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Brooklyn (thebridge) begin...

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Brooklyn (thebridge) She walked through the village, watching for a clear spot to set up and play her flute.
Everyone rushed to get to cover, in buildings, under awnings, anything to get out of sight. She herself ducked into a shadowy doorway and watched as the magnificent creature soared over head, looking for prey but finding none.

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Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury | 15015 comments Mod
Ryuu woke up suddenly. Her black hair fell in front of her face. Her grandma looked over. "Ryuu you okay," she asked. Ryuu nodded. "Yes grandmother, I'm fine," she muttered. The dream kept playing in her mind. A fire burned in front of a young girl with boy short black hair and golden eyes.. "Run! Run! Save the princess! Get the queen! Keep the creatures out," voices shouted over and over. A women grabbed the girl's hand and pulled her out of the castle. They ran into the forest along with another lady. "Aimi get her out of here," the old woman said. "MOTHER! I'M NOT LEAVING YOU," the lady holding the girl's hand said. The old woman shook her head. "AIMI! DO AS I SAY," she said. The youn woman stood her ground. "Where should I take her," she asked. "To the dragons' cave, she shall be protected there," the old woman said. That was always where the dream ended. "Well, get out of bed," Ryuu's grandma said. Ryuu got out of bed and got dresse. "We're going to Barlock today. I've got to get some vegtable seeds for the summer," grandma said. Ryuu nodded. "Got it grandma," she said.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) "ALL CLEAR!"
She stepped out of the doorway and watched as people returned to their normal lives as if nothing had happened. This was all routine to them.
Looking around, she saw an empty spot next to a baker's stall. The delicious smell of bread wafted into her nose and made her stomach feel even tighter. I'd better get to work, she thought, and she began to play.

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Ryuu and her grandmother walked into town. Her grandmother walked up to the baker's stall. "How many dragons Lukas? Oh by the way two loaves of bread please," Ryuu's grandma asked the man. "Two since you last came, One just a few minutes ago," he said as he handed her the loaves. "Really? Hum, this is getting a little wierd don't you think? For several years now the dragons have come really close to Barlock," Ryuu's grandmother said. Ryuu looked across to a youn girl playing a flute. "Grandmother may I have some money," she asked. Her grandma sighed. "Sure dear, just not too much okay," she said as she handed Ryuu a couple of pieces of gold. Ryuu walked over to the girl and set gold down in front of her. Ryuu smiled and stayed to listen for a little while longer. "RYUU," her grandmother cried out. Ryuu waved goodbye to the girl and ran off. "Ryuu, you are such a sweet girl, giving money to the poor. We need a leader like you, instead of that creep that keeps a hood over his face all the time," Ryuu's grandmother whispered quietly. Ryuu smiled.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) She watched as the girl walked away with the older woman, but it was not with kindness or gratitude. Instead, her face burned with indignation. "you are such a sweet girl, giving money to the poor," she had heard the old woman say before they walked away. She wasn't poor! Never! Not her!
After a few minutes, she had calmed down. I am poor, she admitted to herself. But I could rob half this town blind and no one would notice. Including that old lady.
She scooped up the few coins and looked for a different spot.

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Shreya C. (darthallow) Hey I want to join but I'm a little confused about what's going on up there ^^

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(to be honst shreya i dont know either XD just make a character and jump in XD)
Ryuu moaned. "Grandma, I don't think i would cut out to be a great leader," she muttered. Should she tell her grandma about the dream? Ryuu shook the thought out of her head. She heard something in the bushes to her right. She looked towards it. "Ryuu, what's the matter," her grandma asked. Ryuu walked towards the bushes. A fuzzy creature bursted at her. Its red eyes glowing with rage. Ryuu lept out of the way, making it so the creature only tore off a piece of her cloak. "Rat creature," Ryuu's grandma said. Ryuu looked at her grandma. "Grandma," she muttered. Her grandma looked at her. "Run! Run back to the house," she told Ryuu. "But what abou-" Ryuu started. "I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE," her grandma said sternly. Ryuu nodded. She got up and ran to the house as quickly as she could. She thought she could hear and feel something follow her. She ran into the house and skid to a stop as she slammed the door. She could hear chattering from outside.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) ((@Shreya- as far as I can tell :P this is set in medieval times, in a small village called Barlock. Right now, our characters are just meeting each other. Feel free to join in!))

