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Victory at Yorktown > Ch 7 - A Partial Engagement

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Steve Boothe (Smoothe_1) | 49 comments Mod
Please post discussion for Ch 7 here.

message 2: by Harold (new)

Harold Titus (haroldtitus) | 25 comments A lot to like about this chapter. Highlights for me were Rochambeau loaning Washington 20,000 dollars, the French impression of Philadelphia, the lines on page 166 about Philadelphia merchants wanting the war to continue and Americans showing "a certain deference to those with money," the importance of the West Indies, the crucial element of luck (favoring the French), and the sluggish Admiral Graves (whom General Howe had despised in 1775) being in command of the British fleet when it engaged de Grasse's ships. Not to be overlooked was the incredible ineptitude of the British high command.

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Steve Boothe (Smoothe_1) | 49 comments Mod
The partial engagement effectively sealed the war for the Americans. Without the Battle of the Capes and a supremacy (temporary though it may be) of the seas at a crucial, strategic point...the American cause might never had been realized.

I feel that, after a shaky start in some early chapters, Ketchum is back to what he does best: giving the reader some well-rounded knowledge of the battles and personalities that might lead the reader to another book (maybe even one of his sources) that is dedicated entirely to detailing that particular engagement or person. Ketchum also throws in a tidbit here and there that even the reader who is familiar with the material may not have read before.

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