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I would Like to say that before you begin the process of making your character, that you would please check the balance in species and Male:Female ratios. And I will start putting up notifications if the balance gets a small bit out of hand. Thank you.

Name:(( What is your Character Called? ))

Age:(( How old is your Character? ))

Species:(( What exactly is your Character? ))(( You have many Choices )))

Powers:(( Does your Character have any abilities? ))(( Telekinesis, Psychic, Magic(Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wood, Air, Light, Darkness), Shifting, Or any other strange power you can come up with. )) (( ABSOLUTELY NO GOD POWERS OR AUTOMATIC DEATH POWERS Thank you. ))

Weapons:(( Does your character have any sharp tools or dangerous toys that they like to use and or work with for protection? ))

Looks:(( A Picture or detailed description of Your Character )) (( Anime Pictures are Okay ))

Personality:((What is your Character Like?)) ((Is S/he Mean? Nice? STubborn? Hard Headed? Shy? Lonly? Kind? Gentle? Friendly?or different?) ))(( Please be descriptive ^^ ))

Back Ground Story:(( What Kind of History did your character have before the time you acctually started roleplaying Him/Her ))

Talents:(( Does your character have anything that differs them from the rest of the group? ))

Family:(( Who are they Related to? ))

Friends:(( Who can they trust the most? ))

Pet(s): (If any)(( Who are their Fuzzy companions? ))

Job/Occupation:(( Where do they work? and Why? (Optional) ))

Other Information:(( Anything else you want everyone to know about your character before you begin to roleplay them? ))

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 19 comments Name:Matthew shadows

Age: 7012

Species: Werewolf

Powers: shifting into a wolf, super speed, fire, super strenth, and quick healing

Weapons: Fists, claws, and a bow



Personality: He is one of the queitest guys you'll know.He is also short tempered so watch what you say around him.

Back Ground Story: When he was born he was abandoned and had to cloth himself, feed himself, and teach himself how to speak. he got in fight with other creatures of the night. But in the morning he wouldn't have any wounds on him or brusies.All he knows is that he has lived for a long time.

Talents: He can speak a couple languges

Family: he isn't related to anyone

Friends: NO ONE!!!! :)

Pet(s): Himself. Because he is a fuzzy wolf.

Job/Occupation: None

Other Information:The bracelets are very rare but you try and take them from him and you will fail. The bracelets will not come of of his wrists.

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Note For Dusty~

Name: Sento

Age, Looks Age: 2,000, Looks:20

Gender: Male

Powers: Has control of some elements weather and gravity his power to control the elements has been perfected at a young age he can manipulate the weather causing and type of climate to happen if he puts in a lot of focus his powers. manipulate gravity allows him to make things lighter or heavier.

Species: Vampire


Personality: Sento is a psychotic child that is sick and twisted in the head. he can snap easily causing a lot of harm to the near by area he is at the time. he is very manipulative and will do what ever he can to get what he wants. Sento gets very bored easily and when he does just hope your not the one his is bored off

History: at a very young age Sento had killed his mother, father, brother, and Baby sister after getting bored of them. after leaving his home he had traveled the world to perfect his power; as sento got older he had started terrorizing the worlds of both humans and Vampires, he has become a national threat to the world and is one of the most wanted vampires know in existent people have feared his power and police has tried to stop him and failed. Sento is not on a global conquest to rule the world and enslave both humans and vampires. he has only reach so far as wiping out existence of every one in a few states which are the following California,New York, and Florida.

Weapons: Mainly a sword

Family: He had killed his own family at the age of 10 after being bored of them all

Friends: he avoids most people and trusts very few he will make you prove yourself if you want his trust

Relationship Status: Dating Yoru X3

Other Information: He has a very bad habit of pushing peoples buttons so he will try to break you to a point where you feel like nothing. he also love the sounds of peoples scream as he slaughters them.

