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hii:) sorry but i couldn't find it. i'm kinda new here and i haven't rped much, so can you suggest anything? And that's fine :)

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friendship romance sounds good :) so two charries each?

oh and sorry if i make any mistakes english isn't my native language:)

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sure :) so boy or girl?

it's Greek :)

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sure:) i may suck a little as the guy but i'll try my best!

sweet:) my first language is Greek, like i said, English my second and I'm learning French :) You know Korean? That's so awesome!

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okies :) so friendship romance?


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sure but after that i have to go :(

Name: Daniel Trigger
Age: 17
Appearance: http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwy...
Personality: when you first meet him he can be a total jerk and really cocky, but that just an act. He is loyal, sweet and caring and he is a shoulder to cry on
History: nothing special he is one of the most popular guys at school but he keeps it together and doesn't look down on people
Other: he plays the guitar and has an amazing voice

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okaay cya :)

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((sorry but i won't be on a lot this week, i've been having these headaches and looking at the screen doesn't help))

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((hi:) sorry that i was gone for so long but i wasn't feeling well...))

Daniel was working out. Again. But he didn't have much of a choice, what else could somebody do during a hot day? Especially when it's the last day of vacation and everyone is preparing for school... A friend of his had invited him over to his pool party, but he wasn't in the mood, so only one choice: he was going to work out until he couldn't move and then he would order a pizza and then... his phone started vibrating... why couldn't they just leave him alone??

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Daniel kept pushing himself to his limits, enjoying the feeling of strength running in his veins, although he knew he would have to stop soon;he had to pass from his friends house even for a few minutes 'cause being popular and all, he had "responsibilities"... whatever... the only thing he really wanted right now was to see Alice. She was the only person who understood him and liked him for what he really was

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He let out a long breath and laid down on the floor, waiting for his breath to come back to normal. Then he stood up and went to grab something to drink, only to see Alice waiting for him. As usual. He smiled and walked towards her

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"Are you avoiding me or what?" he said, smiling as he caught her by the waist and stopped her.

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"Let's pretend like i believe you" he laughed "So what's up? I haven't seen you for a while where have you been?" he asked walking towards the showers, careful not to stand right next to her 'cause he was dirty and sweaty from all the exercise

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He smiled at her laugh "You should try to get out more. And no, not particularly, just working out and hanging out with friends the usual" he said when his phone started vibrating. It was Mark, the guy who had organized the pool party

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"Thanks" he said a little distracted "Oh crap" he continued as he read the text "I have to go but I'll catch you up later, my place? We could order a pizza and maybe see a movie?" He packed his staff and got ready to leave, looking a bit anxious

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Daniel started running towards his friend's house. Apparently a group of random guys had trashed the place and refused to leave so he had to help. A black eye, a few scratched and half and hour later everything was ok so he gave his buddy a smack on the head to remind him to be more careful and he started walking towards his house, signing

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Daniel wiped the blood from his mouth and tried to look like nothing was going on. He knew his parents would probably freak when they saw him like this but would turn hysterical if they saw blood. He signed and decided to go through the park so that he could sneak into the house by the window of his bedroom and clean himself up a little bit

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He kept walking until he saw a small figure curled up on a bench and he realized that it was Alice. He instantly felt his heart skip a beat and ran over to her, afraid that something had happened to her

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"You're ok?" he asked, his voice trembling a little, full of worry. He kept his head down, not wanting her to see him like that

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Daniel stepped back quickly, shoving her hand away, wincing as the pain came back "No, i fine" he mumbled, trying to think of an excuse

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He felt horrible, he had acted like a complete jerk, but he didn't want to worry her. He ran after her and caught up with her easily, his hands around her waist, his lips on her ear "Hey don't go, i'm sorry, i just..." he said, his voice drifting away

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He chuckled, trying to lighten the mood "Yeah, nothing serious, i just got into a fight. I'll be fine" he said his eyes still on her waist

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He winced "Hey that stings!" he complained but tried not to move too much "If you are trying to kill me, you might as well do it in a less painful way" he teased

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((um Elmo stickers? hahaha what's that?))