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Brooklyn (thebridge) She counted the meager amount she had made that day: barely enough for dinner, and none for breakfast tomorrow. Oh well. At least she didn't have to steal yet. But come winter, people would hold onto coin much more tightly.
She found a baker's stall that was just closing up for the night and bought a small loaf of bread. She got one half-copper in change.
The dying sun behind her, she walked into the Forest, and was swallowed up by the trees.

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She sat in front of the door and dozed off.
The young girl stood at the mouth of a cave. "Mama," she whispered to a young women. The young women knelt down. "Dear, stay here. They will protect you. Hold onto ths for mom okay sweetheart," the women said as she handed the girl a necklace. It was a golden orb with a little bit of red on the bottom. Circling around the orb was a black dragon. The little girl grabbed it. "Where will you be going momma," she asked. The young women pulled the hood of her cloak over her face. "To go help your grandma," she said. The young women walked away and the young girl started to cry. "Young one, don't cry. You have us to watch you, they'll be back before you know it," a voice said. Out of the shadows a red dragon walked out. The young girl looked up and ran towards the dragon.
There was a knocking on the door. Ryuu jumped up quickly and grabbed a metal pole thatwas next to the fireplace. "WHO'S THERE," she yelled. She held the pole like it was a baseball bat. "Its me Ryuu! Open the door now," her grandma called out. Ryuu rushed to the door and opened it. Her grandma walked in, her arm bleeding. "GRANDMA YOUR ARM," Ryuu cried. Her grandma looked down. "Not the worst cut I've had," she mummbled. Ryuu opened her mouth to speak but closed it quickly. Ryuu rushed to get a clean, wet washcloth and came back in the room. She started cleaning the cut. "So what was that thing and why didn't it try to hurt me," Ryuu asked. "That was a rat creature and you shouldn't go near them," Ryuu's grandma said. Ryuu knew her grandmother was keeping something from her. Ryuu wrapped her grandma's arm in a bandage. "Why did they follow me? What do they want from me," Ryuu asked again. Her grandma shook her head. "Ryuu, they go after the weaker ones like any other predator," her grandma said. Ryuu nodded her head. "I guess you're right Grandma, I thought it was something else to do..." she started but trailed off. Her grandma looked at her suspicously. Ryuu smiled, got up, and walked off to her room. "Night Grandma, I'm going to sleep," Ryuu said. Her grandma watched as she left. "That girl's hiding something," she muttered. Her grandma went off to her room. "I need some well deserved sleep," she muttered.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) She walked a path known only to her, ducking under tress and around bushes, until she came to a clearing.
A small waterfall tumbled into a pond, giving off the wonderful bubbly sound of moving water. A single tree rose into the air. It was here that she headed, swinging easily up into the tree. Higher and higher she climbed, finally reaching a large forked branch. A sort of nest was formed there, made of bits of wood and scraps of cloth, just large enough for her to lay on. She slipped the half-copper into a small hole in the bark, heard it chink against the other coin hid there. She smiled, breathed in the warm summer night air, and curled up to sleep.