Talents: Can erase his own thought for short period of time so no can read his mind. is also very good at making illusions.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 15 comments Name:Axel Versillius


Species:Night Elf

Powers:Control over the Elements(Magic)

Weapons:Twin Blades


Personality:Axel is quiet, due to being raised as a killer. He barely ever speaks except to his older sister Terra. He is usually emotionless since he doesn't know what they are, but he's beginning to learn what they feel like.

Back Ground Story:Axel had been taken away from his home as a child, his
entire village burned to the ground. He was raised to kill everything and everyone that he was told to eliminate, so blood doesn't affect him at all. His quiet nature gives him an advantage in stealth and ambush, making killing easy for him. When he was 18, however, he had been taken by an older girl, her raising him until now. Axel adores this girl like an older sister, and will protect her no matter what means nescessary.

Talents:He is very stealthy and swift, with extremely good accuracy

Family:All dead

Friends:Terra(Adoptive sister)


Job/Occupation:He works as a bartender ^^ gotta earn money somehow

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Approved~ Thanks for joining~

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♫♪Music is my Drug♫♪ (KityKayLoves) | 42 comments Finish in a sec on phone...Roy be disstracting...
Name: Aiden

Age: 1746

Species: Vampire

[[Dont know what to call it..]] -- He can mimic any voice he has heard perfectly (Though Aiden only uses it for entertainment purposes)
Misting -- He can change his body for to just a mist/shadow. Its good for sneaking around... :3

Weapons: Mmm...nopes :D

Looks: description

Personality: Aiden is more on the shy side of the scale, though also acts very feminine. He is a clutz,-- something vampireizem never fixed -- and -- dispite being a hunter -- is very gulible and easily frightened

Back Ground Story: Aiden was the complete failure of his clan. After making one to many mistakes he was banished andsince, has ben wondering around as a nomad. He was mostly suprised his clan hadnt killed him on the spot.

Talents: He has learned all languages perfectly (what else dose he have to do.. c[: ]]

Family: His family is long gone

Friends: None at the moment

Pet(s): description

Other Information: He's gay 'cause gay guys are just awesome and adorable like that..awe yeah... -w-

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Name: Luke White

nickname: shadow

Age: hard to tell but he looks 17

Species: Fallen angel

Powers: telepathy, can make you see illusions, darkness, shadows, can erase or give memories. Feels nno pain but deos feel emotions.

Weapons: twin summerie swords adn daggers all over the place.


only with black hair adn black eyes and scars where his wings used to be

Personality: he is dark and foreboding but not nesiserally bad, he acts like a bad boy and trys to blend in with the shadows... wich he can do literally. He keeps to himself and deosn't talk much. he has a short temper but he hides it well. he has the opposite of a hero-complex ((thats what he thinks anyway)). he tries his best not to look like a victim or the opposite. He is strong and pretty smart.. but he hides that too...
he never makes friends 'cause he doesn't want to get attached to the people who would die before his eyes.

Back Ground Story: when he was young.. like 5... he pushed his mum out of the way of an out of control truck and got killed himself... but he didn't die... he got turned onto an angel... he never like being an angel, always haveing to be a rolemodel or a hero.. so he went and trashed heaven.. and got sent to earth as a fallen angel, which he didn't mind at all. He grew up in heaven but goot given immortality at the age of 17 after saveing a 16 year old girl from being raped (this was before he got banished from heaven). so now he is an immortal 17 year old on earth. always haveing to move around because so he won't fall under suspishen.

Talents: he is smart, he is strong...he has other talents that he hides and have been long forgotten

Family: mum (died AGES ago), dad (ditto), sister (Winter, unknown)

Friends: no one.

Pet(s): non

Job/Occupation: student

Other Information: he is hard to get to know, he never talks and never has a readon to.

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Both Luke WHite and Aiden are approved~

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Name: Aiedail

Age: Though he looks 18-19 he's acctually 45

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Powers: Fire and Lightning Manipulation, Aiedail can use his powers of lightning to create feirce storms when used correctly. His powers give a plus to him, since he has the power of thunder and lightning, he cant be controled by mind powers. He can create balls of fire in his hands and engulf the arrows he carry with him in their flames as well. Lightning users are the second most stubborn people to the Earth users.

