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message 1: by April (new)

April | 189 comments Aside from all the reading I do, I am a grant writer for a non-profit in Northern Mississippi. We run 6 social service offices, a thrift store, and two elementry schools. I am asking if anyone has information about grants or free books for one of the elementry schools. The school is located in Holly Springs, MS and has a 200 students enroled. 97% of them recieve free/reduced lunches and breakfasts in school. And they need books. New books (to update refrence sections) and to buy books that have been published recently. They also need funds to replace well worn books, like the much read Harry Potter books. (They are worn and torn and still the kids check them out.)
I'm not looking for a hand out. I just hope people here can give me some ideas on grants to replace books or free book donations.

Thanks, April

message 2: by Kristine (new)

Kristine (kristinekae) | 262 comments Search the Discount School Supply site. They often list grants available.
We are doing a fundraiser, long story but we need a 10% cash donation, to receive the grant. Barnes and Noble may be our answer to that, I meet with them Thursday, but it requires parent purchases.
Does RIF do anything?

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