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A man with a hood over his face stood right outside the small cottage. He smiled a wicked smile. "So, the heir of the throne isssss here," he said. His voice almost like the one of a snake. He walked towards the cottage but something stopped him about a yard away from the cottage. "What issss thissss," he hissed. He glared at the cottage. "I thought the heir didn't know about it. Who did thisss," he hissed. He walked back into the woods. "That girl, I'll get her when she'ssss not protected," the man said.
Ryuu sat up and quickly as she could. In her dreams there was a hooded man and a young women with long black that reminded her of the story of Rapunzel that her grandma told her when she was young. The woman wore a red dress with black marks on it. The man was trying to get the woman to come to him. "Something is not right here," she muttered. She walked towards the window. She saw something run into the woods. "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT," she exclaimed to herself. She looked around. "It was nothing," she assured herslef.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) She woke with a start. She had heard something, something that didn't quite fit with the nighttime Forest sounds. But what? She listened. There it was again! Someone-something?-running through the Forest towards her.
She shrank back into the shadows of the tree, next to the trunk, and waited as the sound came closer and closer, slowed, stopped. Right beneath her tree.
Hardly daring to breathe, she peeked through the branches. There was no moon, but she could see just fine in the dark, had always been able to.
A man, his face hidden by his hood, sat down under her tree and wrapped himself tightly in his cloak. He seemed to be muttering to himself. Slowly, carefully, she slipped down the tree to a branch just above him.
"I'll get her, I will, when she'ssss not protected, yesssss, when she'ssss not protected. That'sssss what I'll do. And her ssssstupid little grandma too. Yesssss.
Normally, she would dismiss the man as a crazy drunk who had wandered into the Forest, but something told her he was dangerous, for all his talking to himself. And he was going after a girl and her grandma. Could it be the girl from the market?
She knew what she had to do, some deep instinct telling her this girl must be protected at all costs.
She must warn her.

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Ryuu woke up that morning to her grandma kneeling next to a chest. "Grandma...what are you doing," Ryuu asked. "That man...he's no good...a spy," he grandma muttered. Ryuu looked at her confused. "What man Grandma? What man," she asked. Her grandma looked at her. "RYUU! YOU'RE HIDING SOMETHING TO ME! WHAT GOES ON AT NIGHT," she asked commandingly. Ryuu looked at her. "Dreams what else," she said. Her granmda looked at her. "Dreams are connected to their world. Dreams are a pathway to their world and your heart. Memories get trapped in the heart sometimes. What are your dreams about," her grandma said. Ryuu looked at her. "They're about this little girl, her house, it always seemed like a palace, gets burnt down. Then her and this older woman who is her mother and this other older woman, whom I'm suspecting to be her grandma are running away, her grandma goes to fight the people who burnt down the house and her mom takes the girl to this cave with a dragon in it. Then her mother leaves," Ryuu said. Her grandma looked down at teh ground. "Its time I tell you the truth, but we have to do it in the basement," she said. Ryuu looked at her grandma. Ryuu was never aloud down in the basement, for unknown reasons. "W-Why the basement," she asked scared. "Because its safer there than up here. We're taking this stuff too," her grandma said as she pulled out a big cloth full of stuff. They rushed downstairs. Her grandma opened the cloth. In it were papers, drawings, a crown, and a sword. "Do you have your necklace," her grandma asked. Ryuu nodded and held up and necklace with a golden orb with a bit of red on the botton. It had a black dragon circling around it. "Good," she said. Her grandma handed her the papers. Ryuu loked at them. They were a journal. "March 30th, Today Ryuu said he saw red eyes in the garden. My daughter has such a cute imagination, but then Luka said he saw red eyes in the forest. Are these eyes the same? ~Jade," Ryuu read. She picked up another. "April 6th, Two rat creatures have been see on the outskirts of town. One was brown and the other purple. They seem like scouts. I think Ryuu should stay in the kingdom walls. ~Jade," that paper said. Ryuu looked up at her grandma. "What are these? Kingdom walls? What the heck is going on," Ryuu said. Her grandma sighed. "You are the rightful heir of the throne, but there is already a king. The rat creatures are his scouts and a there's a hooded man who goes around. He's his slave and spy. He can take the form of almost anything," her grandma said. "So he wants me dead? Just because I'm the rightful heir," Ryuu said unbelievingly. Her grandma nodded. "Yes, that is one reason," her grandma said. Ryuu picked up the pictures. They were of dragons, flowers, a young girl sleeping in a tree. "These drawings you drew when you were staying with the dragons," her grandma said. "You mean I was the girl in the dreams....WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN ONE OF THE REASONS," Ryuu said. "Well, the other reason that you are a dream seer. You see things from the past, present, and future. You remember them, you learn from them," her grandma said. "And they don't want me to," Ryuu pieced the pieces together," cuz if I do, I can over rule them." Her grandma handed her a sword. "This was mine before I became to old to do a thing. Its yours now," her grandma said. They sat there in silence when Ryuu spoke up. "Uh so why aren't I aloud down here," Ryuu asked. Her grandma pointed to a black and red dragon painted on the floor. "That is the enterance to dreams. You can go into anyone's dreams when you step into it. You didn't know what it was so you migt have ran into it and I cpuld have lost you forever," she said Ryuu looked at. Her grandma was right. "This place is giving me the creeps, lets go," Ryuu said as she cried up the ladder. She walked outside to get fresh air. "Grandma I'm going out for a walk," she called out. "Don't go to far okay," her grandma called out. Ryuu was already in the forest.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) She ran through the forest, some animal instinct pushing her on. She must be protected, she must be protected...a steady chant in time to her footsteps.
She didn't even see the pond until she had stepped right into it. Panting, trying to catch her breath, she looked around. She knew this place. She had been here many times. And there had never been a pond here. On an impulse, she bent down and drank.
She sat down hard on a rock. She felt dizzy, lightheaded...
She was sitting in a cave. Something moved in the shadows. She tensed, but something told her it was no threat. A dragon stepped into the light.
"Syara," the dragon said in a musical voice that brought to mind the notes Syara played on her flute.
"Who are you?"
The dragon smiled sadly. "I was once very important to you, but I see you have forgotten. Perhaps you will know me better in this form." Slowly, the dragon began to change into a beautiful young woman. Syara's heart missed a beat. Only one thought came to mind.