Weapons: A Thunder Bow(In the picture) To use his bow he creates an arrow out of lightning and shoots that, creating a blast that can blind anyone temporarilly and it is potentially deadly.


Personality: Aiedail is a thick headed person but he has a good heart and is a kind person. He makes friends easily and normally they are the right kind of people too, though he had made some mistakes and was devistated to find his family dead in the end. He is very well mannered and he has a good patience, but when he snaps, watch out, he could very well be the devil himself. Aiedail is a calm person and smart too, but sometimes he makes the wrong mistakes.

History: When he was younger he made friends with the enemy and they got to his family. He has been trying to hang out with the right crowd ever since, though it's kind of hard when you were raised by the wrong crowd, but he tries none the less. Aiedail was trained to be a warrior and a well mannered one at that, He always speaks in polite tones and wont raise his voice to a woman or child.

Friends: Open

Family: Dead

Relationship Status: Single and Open to Females
Other Information: Was raised as a warrior and will follow the warrior code, finish your job to the end, always and never give up.

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Jj249 Name: Olwin


Species: Were(it is in the character species thing), he changes into a white wolf most of the time and usually turns only into a wolf, other times into an eagle

Powers: can control light and dark (does so by the color of his pelt or feathers) When he changes into a white wolf the world around flashes white then darkens to gray or clear in the sky (etc. for all other colors)

Weapons: his pelt/hair/feathers are like a porcupine quills so whenever someone touches either during battle or whenever they will get hurt


Personality: Stubborn and hard headed, no matter what anyone says, he will automatically take offense to it, but when calmed down he is happy and nice, just like mans best friend (dog). He butts heads with everyone he meets, but the first time he meets anyone he is sweet and has the disposition of a baby dog.

Back Ground Story: he has no parents that he knows of, and has no memory of the past due to an accident some time ago. The only thing he can remember is hitting his head really hard against something and being found by something. He has adapted to his new life and he gave himself the name Olwin. He has basic human skills and he is a well trained predator.

Talents: when shifts shape he is bigger than the average sized animal. He can retract the microscopic porcupine-like quills from his body. Fat chance that would happen but he can.

Family: doesn't know if he has any

Friends: none so far


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Name: Dirge Reuben

Age: Unknown (Although looks to be in early twenties)

Species: Claevek

Powers: Necromancy and soul snatching (With the ability of soul snatching, if he finds a weaker soul than himself he can essentially 'snatch' it and put it into an object and can communicate with them through it.)

Weapons: throwing cards (Normally glass)

Looks: Dirge is eerily tall and thin, towering over others, with long slender fingers. He was shaggy platinum hair and silver eyes. He has a tall forehead and thin nose with an oval shaped face. He has a very small goatee at the tip on his chin that matches his light hair color. With thick eyebrows creased above his cold eyes, he holds his glare in place. He has numerous long, deep scars across his back, shoulders, and arms. He normally wears a long, dark cloak with the hood covering half of his face.

Personality: He's very stubborn and can be rather cold hearted. He dislikes most company and tends to prefer being off by himself. He absolutely hates talking about himself and will often reject the notion of giving out even the simplest of information, such as his name. However, given the chance, he can be very gentle and a push-over; although, he'll never admit to it.

Back Ground Story: Dirge was born to a single mother and was brought up in a very small town to the far South. His only other sibling was his twin brother, Mark. After turning 10 his mother sold him off to work as a slave, keeping Mark. Slavery, not being allowed, meant Dirge spent most of his time hiding in his master's basement, only coming out in the dead of night to clean up after the filthy pig that bought him. His master, named Rill, would beat him occasionally when the alcohol got to him and would always remark on how much of a useless bitch he was and how a slave aught to behave. After turning 17, Dirge had had enough. After seven long years he finally snapped and has never been the same since. On his seventeenth birthday he had just received yet another lashing when he spun around on his heel and sliced at his master's throat with the broken end of a beer bottle. It didn't end there. After brutally murdering Rill, Dirge ran off. Not before sneaking into his mother's house of course. He summoned his deceased father to do his dirty work and made him kill his own mother. Not knowing where to go he simply picked a direction and ran until his body forced him into a walk.

