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Author's favorite character

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message 1: by Tom (new)

Tom Barczak | 3 comments So, Doug, who is your favorite Epertase character. Rasi NIC and why are they?

message 2: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Brown (douglasbrown) | 8 comments Mod
I wrote Epertase for Rasi. What I mean is that I created Rasi and then built the world around him. I love Rasi as a character. I like that he will do whatever it takes to help those he cares about despite any pain and suffering that it might bring to him. I love that the world comes down on him again and again yet he still tries to make the right decisions. He is the kind of character that you would never want as your enemy but know that he would die for you if you were his friend. There's a lot of honor in him despite a harsh world.

message 3: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Brown (douglasbrown) | 8 comments Mod
How 'bout you, Tom? Favorite character and why? My guess is Simcane.

message 4: by Tom (new)

Tom Barczak | 3 comments Simcane is pretty kick***. I have one confession though. I want to see more about Rasi's symbiot tentacles. I really think they're a character all to themselves. I wanna know where they came from. Are there more of them?

message 5: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Brown (douglasbrown) | 8 comments Mod
You'll see why they are in a round about way. They are a lot like the metal skin on Scorne and his crew. Everything ties together in book three. There are hints in book two though.

message 6: by Tom (new)

Tom Barczak | 3 comments Wonderful.

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