She jolted back to awareness, sitting on a rock. There was no pond at her feet. She had no memory of her mother. She had never been to a cave. But it had been so real...

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Ryuu ran through the forest. "I can't be a princes," she said. She kicked aside a rock. She couldn't be there heir of the throne...could she? She couldn't be whatever her grandma was telling her. She came to a clearing. The clearing has a wierd feeling to it. Like someone or something was watching her. She turned around in a circle. Suddenly something lept out of the bushes and landed on her. A rat creature. Its claws dug into her skin. Ryuu looked into the creature's red eyes. If one was here, another was also.Right on cue, she heard their growls all around her. She closed her eyes. "HELP," she cried, "HELP ME!"

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Brooklyn (thebridge) She felt the panic before she heard the cries, some animal instinct telling her all was not right, that the girl she needed to protect was in danger, then she was running toward the voice. She burst into the clearing, pulling her knife and throwing it into the back of a rat creature before she even knew what was happening. Then she saw the girl, surrounded by rat creatures, disgustedly brushing a dead creature off her.
Syara shouted, drawing the attention of the rat creatures. They started to advance on her, hissing. She pulled out another knife and lept into the pack, slashing and killing with every stroke, but it wasn't enough. There were dozens of them, pressing against her in a wave. A long dirty claw gouged a deep mark in her forehead, but the creature was dead before it could celebrate its victory.
She was starting to feel dizzy, lightheaded. A warm, fuzzy gray was starting to creep in the edges of her vision. Suddenly, in a single moment of clarity, her eyes locked onto the leader of the pack. She took careful aim and threw, imbedding her knife into its back, before falling to the ground. She was vaguely aware of the creatures fleeing in a confused mass, then the fuzzy gray came back and she allowed herself to be pulled into it and the world faded to black.

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Ryuu got up. Ignoring the blood from the rat creature and herself she got up and ran towards the girl. She looked at the deep cut in the girl's forehead. Ryuu quickly pulled off a strip of fabric from her cloak. She craddled the girl's head in her arms and wrapped the strip around her head. Ryuu carefully got up and picked the girl up. She craddeled her in her arms. She started to walk back to the house. As Ryuu walked she heard rustling in the trees and the bushes. She ignored it. Every now and then she would hear murmuring. She continued to walk. Soon she got to the house. She was about to go in when suddenly she stopped. It felt like she couldn't go past this point. Ryuu looked around confused. She tried again but she still couldn't get past that point. She looked around. She carefully set the girl on the ground and tried going forward. She could this time. "What the heck," she muttered to herself. She went back to the girl and picked her up again. She tried going through again, but she still couldn't. She sighed. "GRANDMA! STOP WITH THE MAGIC TRICKS!" Her grandma walked out. "Ryuu, what is it? RYUU," her grandma said. Her eyes widened as they fell upon the girl in Ryuu's arms. "OH DEAR! BRING HER IN," Ryuu's grandma called out. Ryuu stepped forward and both her and the girl were in. Ryuu rushed the girl in and layed her on the couch. "Ryuu, explain everything," her grandma said. Ryuu sighed. "I was walking and got attacked by rat creatures. I thought I was gonna die, but she rescued me! I saw her fall. I...I had to help her," Ryuu said and bursted into tears on the last sentence. Her grandma walked up. "Let's let her sleep and go clean your cuts," she said. Ryuu stood and left to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) The dream again... it tortured her, a never ending nightmare from which she couldn't wake up. Her mother, the dragon was standing in front of her, and she was trying to tell Syara something, something important, but before she could get the words out a strange chanting filled the air and water started to fill the cave and her mother turned to her, her eyes pleading for Syara to save her, but Syara couldn't move, couldn't help her as the tide washed her away...
Syara cried out and thrashed against the blankets around her, throwing them on the floor, but she didn't awake. And the rat creature poison spread farther into her system...