Talents: He's actually very skilled at counting cards and that's how he got most of his money before switching to mercenary work.

Family: His brother Mark (his mother was murdered))

Friends: Open

Pet(s): A small pen he keeps in his pocket. It contains the soul of an old friend and he talks to him through writing.

Job/Occupation: Mercenary/Odd jobs

((Detailed enough for you? :P))

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thank you. ^^

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Name: Jounge Buvanic

Age: 28

Species: half-elf

Weapons: He is an amazing inventor and uses mostly small machines and other such things of his own creations to get things done. He also carries around a knife, but prefers not to use it.

Looks: He's rather short, and kind of fragile looking. His hair is very short and dyed black, but with a long fringe that is dyed a dark green.

Personality: He's very charismatic, but tends to smile a lot, like his partner Julian.

Back Ground Story: Being half-elf born in the far south, both his human and elven roots have turned their backs on him. Seen as an abomination, he dropped out of school early, not being able to deal with his peers. When he was 14 he was actually going to kill himself, but was caught, and stopped by a girl named Julian. Her bigger-than-life personality has helped him heal and the two became inseparable, eventually becoming partners as bounty hunters.

Talents: He's very good at bluffing and other such speaking skills. He's also great with machinery.

Friends: Julian

Job/Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Other Information: For that past few years he and his partner Julian have been hunting a rather large bounty that goes by the name Dirge.

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Of Course he is approved :D

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Deceased ((See Mission Ice))

Name: Mikeal

Age: Oh I have to answer this question...? I don't even know how old this guy is x3

Species: Herratian ((Last of his species as far as he knows.))

Powers: He can control mainly any aspect of the elemental ranges and he dabbles in the black arts from time to time. He can use any kind of magic or power to some extent, but that is only because he has been around so long. Mikeal has had a long, long time to perfect his skills and talents. HE prefers to use the Black arts as his main powers and he uses the Curses with the most effectiveness as his main torture weapon.

Weapons: He uses a double bladed sword, meaning that the sword is very sharp and deadly on both sides of the blade, whereas if it was a single bladed sword, where would be only one sharp side and one blunt side. He uses this weapon because it is much more effective in the matter of murdering who he wants to and when he wants to. The Double Bladed sword is also lighter and much faster to swing, giving him a cleaner and quicker cut.


Personality: He is very calm and not easily angered, but when he does become angry, you must find a grave and bury yourself in it, because that is the only place that you will be safe from the wrath of Mikeal. He is normally very stoic and unfeeling, but he does seem to enjoy watching wars and battles, so he will be a spectator during a bloody and dangerous fight and will occasionally laugh at the brawlers as the dish it out. He has a very Crude sense of humor and is very cruel and merciless when it comes to torture and trying to get what he wants.