"I look like crap but i guess i deserved it" he said, touching carefully the bruises on his face, wincing every once in a while "Thank you so much Alice, you are saving my life! You are awe... what on earth is that?" he asked when he touched something on his cheek

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((hahahaha ok then :D))

But he had already saw them "You didn't" he said, touching his cheek again "Oh my god you DID!" he pretended to shout and started ticking ((think that's the word haha)) her "You are going to pay for this miss Evans!", he laughed, never letting her go

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((um yeah hahahahaha:) well at least you understood!))

He kept her there, tickling her until she made a sudden move and was about to fall, but he caught her just before she hit the ground and brought her automatically close to his chest. He looked down to check if she was alright but he realised that he was holding her close to him. So close that their faces were inches away

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He knew that he should pull away from her and help her steady herself but something in her eyes wouldn't let him. They were big and innocent and beautiful and full of... he wasn't sure what was that but it was warm and loving.. It made him shiver and pull her even closer to him

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Not sure what he was doing, or why, he leaned down, his lips brushing against hers lightly. He wasn't sure why he felt the urge to do it but it felt right... But how would she react?

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He kissed her again, softly, lovingly but saw that she wasn't responding. His heart skipped a beat and his palms started to sweat as he begun to pull away

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He gasped as her soft lips finally moved against his and he felt like his chest was going to explode. He had been keeping his feeling for her well hidden, knowing that he would probably scare her away, but now nothing could stop him from showing his love. His arms circled her waist and he picked her up, never breaking the kiss

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He held her closer to him, his tongue licking her lips, asking for permission. Her body was warm and fragile and he was holding her like she was made of porcelain; the most beautiful creation ever seen

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He moaned softly his eyes flickering open for a second, needing to see her face. He closed them again and he sat on he bench she was sitting before and placed her on his lap, never letting her go

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His lips brushed against hers, her jaw, her neck and back to her lips. Her cheeks were warm and red, making her look even more beautiful somehow and he made sure to mention it after kissing her one last time "You are even cutter when you are blushing" he said lovingly

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"Just pointing out the obvious" he said, his smile widening. He moved her around on his lap, so that he was hugging her and it was less provoking for the rest of the world

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He smiled at her giggle, put her next to him carefully and stood up "My lady" he said in a fake - formal voice, while kneeling in front of her "since i completely ruined lunch, would you do me the honor of joining me for dinner and a movie at my humble home?"

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He smiled and hugged her back, his hands resting on her waist. After a while her pulled away but didn't with drew his hands "Then we should probably get ready, cause i have to break into my house and get ready, otherwise my parents will freak. You know how they are..."

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"Hmm, someone's excited about breaking in. Didn't know you were a bad girl" he said trying to look serious but his eyes gave him away "But i think i like that side of you" he said with a small smirk

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"Oh, is that so? Then i'm looking forward to fully meeting you" he said with a grin and offered her his hand "Shall we?" he said, the formal tone back in his voice

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He chuckled and started walking towards her house, not exactly wanting to go back to his. He could picture his parents' faces when they saw him and the lecture that would follow, 'you need to be more careful' or 'i will not see my son becoming a criminal' or even 'you could have died!'... oh man, he thought and sighed

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(( hahaha i didn't even notice it xD:) ))

"I don't know... maybe i will, cause my parents are going to kill me. They'll think that i've joined a gang or something..." he said thoughtfully, stroking softly her hand

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(( xD:) ))

"Stop it smartypants, you know how my parents are, always exaggerating! And stop laughing or else..." he said and looked at her warningly, raising his hands to start tickling her again

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"Ok missy, now you've pushed it too far" he said with a grin and suddenly his arms were around her waist and he pulled her close, tickling her

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"Nah uh, you were asking for it" he laughed but eventually stopped to catch his breath and turned her so that she was facing him

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"I'll take that as a challenge" he smiled at her and put an arm around her waist "We should probably head back" he said suddenly, loosing his smile as he spotted some of his old "buddies". They hadn't spoke in months and he wasn't sure this was the best time for a reunion. Not in front of Alice...

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((sorry but i'm studying for exams so i won't be on until Monday probably, sorry :( ))

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(( trust me i did xD:) ))

"Um, no everything's fine but we should go" he said, starting to get worried. He really wan't in the mood for a fight and he knew that things could get really bad, but Alice couldn't see that. And they couldn't see her or else...

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