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Ryuu heard the girl cry. She ran down the stairs and saw the girl, her blankets on the ground. Ryuu skid over to the girl. "Grandma! Grandma! Hurry," Ryuu called. She removed the strip of cloth from the girl's head and noticed a purple ring around the cut. Her grandma came over. "Rat creature poison. You don't see this in commoners often," she said. She left and soon came back with an ointment. Ryuu looked at her. "WHAT IS THAT," Ryuu exclaimed. "Its ointment for the poison. Its a secret family thing. You're grandfather was a royal medic and was the only one who knew how to make it," her grandma said. She squeezed a green and brown cream on a cloth. She added two drops of water and a pinch of some golden powder. She smoothed it evenly on the part of the cloth that would touch the wound and about an inch around the ring. They tied it back onto the girl. "Keep the blanket off," her grandma said. Ryuu nodded and sat on the small table a few feet away from the couch. "Who is this girl and why did she come to my rescue," Ryuu asked. "That's a question to ask her," her grandma said. Ryuu looked at the girl. "She...looks....familiar...like the girl from the market," Ryuu said. "I don't know," her grandma said from the kitchen.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) She was halfway through the dream again, when suddenly it faded into blissful nothingness. She slept dreamlessly, peacefully.

After some time...minutes? hours?...she was drawn into a dream again.

She was in the now familar cave. A dragon stepped out of the shadows, then morphed into human form. "Syara," the dragon said.
"Are...are you my mother?" Syara asked.
The woman looked at her, a look full of sadness and love. "We don't have much time," she said finally. "You must dethrone the imposter on the throne. Ryuu must help you. Time is of the essence. As soon as you wake up, go. And remember, never trust snake nor rat."
And she was gone.
"Wait! Come back! Who are you? Who is Ryuu? Please, come back! I need you!" she started to cry, and though she didn't know it, quiet tears appeared on her cheeks.
She sat there crying for a long time. Finally, her eyes opened.

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The girl's eyes opened. "Hi," Ryuu said cheerfully. She walked over to the bed. "I'm Ryuu! What's your name? Oh can you speak? Do you understand me? Are you thiirsty? OH I'M DUMPING ATON OF QUESTIONS ON YOUR AREN'T I! I'M SO SORRY I DO THAT ALOT! okay from the beginning. I'm Ryuu," she said.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) A girl, the girl, the one from the marketplace, from the forest. Syara sat up. "Where am I?" she asked. "How did I get here?"