Back Ground Story: When he was young, he decided that he wanted to try something new, and he ended up finding the book of black magic spells in his father's study. He started to read it and became more and more obsessed with the idea of the black arts and he became power hungry. One day, when he was in his late teens, his father, who had raised Mikeal by himself since the day that his mother had died when he was only five years old, had found him reading the book on the Black Magic spells. When he tried to take the book away from Mikeal, Mikeal used one of the curse spells on his own father and his father became a spirit, doomed to wander the earth in a corporeal form for the rest of eternity and more. The cure went as such; Only when the clock strikes ten, and the sun will finally rise again, will the hands of time begin to move for the one who soul he did lose to the depths of the darkest night he will be sent, until the sun comes out and the Clock strikes ten. SO Mikeal cursed his father to live in the shadows of the dark world until the sun would once more come again.
When he left his childhood home with most all of his belongings being the Book of Black Magic spells and his weapons and then became a sort of Nomad, but he was more like the traveling devil of the surface, because what ever the city or town he went to and then left, the town was cursed with bad luck and many suffered horribly from the Curses that were placed where he was. He was a walking curse and when ever he came somewhere, terrible things would happen.
When he finally came to settle in Xerria, he decided that he wanted to play a few tricks on some people and then disappear for a while. The poor unfortunate soul who was the choice of his tricks and torture, was Symia, an orphan who lost her parents to a disease that went through the small town that she had been living in with them. She was sent away with all the other children to keep them safe and healthy, but only Symia and a few of the others lived to see the rest of their lives through. But Mikeal thought that he should be able to 'play' a bit with the child so he decided to 'adopt the girl' and then he played the nice guy for a few weeks, and then he violated her in ways that a child her age should never have been even looked at or seen. By the time he was done with Symia, She was covered in cuts and bruises, her face was crusted with old blood and she had been beaten within only inches of her life. He took a great amount of pleasure from that and then after that, he threw her out into the Darkness of the Sleeping hours. It was cold and in the Middle of Winter and all that Symia had on her person was a ratty old blanket.
((Now you might be wondering why I put so much in here about him and Symia, well here's the reason why. He might be playing a big part of Symia's Past, Present, and Future and so I wanted to get everything straightened out in the Character biography :3 Have fun reading about his and Poor Symia's past T^T))

Talents: He is very talented in the black arts and can create a spell for the New Black arts within minutes of thinking it up. HE is also very skilled with swords and can pick up a weapon and instantly know how to use it.

Family: His dad who is trapped in the Void between the Life and Death, he is unable to leave that void until the sun does rise again.

Friends: Pfft....who the hell needs friends when you can hypnotize people into doing your evil bidding

Job/Occupation: He could possibly be a main bad guy, which I think he is....but he hides his past from others and is fairly good at killing and hunting down people, so he works with the Bounty Hunting department as a helper of sorts. Sometimes, he decides that he wants to take some of the Bounty Hunters and make them do his bidding.

Other Information: He is a very evil person and deserves to be maimed and killed, then brought back to life, and killed again. Please repeat process above. Just kidding, not really, but anyway... He is a very athletic person and is very fit. He can pretty much get out of any situation, unless it fascinates him too much, which is very hard to do.

((Damn.....I hope you all like to read.......xD ))

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(( Interseting. Well... I still hate him. The creep. No love for pedophile rapists. :T ))

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
((I know T^T But he was so much fun to make :D))

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((Evil characters are more fun in my opinion. Doesn't mean I have like this one. Haha. Have fun though! :) ))

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
((I will :D But I cannot promise that I will be good at it per say))

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(ugh......can someone sum up that dude's history in less than 1million words?)

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Theres no more than 1000 there... READ IT :D

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ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod
(read it, wow....that guy has problems ;) )

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((I agree with you. All the way.))

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod
Name:Alexander Raine (Alex)


Species: sourceror (a powerful onE)

Powers:creation, and elemental powers and he lement of spirit (anything to do with the mind)

Weapons: he has a magic neckalce with mini weapons that grow into full weopns

Looks: Photobucket

Personality:He is adventourous and a great friend. He sticks up o his friends and will fight to the death for them. He is strong-willed, level-headed adn hardly looses his temper. he has a kind of cool-guy attitude .

Back Ground Story: His mum and dad raised him spoilt until the darkness came, then his mum got turned into a pixie queen and her dad got killed by shadow crawlers. St the moment he lives in a small town next to Xerria.

Talents:he is a great hiker, climber, swordsman, and athelite

Family: mum is a pixie queen, dad is dead

Friends:he trusts way too easily

Pet(s): he has a hawk as a pet, he found the hawk and nursed it to health

Job/Occupation:traveler, adventouror

Other Information: *shrug*

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
So, you based him off of a movie character? Can I be picky and ask for a little bit more originality please? Like in the Powers...

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
But overall, he is a very good character :)

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Nope, that would be Mikeal. He's a Pedo Rapist who raped Symia when she was little.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Looks good :)

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Yes you may.

