light, LIGHT blonde hair. Usually wavy, almost resembles the appearance of the ‘leafy’ effects of a leafy sea dragon’s body. Always is seen with it down, the way she prefers. Pale skin and green-ish blue eyes. Has little freckle flecks dusted across her cheeks. And since birth, has always had little(barely) crescent shaped black marks next to each of her eyes.

Personality: Generous, but sometimes a little too sweet for her own good. When confronted in a battle or a fight of any sort, she will be the one to backtrack and try to fix it. She's a fix it girl. Until of course, the situation is too far gone.

Back Ground Story: ((N/A))

Talents: Dancing. Some things transfered to her quite easily in her human form. Even without the aid of water. Since most seahorses like to do little underwater waltzes.

Family:(( n/a ))

Friends: Most she meets underwater. And some are usually aquiantences. (Like Oceana and Thom)

Pet(s): If you count the fish around her. Like, when she's in huge bodies of water, then they are more like her little pals. But she treats them like pets, helping them find food and such. And for some that are a little less... lets just say, friendly? She will just try to avoid them.

Job/Occupation: none

Other Information: ((once again will be done later. :))

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Name: Lavender McCarter

Age: 15, April 21

Species: Were wolf

Powers: She can only transform into a wolf on nights of a full moon.

Weapons: she doesn't have any weapons, just her teeth and claws during a full moon.

-before transformation:

-during transformation:

Personality: Lavender is kind and sincere. She can be very protective, but doesn't respect herself. She can be sensitive and is anorexic. She thinks of herself badly. Very badly. Lavender always roots for the under dog as long as they are right and not wrong. She is very intelligent and gets mad at herself if she's wrong. She is flirty and a hopeless romantic.

Back Ground Story: Lavender grew up in Liverpool, England. She discovered her lycanthropy when she awoke in a cage at a dog pound at age six. One night, when Lavender was still an infant, a werewolf broke into their home. The wolf attacked her parents, killing them. Lavender was sleeping in her crib in the same room, and the werewolf was able to bite her before her neighbor heard the ruckus and came over to see what had happened. . This left poor Lavender alone, confused and depressed. Lavender stopped talking and refused to eat, never socializing with the other foster children. She went from home to home, always being brought back to the orphanage. At age fourteen, Lavender decided to leave on her own. She began to speak soon after she left the orphanage, but still doesn't eat. She doesn't remember how she got here, but she knows that she arrived during a full moon.

Talents: piano playing, painting

Family: Her parents died after being attacked by a lycanthrope.

Friends: n/a

Pet(s): she has a pet rabbit named Jabberwocky

Job/Occupation: student, no job

Other Information: single and ready to mingle

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...hello there?

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Sento Ragalia | 10 comments is this group still alive?

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lol no

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Sento Ragalia | 10 comments sad face, i wanted to be a bad guy Dx.

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lol *sad face* i had fun in this group...i feel like i'm tlaking bout a dead times... emmy <3

message 50: by Sento (new)

Sento Ragalia | 10 comments lol we can always see whos alive and start something new

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