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) Shreya made her way calmly down the dark mountainside. Her grandfather needed supplies and of course she was the one to get them. The basket bounced loosely against her black dress and dark grey eyes that appeared to be staring into anyones soul peeked out from a gray cloak. Her eyelashes were long and black, her frame slim and innocent, she was anything but.
Her grandfather was the wicked sorceror. Banished from the kingdom, but no one knew that she was his granddaughter. She was left to go about her business.
She smiled warmly at the market woman that she always came to, "I need some newts please and some eggs if you have them."
The old woman smiled back at her and handed her some boxes, "You come back any time now, Shreya, you know that right?"
She nodded and turned on heel, racing towards the black castle surrounded by the wicked grey clouds. The large pine doors opened slowly as she came closer, then slammed shut, and she was left in darkness. Her eyes quickly adjusted and she lit a candle as she entered. A large staircase led to the upstairs and soon she was walking up it. Her feet were wrapped in black leather and slapped noiselessly on the cold stone floors.
"Grandfather, I have the newts," she said darkly opening a door at the end of the hall.
"It's about time, girl!" he spat.
She flinched, but set the wicker basket down, and set to work emptying it's contents, "Do you need anything else?"
"No, you may return to your true form," he said dismissively.
Immediatly her skin melted off and was replaced by a tall demon with red hot skin. Her eyes were black coals, horns stuck out of thick black hair, and a pointed tail stuck out under her dark dress. She licked a pointed toungue across her blood red lips and sighed contentedly.
"Are you happy now?" the black haired man asked cooly.
She smiled, "Yes."
"Good, then bring me the newts!"
Her tongue flicked impatiently as she handed the box to him, "'Are you happy now?" she asked mockingly, repeating his earlier words.
"Be quiet demon!" he hissed, twirling his handlebar moustache, "I'm concocting a very complicated spell. I don't need you to ruin it!"
She glared at him, "I don't have to be here you know."
"I sold my soul and you were the reciept," he said calmly, "Not shut it or I'll kick you out!"
She crossed her arms and batted her leathery wings. The door flew open and she soared out. The top of the castle was her normal resting place, so that was where she went. The pointed black points made no impression on her scaly skin and the clouds hid her from the peasants eyes. The coals on her face flicked back and forth, until they landed on the one piece of sunlight shining through the darkness. She flicked her head and it was gone, she smiled, and leaned back finally content.
A loud roar startled her and large cloud of red mist appeared in front of her, "Shreya! You have disobeyed for the last time!" it boomed.
She sat bolt upright, fear pounding in her chest, "But master, have I not done you well?"
"Spy!" the voice continued, "All this time working for the heavens!"
"Never master!" she gasped, "Never!"
"Then how do you explain the constant sunlight falling upon this part of the land, the blessing the peasants are getting? This is my land, but heavens are still seeping in! You have disobeyed Shreya, and you shall pay for your unhonest actions!"
A flash of green light struck her square in the chest, her eyes widened, and she flew to the fluffy clouds above.

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Ryuu smiled. "You're at my grandma's house. Oh and you were badly injured when you saved me from the rat creatures, thanks by the way, so I took you here, because my grandma is a very good medic....well she's good at everything pretty much. But now that you are here, well you can't tell ANYONE about this place....at all," Ryuu explained to the girl. Ryuu looked at her. "YOU WON'T TELL ANYONE WILL YOU! PLEASE DON'T! ITS FOR MY...I mean our...OWN GOOD," Ryuu said. Ryuu tucked her knecklace under her shirt. Ryuu's grandma walked in with a bowl of soup. "Oh you're awake, let it cool. I just finished it," she said.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) Syara stared at this strange girl who could ramble on and on without leaving anyone time to respond. Then something hit her. She gasped. "Did you say your name is Ryuu?"

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Brooklyn (thebridge) ((welcome to the game Kayla!))

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Ryuu looked at her. "Uh, yeah why," Ryuu said.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) She stood up suddenly. "You're Ryuu." the dream was still fresh on her mind. "We have to go. Right now." She looked around for the knife that had been on her belt, and muttered something that sounded like "snake nor rat."
"Where's my knife?" Syara said. "We've really go to go."

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Ryuu looked at her. "My grandma put your knife downstairs. She took it down there so if you fell off the couch you wouldn't stab yourself and that it would be safe. I'll go get it, but you can't come with me. I have to grab some stuff from there anyways," Ryuu said. She rushed down stairs and grabbed the knife, the sword, a drawing of a dragon, and the crown. She tied everything but the sword and the knife in the cloth. She rushed upstairs. Her grandma was waiting at the top. "What are you doing," she said. Ryuu looked at her. "The girl says we have to leave now," she said. Her grandma looked at her. "It is time yes, but do you know how to use that," she said as she pointed at the sword. Ryuu blushed. "No, but I can learn," Ryuu said. Her grandma frowned. "You remind me of your mother. I guess you can go," she said. Ryuu smiled and hugged her grandma. "I love you. I'll be as safe as I can," she said. She ran up to the girl. "Here's your knife," she said.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) Syara took the knife and sheathed it. She turned to Ryuu's grandmother. "You saved my life. I won't forget the debt I owe you." Then she was out the door and walking toward the forest.