And No, Amy, They can't, because Dirge is going to slaughter him >:3

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod
is alex accepted?

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod

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Mirvan. Ereon (mirvanereon) wow what a cool thread =P

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
*talking about Mikeal* dumbass....

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ichigo_menthol | 677 comments Name: Kiss LeVilla
Age: Unknown, but is in senior years. Appears as late teen to early twenties.
Species: Night Elf

Powers: Since he's a full blooded Night Elf he is fast and has supernatural strength. He can also sense moods, and influence them.
Weapons: He has a large collection of… Each flower holds different purposes eg. poison, sleep, paralysis, explosion, sickness. They are activated when they touch skin so he handles them with sharp and practised movements using his stylish (bling bling!!) nail talon rings. (The guy has strange and feminine fascinations) He has a large and wide collection of these rings as well, ranging from platinum and short, to studded with diamonds and extra long. Kiss always wears them, but if he somehow isn't wearing them, he knows how to use his nails alone. He's studied all sorts of flowers :D and likes them, and holds them in his pockets and other places.

Looks:(view spoiler)
Personality: Kiss is suave. He has smooth talk and it's his nature to flirt and charm others. Kiss hides his emotions well, always smiling and hinting and winking. But he is extremely lazy and gives up easily unless it's to do with art. Doesn't get angry easily. Kiss is nice but is quite the sassy boy. He's quite feminine actually and uses endearments like 'Hon' and 'Dear' to for everybody. Well, that's just to humans and all creatures who are not related to, are, or good friends with Night Elves. He hates Night Elves. He hates his own kind and will remain cold to them, and ignore them and pretend they don't exist even though he is one. He doesn't talk to any Elf unless it is one of his closest friends, or a very close family member.

Back Ground Story: Kiss was born into a family of Night Elves. His (12) siblings were all girls and they were all annoying and brats. THey killed the parents so they could do whatever they want without being scolded. Further more, they started to get jealous of eachother and started killing anyone who got in their way, including each other. And then they wen toff and cavorted with different species creating mutts every five minutes. It doesn't stop there! Elves punished and even killed a few of them for reckless behaviour after the sisters went too far in one of their games. Many of their games included Kiss, and putting him in danger. He was the youngest and was picked on like crazy. Kiss was horrified and traumatized by then and ran away as a youngster, early teens. He ran into the more civilised lands to blend in as a human, away from his 'home' and 'family'. But he stays in touch with one of his sisters who wasn't part of the craze. He ives in a city, goes to gatherings.

Talents:....his powers? lol.

Family: His pixie parents, and 12 pixie sisters, plus a nephews and nieces who are mutts and he doesn't ever talk to them.

Friends: One of his pixie sisters and some designers, stylist, artists...

Job/Occupation: He worked as an occasional make up artist and hair stylist when called upon. He didn't work in a salon even though he's a professional because he's too lazy to wake up and go to a shop everyday. He has styled the models, actors in a few photoshoots and plays but it exhausts him and only did it if he was paid highly and if he felt like it. His has a very good hand and is talented. BUT ever since the Eternal Night he has stopped working as one...there are no more models. THe earth is all savage and stuff now.

So now he is a tattooist...who laces drugs and potions from witches he knows, into the tattoos. lol...

Other Information:((Anyone want to be his sister???!!))

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Pixies are extremely tiny, just so you are aware. So he wouldn't be able to be tall, or be big enough to fit whole flowers in his pocket. Shadow isn't online at the moment, but she should be on later today. I can ask to approve it myself, if not.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 15 comments Name:Fujioka Rin


Species:Blue Fire Demon


Weapons:Flame Scabbard

Human Form-
Demon Form-
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Personality:Rin is hardheaded and stubborn, always getting into fights and ending up sending the other person unconscious or in the hospital.

Back Ground Story:Rin was born as Satan's heir, but he doesn't want it, considering his mother had been killed by demons a few months back. His powers are awakening as he gets older, and he hates himself as he blames himself for his mother's death. Now his brother has been involved for years, and he hates Rin for causing this and making him suffer by having been able to see demons himself.

Talents:Swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, exorcisms

Family:Satan(father), Fujioka Lin(twin brother)

Friends:Fujioka Lin(Human)

Job/Occupation:Exorcist & Musician

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Izzy "Living with a Deadly Shadow..." wrote: "Name:Fujioka Rin


Species:Blue Fire Demon


Weapons:Flame Scabbard

Human Form-
Demon Form-

Personality:Rin is hardheaded and stubborn, always getting into fights and e..."

Your character is approved, did you put the species suggestion up on the Character Species topic? :)

ﻉммel☼never had cookie dough icecream:c~ wrote: "Name: Kiss LeVilla

Age: Unknown (lived before the Eternal Night. ANCIENT) but appears 19.

Species: Pixie

Powers: Since he's a full blooded pixie, he's so fast that he can fly! He can also sense ..."

So you need to change the Species of your character, because one, pixies are too tiny for any of the things yu described and yeah.....too small...

message 42: by ichigo_menthol (new)

ichigo_menthol | 677 comments Oh what really? Thats weird because i read the Character Species page a few days ago and it said that the pixies were tall....

But then i read the page again today and it said a whole bunch of other they had WINGS and Im like "wtf im going blind" lol, okay i'll change it.

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod
Shadow Lin wrote: "Izzy "Living with a Deadly Shadow..." wrote: "Name:Fujioka Rin


Species:Blue Fire Demon


Weapons:Flame Scabbard

Human Form-
Demon Form-

Personality:Rin is hardheaded ..."

i thought pixies were : ...oh nm, you changed the discription of the pixies

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Sorry, yeah, me and Scarecrow did a bit of research and from what we already know, Pixies are very small, mischievous and cunning. So we added more to the description :)

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

I thought they were tall too, until I asked when making my one on one character, Kendal... It's all rather confusing, sorry.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Yep yep :/

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†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 71 comments Name: Damion

Age: 16


Powers: Psychic, Magic(Darkness)can become a shadow.

The handle and the desing on the blade.

Personality:He likes to running in the moonlight and laying next to water at night.Is he Mean, Hard Headed, and looks Lonely, at first.But after you get to know him he is very Kind, Gentle, and Friendly but he change's at night he becomes more enraged and more easily angered.

Back Ground Story:He was 7 years old when he say his father kill his mother.He screamed and his father tried to kill him.He was saved because his scream woke up his neighbors that called the cops and they saved his life.He was taken to a orphanage were he being so young he was piked on and beaten.He one day ran away and found himself in the care of a loving family that lived in the woods.He was 10 when they told him that they were werewolf's.He loved them so much that he didn't care.They made him one and he was happy.they were killed in front of him when they were shot by hunters thinking they were plain wolves.

Talents:He can see the dead and can take there powers for a bit.(like going throw walls or not being able to be seen.)

Family:They were all killed.

Friends:He has none

Job/Occupation:He had no job.He is in a gang but that is about it.

Other Information:He is in a gang.He has killed peopled and he doesn't like to talk about.

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 1228 comments Mod
Shadow Lin wrote: "Sorry, yeah, me and Scarecrow did a bit of research and from what we already know, Pixies are very small, mischievous and cunning. So we added more to the description :)"

in a book i read it showed them as tall, fast, elfish like creatures with blueish skin, fangs and no wings

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
I'm using all of the details that I've gotten over the years, and Pixies in fairy tales and other things like that are normally small. Like the ones in Harry Potter for example. They are small, blue, elfish ears, wings and are very fast and mischievous. I know that in the book that you read it says that, but I am going to base the Pixies off of the majority that I have heard of, because, honestly...I don't think that Pixies are very tall at all... Sorry, that is just my opinion.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
♦♣Soulless♥♠ wrote: "Name: Damion

Age: 16


Powers: Psychic, Magic(Darkness)can become a shadow.

The handle and the desing on the blade.

Personality:He likes to running in the moon..."

Approved :)

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