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Ryuu foloowed. "Um so where are we going," Ryuu asked.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) "We have to drop by my...house...and pick some things up. Then we have to dethrone the imposter king, find the heir, put him on the throne, and find out who my...nevermind...all without dying or being seriously injured or maimed. Now stop talking, I need to think."

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Ryuu opened her mouth, but closed it. She didn't trust this girl fully yet. Yes she had saved her life, but wasn't it always the person you trusted the most that betrayed you?. Ryuu nodded her head. "Okay, don't worry, you don't have to tell me everything 'til we get to that point. I understand secrets. I used to keep a lot from my grandma," she said.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) They walked in silence for about an hour. Finally, they stopped. "We're here," Syara said. "Welcome to my home."

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Ryuu looked around. "It's just the forest. You don't really have a family do you," Ryuu said. She could feel her eyes water. She thought she had a terrible life. But now that she compared it to the girl's life, she felt selfish. "It must be nice to live in all this nature," Ryuu said.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) Shreya slowly peeled open her eyes. She was in her human form, laying on the ground in the forest. Her eyes took in the surroundings and somehow she knew that this was permanent.
"Now what?" she muttered moving through the thick trees.
Suddenly she heard some voices, "It must be nice to live in all this nature," one said.
Mortals, she thought bitterly, Hm...maybe I can use them to figure out who framed me. she grinned and moved out in front of the two girls.
"Excuse me, my name is Shreya, and I'm lost. Could you help me?"

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Ryuu's hands flew the the hilt of the sword. "What do you want," she said quickly.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) Shreya took a quick step back and made her bottom lip tremble, "I-i m-m-my mother. She's sick, b-but I can't f-find m-my way out. P-p-please don't hurt m-me."

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Ryuu let go of the hilt. "Okay? But um, Shreya, how did you get here the only house in this forest is m," Ryuu started but stopped. She didn't trust this girl much...who was she and why did she just walk up to her and the girl?

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) She hung her head, "They...well I was banished from the village. I don't know why, please you've got to help me! My mother is so sick! I don't know what to do!" she sank to the ground in false tears.

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Ryuu looked at shreya then at the girl. "What do you think," she asked the girl.
(wait for brooklyn to respond, she migh respond tomorrow though)

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Shreya C. (darthallow) (OHMIGOD I'M IN THE STORY!!!! XD I want to join, but I'm getting more and more confused...)

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Brooklyn (thebridge) Syara's eyes flashed red, a deep, dragonlike red, for a second. She didn't blink. Her gaze became almost hypnotic as she stared at Shreya. Finally, she shook her head and took Ryuu by the arm, dragging her a little ways away where Shreya couldn't hear.
"I don't believe her," she said. "But just in case I'm wrong, she can come along if she wants. We'll dump her in the first village we come to. Just let me grab some stuff." And she ran to a tree and jumped into its branches, quickly disappearing in the leaves.

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Brooklyn (thebridge) ((Has Ryuu found out my name yet? If not, let's just pretend she has, so you don't have to call me "the girl" :P))

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) Shreya watched the other girl with wide eyes, "what is she doing?" She asked the one still on the ground.

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Ryuu shrugged. "You can come okay. Syara just has lets say...trust issues," Ryuu said. She had to make up a lie and lead Shreya astary. "My sister and I live in this forest and didn't know there were other people here. We can be a little cclueless sometimes," Ryuu finished laughing a little bit at the end.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) Shreya automatically sensed a lie, but smiled anyways, "Thank you so much. But why do you live here?" She asked gesturing to the forest, "It's noy exactlly homely."

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Ryuu looked around. "It is to us! I mean, who wouldn't want to live in this beautiful nature! Okay, our parents died when we were young when they were attacked by...thieves...yes thieves!!! I have such a terrible memory you know, I was dropped on my head as a baby," Ryuu said.

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